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a day of Lara


Lara Lipinski, the famous Olympic gold medalist ice-skater, tells us about a typical day in her life. “My weekdays are quite tiring. I get up at half past seven and have breakfast. At half past eight, Mum drives me to the Detroit Skating Club. I practise from nine o’clock till lunchtime at twelve o’clock. I usually eat a turkey sandwich and some biscuits for lunch, and I drink some fresh juice. My lunch break finishes at one o’clock, then I work with my coaches till a quarter to three. After that my mother drives me home. I start lessons at home at three o’clock. You see, I can’t go to a normal school because I have ice-skating practice in the mornings. When my teacher leaves, at about half past six, I make dinner with my mother. We have dinner at about half past seven, then, at eight o’clock, I do my homework or watch TV. I usually have a shower at about nine o’clock, then I go to bed at about half past nine. What do I do in my free time? Well, I go shopping, meet my friends, play tennis or go swimming. I don’t have much free time, but I enjoy every minute of it.”

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