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Movement and Velocity


Work in small groups (2-3 people) to carry out the activities.

It is required to complete a practice form per group. There are some activities that are not in the form. 

Activity 1.

Watch the video of about Distance-time Graphs in the link provided (Video).

Watch it carefully and stop it to describe the distance travelled, time taken and speed in each phase of the cyclist journey (Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3) and write it down in the form you are given.

Make the test and check what you know.

Activity 2.

Can you match the graph to the situation?

a) A motorbike travels away from home at a steady speed.

b) A car remains parked in a car park

c) A runner runs at a steady pace to the end of a track, turns around then runs at the same speed back.



Activity 3.

3.1 Match the graphs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to the situations a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i.

a) A car travels at 60 km/h for 2 hours on the motorway.  It stops at the service station for two hours, then travels in heavy traffic at 15 km/h for 30 km

b) A motorbike rider rides for 36 miles at a steady speed.  She stops to read the map for 15 minutes then rides for the remaining 24 miles at a very illegal 112 mph.

c) A bus leaves school at 9am and gets to its destination at 10.30am.  The children look around the museum for an hour then return back to school.  The bus arrives back at midday.

d) A toddler rides his bike up the pavement for 10m.  He then turns around and rides back.  2m from home, he hits a bump and falls off his bike.

e) A cyclist rides downhill towards home for 15 minutes.  At the bottom of the hill she stops for half an hour for a drink.  She then continues uphill for the remaining 12 km.

f) A cyclist rides for 2 hours travelling at 6 miles per hour.  He then stops to rest for 30 minutes then continues for a further 18 miles.


g) A train is travelling back to Bristol at a speed of 90 mph.  A tree has fallen on the track at Bath and the train stops for 20 minutes while it is cleared.  The train then travels the remaining 10 miles slowly.

h) A coach leaves the station at 10am and reaches Gloucester station at 11.30am. It stops here for half an hour.  It then carries on for 30 minutes reaching Worcester 40 km later.

i) (Write a story to match the graph)

3.2 Write a story (situation “i”) to match the remaining graph that does not match with any of the texts.

You will have to share your story with your classmates.

3.3 Identify or calculate for each section of all the graphs the following concepts: distance travelled, time taken and speed. 


Activity 4.

Choose one of the graphs of Activity 3 and keep it in secret, you will have to discover the one your partner has chosen and he/she will have to do the same.

Here there is a typical kind of questions/answers you could do:

- What is the velocity during the first/last   section /……seconds/minutes/hours?

- How far is the object from the start after …….. seconds/minutes/ hours?

- How far did object travel?

- When was the object travelling the fastest/slowest?

- At the beginning/ at the end of its trip.

- Where does the object start its movement?

- When does it change?

- It starts to the distance of zero/….. metres/km/miles and goes up to ……. in ……. seconds/minutes/ hours

- It goes back to ……… ……. seconds/minutes/hours

- How long does it stay at the same distance?

- How long was it stationary for?

- It stays at the same distance for ………. seconds/minutes/hours

- Which part of the graph shows that the object is returning to the start?

- Which parts of the graph shows that the object is travelling at a constant speed?


Key words/concepts: 

Velocity:the speed of an object in a particular direction;Slope; Straight/diagonal line: means constant/steady speed; Flat straight/horizontal line: it isn’t moving, stationary object; Starting point/position; If the line is deeper,the most deeper the most faster spead; backwards; Opposite direction, etc.

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