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Earth Atmosphere: our shield from outer space.

0:05cut do the good
0:13lolzz the atmosphere is made up of a mixture of gases
0:18mostly oxygen and nitrogen
0:22that wrap around the hood like a blanket I
0:25al-hajj seventy-nine percent
0:29nitrogen and just 121 percent
0:32oxygen the small amount remaining
0:35is composed of carbon dioxide and other gases
0:42without the atmosphere we will not be able to live here
0:46the most gases protectors by blocking out dangerous rays from the Sun
0:52and making I %uh perfect habitat
0:55for last and animals of the
0:59Earth's atmosphere has 5 layers try to steer
1:03stratosphere messes fear
1:06thermosphere and excess fear
1:09them atmospheric gases become
1:17finna as you go higher but Rob spear
1:23is the lowest layer of the atmosphere
1:26eat begins at the surface and extends
1:30to between seven kilometers 23,000 feet
1:35actor Paul and 17 kilometers
1:38sixty thousand feet at the equator
1:42with some variation due to weather factors
1:46this part of the atmosphere is the most
1:4910th as you climb higher in this layer
1:53the temperature drops from about seventeen
1:57two-minus 52 degrees Celsius
2:00the truck was fear is known as the weather layer
2:05since no weaned and rainy
2:08stick to the Slayer the stratosphere
2:14starts just about the tropics fear and extends
2:18250 kilometers 31 miles
2:21hi I'm cool
2:27be compared to the truck was fear
2:30this part of the atmosphere is dry
2:33and less games the temperature in this region
2:38increases gradually 2 -3 degrees Celsius
2:42due to the absorption of ultraviolet radiation
2:50the ozone layer which absorbs and scatters
2:53the solar ultraviolet radiation is
2:57in the flared ninety-nine percent
3:00air is located in the troposphere and stratos
3:08message Spears starts just le the stratosphere and extend stay
3:1385 kilometers just 53 miles high
3:17in this region
3:22the temperatures again fall as low as minus
3:2619 degrees Celsius this unique recent out achieved
3:32the chemicals I an excited state
3:35as they absorb energy from the Sun
3:42of this is also when most meteors burn up
3:47mine enjoying the atmosphere do the thermosphere
3:54starts just above the message field
3:57and extends to 600 kilometers 372 miles
4:08temperatures go up as you increase in altitude
4:12due to the Suns energy temperatures
4:16in this region can go as high as 01727 decrease
4:22some fields chemical reactions occur
4:26much faster here than on the surface of the earth
4:30buddhist lehrer is known as the
4:33upper atmosphere being
4:36Douglas pew also includes the ionosphere
4:40region which is field with charged particles
4:47Texas beer start 500 kilometers
4:51a puppy old and is the highest layer
4:55it starts acting Tom to the thermosphere
4:58and continues until it merges would-be to
5:02planetary gas or space
5:13in this region up the atmosphere hydrogen
5:16and helium other prime components
5:19and a only present extremely low


Without the atmosphere, we will not be able to live on earth. The gases in the atmosphere protect us by blocking out dangerous rays from sun and making earth a perfect habitat for plants and animals. Let's find out what are those gases which supports life on earth.

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