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Wiring a Typical British Plug (Elementary level)

This is a typical British plug

How to wire a British plug

Loosen the centre screw

Remove the cover

Remove the strap

All British plugs have a fuse

Choose a fuse with the right amperage

Measure the flex against the terminals

The green and yellow wire is the longest

Cut away the outer sheath

Do not damage the wires

Remove the insulation with wire strippers.

Do not damage the wires

Twist the wires

Bend the wires

Put the strap on.

Tighten the screws.

Put the cover on.

Tighten the centre screw.

Loosen the terminal screws.

Connect the brown wire to the terminal with the fuse.

Connect the blue wire to the N terminal.

Connect the green and yellow wire to the E terminal.

Tighten the terminal screws.

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