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Robomow by Friendly Robotics

Robomow by Friendly Robotics

A fully automatic lawn mower for the homeowner.

Tired of mowing your lawn? Fed-up with your lawn service? Or relying on the neighbor’s team? Robomow is the ultimate in lawn mowing convenience.

Especially designed to mow your lawn completely automatically. Powered by a rechargeable battery, Robomow is extremely quiet and environment friendly.

While Robomow automatically cuts your lawn you can enjoy your free time the way you like most. All Robomow models traverse your lawn in a systematic pattern of zigzag lines, which repeats it self in several different angles.

This patented technology called Roboscan allows coverage of small as well as very large lawns while insuring a uniformed cut and good looking well maintained lawn. Robomow also has an edge mode for cutting the grass along the edge of your lawn. Robomow typically starts by cutting the edge of your lawn and then automatically moves inside and covers your entire lawn area.

Grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried in the roots of the lawn where they decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. This results in a healthier and better looking lawn and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings. Robomow sensors identify trees, rocks and other obstacles on your lawn and work around them. This makes Robomow very safe with pets & children.

Robomow is the ultimate in environment friendliness. It is run by a low voltage battery, quiet, mulches the grass and does not involve any oil or fuel so it does not create smoke or pollution. Simple levers allow very easy adjustment of cutting height. Robomow will work well on any lawn that can by cut by a conventional push mower day or night. An easy to use manual controller is part of the product and allows easy transportation from storage to the lawn and back.

The top of the range RL1000 model takes Robomow to a new level by allowing complete automation of the entire mowing cycle. Set the time and days of the week in which you would like Robomow to cut your lawn and forget about maintaining your lawn for the entire season. Robomow will automatically come out , cut your lawn and come back to charge and be ready for the next cutting operation. The operation of the RL1000 is very similar to that of a computer controlled yard-watering system.

Friendly Robotics is a world leader in the development of home robotic products which liberate people from routine chores. Robomow line comprises several models differing in capacity, features and price points.

Robmow, it mows you don’t!

Video and Text used with permission from Friendly Robotics

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