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Safe Working in the Electrotechnical Industry FAQ

Who needs to pass the Assessment?

Successful completion of the Assessment will be mandatory for anyone applying either for an initial card, renewal or re-grade from the 1st February 2003.

The Assessment will apply to all card applications at all levels, whether they are for skilled cards, management cards or visitors cards.

What would happen if a Company or an Operative refused to take the ECS Assessment and was about to renew or re-grade their card?

The ECS Assessment will apply to all card applications at all levels. Operatives cannot receive a grade card unless they have successfully completed the ECS Assessment.

What is the format of the Assessment?

It is a simple multiple-choice Assessment that is paper based. An Invigilator appointed by the Company facilitates all assessments. The Invigilator is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Assessments.

Each Assessment is unique to the individual.

What does the ECS Assessment involve?

During the ECS Assessment Operatives will be asked to answer a total of 40 questions. These questions concentrate on the following areas:

General Electrical Safety General Health and Safety Manual Handling Operations Reporting of Injuries PPE at work

Where can the Assessment be taken?

The majority of Assessments will be organised by individual companies. The SJIB do facilitate and invigilate the Assessments on request.

Amicus the Union will also facilitate and invigilate the assessments on request to Union Members only.

Full details of the schedules are available by contacting:

Amicus Scotland Mr B Buirds / Mr B Boyd 145 - 165 West Regent Street Glasgow G2 4RZ 0141 248 7131 e. mail

SJIB Lynn Cardy The Walled Garden Bush Estate Midlothian EH26 OSB 0131 445 9216 e.mail:

What Preparation is available?

Details of all the questions can be accessed from this website and anyone about to complete the assessment should familiarise themselves with the questions and answers.

Is the ECS Assessment applicable to Labourers?

Labourers who want to obtain a card for the first time or renew their existing card must successfully complete the assessment.

Is the ECS Assessment applicable to Apprentices?

Newly Qualified Electricians do not need to take the ECS Assessment until 5 years after the end of their Apprenticeship. Anyone who has completed Crediting Electrotechnical Competence (CEC) is exempt from completing the ECS Assessment for 3 years.

Exemptions from the Assessment

Applicants able to show they have certain valid certificates are exempted from taking the ECS Assessment.

Qualifications valid for a five-year period: NVQ Level 3 EBOSH Health and Safety Diploma Part 1 NEBOSH Certificate Woodland Grange Diploma in HS Management (leading to MSc) CITB Construction Site Managers Safety Certificate

Qualifications valid for a three-year period:

BVQ1 Certificate of Competence (This certificate is valid for 10 years. The SJIB advise operatives that when they come to renew their cards they will be required to complete the ECS Health and Safety Assessment)

ECITB Health and Safety Passport

Qualifications valid for a two-year period:

Amicus AEEU / ECA Working Safely in the Electrotechnical Industry (JIB Preferred course) SELECT Safe Working in the Electrotechnical Industry (SJIB Preferred Course) CCNSG Safety Passport ECA Health & Safety for Site Supervisors ECA Health & Safety for Contract Managers ECA Health & Safety for Owners and Managers ECA Health & Safety for Site Staff and Operatives CIEH Foundation Certificate (Pass mark 85%) CSR Health and Safety Awareness Course.

Any ISOH accredited course listed below from SJIB accredited providers (Note: Providers must obtain written accreditation from the SJIB before the course will be deemed suitable for SJIB purposes. Working Safely Together Working Safely Managing Safely Managing Safely in Construction IOSH-SPA Safety Passport (Core Day)

This list may be updated over time and queries over other nationally recognised qualifications should be addressed to the SJIB

What happens next?

Having received the ECS Request Form and the payment the SJIB will process all the assessments material and return the assessment papers to the Invigilator who will be responsible for arranging the Assessments. The Invigilator will return completed Assessments to the SJIB who will mark the Assessments and notify the company of the outcome and send them the ECS Certificates and Congratulatory Letters.

How long does the ECS Assessment take?

The ECS Assessment takes 30 minutes.

What is the pass mark?

The pass mark is currently 85%.

How long will it take to get the ECS Assessment Results?

All ECS Assessments will be marked and companies notified of the outcome within three weeks.

How much does the ECS Assessment cost?

For SJIB, SELECT and Union members the fee is £15.00 per Operative.

For Self Employed Operatives or non member firms the fee is £35.00 per Operative.

Who pays for the ECS Assessment?

The Employer will arrange payment for the ECS Assessment. In the event an Operative fails the Employer will arrange and pay for the re-sit. If the Operative were to fail the re-sit they will be responsible for the payment of the next re-sit not the Employer.

What happens if an Operative fails the test?

Any Operative who fails the Assessment can re-sit the Assessment again any time; there is no time limit.

How long is the Assessment valid for?

The ECS Assessment is valid for three years, i.e. the lifetime of the card. A current Assessment Certificate must be held in order for an Operative to renew their card.

What training is available?

SELECT are running a half-day course, which is optional. The course is intended for Employers and Operatives to refresh and update their Health and Safety knowledge before undertaking the Assessment.

The cost of the workshop, which includes the Assessment, is:

£55.00 +VAT per person for members

£70.00 + VAT per person for non - members.

Published by SJIB, The Walled Garden, Bush Estate, Midlothian, EH26 0SB. Telephone 0131-445-5577 Fax 0131-445-5548

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