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CLIL4U Pre-Course Unit 9 - Learner Autonomy

Learner Autonomy

In Unit Six, we saw that a major aim of CLIL teaching is to help students to work independently to solve problems and to develop their own knowledge and skills (1).

How can CLIL teachers achieve this?

When we think of our own school days, we probably remember being told exactly what to do, step by step (2). Teachers were expected to control when, where and how learning took place (3).

With CLIL, we have to try to change our approach, to consider letting go of the reins in class, and to face losing our central role (4). We need to pass some control over to our learners (5).

Here are some things to think about: 

We can expect to feel vulnerable at first in our new role (13). It is difficult to begin working in a less traditional way, not only for the teacher, but also for the students (14) - they will resist changing their classroom lifestyle unless they have the opportunity to adapt gradually to working independently (15). Remembering to take responsibility for their own learning, and to take the initiative in tackling problems can be very hard (16). Sometimes, they will prefer to sit back, listen to the teacher and be told what to do next! (17)

Try to vary your approach, remember to respond to immediate needs, and go on believing that instilling learner autonomy will result in better learning! (18)

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This Unit forms part of a language course designedto help teachers refreshtheir English language skills.

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