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CLIL4U Pre-Course Unit 2 - BICS & CALP


“I’m a CLIL subject teacher (1), and I know what content I want my students to learn. But how do I know what language to teach them?”(2)

 CLIL teachers don’t teach the sort of language that students usually learn in language classes (3).

CLIL teachers don’t teach Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) (5).

So what language do CLIL teachers teach? (6)

It can be described in three categories.

This sort of language learning is called CALP – Cognitive Academic Langauge Proficiency (8).

Below you can listen to the audio file of the text.

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After reading the Focus, you will be able to practise the language point by doing a series of exercises. 

This Unit forms part of a language course designedto help teachers refreshtheir English language skills.

It was developed as part of the EU Project ‘CLIL4U’, and is intended as preparation for the main CLIL4U course onTeaching through CLIL.

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