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Jaws Wired Shut 4

Marge:                This place is so boring!

                         If somebody doesn't do something interesting, I'm gonna have to! But what?

                         The Demolition Derby? Oh, that'll scratch my itch.


Homer:               Marge? Marge is gone!

                         But at least the Demolition Derby form is...

                         What? No!


Marge:                Ooh, listen to all that revving!


ANNOUNCER:       Drivers, start your engines!

                         Vendors, start your gouging!


MAN:                  I'll pay anything!


ANNOUNCER:       And now, smashie-smashie!


Otto:                  Looking good, Mrs. S.

                         Uh-oh. Come on, old girl. Show them what you got.



Marge:                Catch you later, radiator!

                         Oh, my God. I hit someone. Then I taunted him.

                         I've never felt more alive!

                         What was I thinking trying to feel alive? Forget that!

                         Don't hurt me! I'm not like you people! I'm loved!


Cletus:               I caught a head!

                         Oh, dang! It's been scooped out.

Marge:                Go around! Go around!


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