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Jaws Wired Shut 2

Dr. Hibbert:      Homer, your breath smells terrible.

                      I'll have to take off my shoes to cover the odor.

Homer:            Nicely done!


Homer:            And when I couldn't talk, I learned to listen.

                      I learned so much about my family.

                      You'd be surprised how much you hear if you

                      just listen once in awhile.

Lenny:            Really? Let's try it...


Moe:              Hello? Yeah.

                    I'd like to arrange for an escort, please.

                    To where? How about Orgasm-ville! Hello? Hello?

                    Oh! Hey. How you doing?

Homer:          I was just telling all the guys how losing the

                    power of speech made me a better man.

Reporter:       I couldn't agree more.

                    You're today's modern, enlightened man,

                    the kind we television producers have been booking

                    since the mid '70s.

Carl:             Hey, what are you doing in here?

Reporter:       I'm an alcoholic.

                   Homer, will you appear on my show?

Homer:         Sure thing, alky.


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