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linear sistem and equations

exercise n 1

Roger enjoys soccer and his team is pretty good: last season they won 7 more games than they lost. There were a total of 23 games; none were ties. How many games did his team win?

exercise n.2

Trevor'sbfarm of mutant animals has 3 legged goats and 5 legged goats. In one pen he counts 83 legs and 23 heads: how many 5 legged goats are  there?

exercise n.3

Jeff, Gareth and Ina all share the same birthday. Gareth is one year older than Jeff, and Ina is two years older then Gareth. This  year the sum of their ages is 118. how old is Gareth?

exercise n.4

the world's largest sheep ranch is located in Australia. there are three times as many sheep as kangaroos on the ranch, for a total of 87,000 animals. how many sheepnarethere on this ranch?

exercise n. 5

Tim buys apples at three for 1 euro. He resells them at five for 2 euro. Assuming that he resells every apple that he buys, how many apples must Tim buy in other to make a profit of 10 euro?

exercise n.6

The ages, in years, of a group of pupils in a school are follows: 14, 11, 13, 12, 11, x, 13, 14. If average age of the group is 12.5 years, find the value of x.



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