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Automotive - Apprenticeship Motor cycle

Hey Guys

I am Matt Bush. I am currently at BCIT. I am doing my motor cycle masters.

It is a five months course and I am enjoying it so far.

The majority of it is hands on and I really like my class that I am in.

My teacher is a really great instructor, he is very thorough. And you end up coming out of here wiht some serious information that you are really going to like.

Well, since we pretty much started, we have been getting our hands greasy and we have been working with the tool system Gekko. And in the programme we mainly work with Japanese bikes.Yamaha, Zuzuki, Kawazaki and Honda. We do have Harleys that we work on.

I wanted to kind of look at something and know it inside out, without really having to worry about it.

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