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Legends from Gozo - 2 The Legend of St. Dimitri


The Legend of St. Dimitri


Malta and Gozo were often attacked by corsairs.

The corsairs came by ship.

They stole food and took people as slaves.

The Legend of St. Dimitri is about some corsairs, a mother and her son .

It happened in the village of Gharb, in Gozo.


Read the legend of St. Dimitri:

1.Natalizja Cauchi and her son lived in a small house next to the chapel of St. Dimitri.

2. It was night time.

3. Some corsairs landed on a beach near the chapel.

4. Natalizja and her son were asleep in their beds.

5. The corsairs went into her house and kidnapped her son. 

6. Natalizja was very frightened.


7. She ran to the chapel of St. Dimitri.

8. She stood in front of the painting of St. Dimitri and prayed, "Please, St. Dimitri, save my son. Bring him back to me."

9.She promised to go to the chapel to pray and light an oil lamp in front of the Saint, everyday.

10. St. Dimitri started to move.

11. He came out of the painting riding his horse.

12. He rode after the pirates.

13. St. Dimitri soon came back with Natalizja's son.

14. The mother was very happy and she lit an oil lamp everyday and put it in front of the painting of the Saint.


15. Many years later, there was an earthquake in Gozo.

16. The Chapel of St. Dimitri fell into the sea.

17. It was not broken.

18. After many years, fishermen and scuba divers said that they could still see the light from the oil lamp of Natalizja Cauchi, in the sea.

Answer the following questions about the Legend of St. Dimitri. Choose the correct answer.

1. Natalizja had ,

a) one son,

b) two sons,

c) three sons.

4. The Saint,

a) rode out,

b) walked out,

c) ran out,

... of the painting.

2. The corsairs kidnapped,

a) Natalizja and her son,

b) her son and his father,

c) her son.

5. St. Dimitri brought,

a) Natalizja's son back to his mother,

b) the pirates back,

c) the money back

3. She promised the Saint that she will,

a) light an oil lamp everyday,

b) build a new chapel,

c) donate a lot of money to the poor.

6. The fishermen could see,

a) St. Dimitri,

b) the light from the oil lamp,

c) the pirates' ship,

... under the sea.

Click on the Green Button below for the answers to the Multiple Choice Questions

The verbs below are taken from the story of St. Dimitri. 

They are all in the Past Simple Form. They are irregular verbs.

took, came, stole, was, were, went, rode, put, lit, fell, could, said

Do the activity below to find the infinitive form of these verb. In the activity there are other irregular verbs. Click on two cards to find a match.

Tell the story of St. Dimitri to your friend. Use the verbs above.
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