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Kings League Rules


You won’t believe the rules in Pique’s new football league. I mean... the last one is pure drama.

First off, there’s unlimited substitutions and a cooling off period for yellow and red cards: 2 minutes for a yellow card and 5 minutes for a red.

Now, kick offs are crazy. It’s legit like dodgeball, except one ball.

Each team also gets to use VAR one time during the match. But if they get it right, they get to use that again.

As for penalties, they bring it back to early MLS days. Start on the halfway line and you got 5 seconds to put it past the keeper.

But the craziest rule is easily the 5 golden cards. Before each match each coach drags a card at random to use it during the match. So, there’s things like an instant penalty, any goal scored in the next minute is doubled, there’s a joker card which essentially is any card, there’s a rob a card from the other team and lastly there’s one where you can remove an opposition player for 2 minutes.

So, for example, in one match, Casillas’ team was down 3-2. They used the joker card to take an instant penalty, but then, Agüero’s team had the rob a card, so they took that penalty, scored it, went up 4-2 and won the match.


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