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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.



Do you want to try to be a director, an actor or a cameraperson? Do you want to win the Oscar award? :-) So go ahead!

Practice the types of a film with the first green button.

1) Let's study more how to make a film. Open your books (Project 2) p.77 and study the text and get some ideas how to do it :-).

2) Watch this one minute short film - The wait:

Have you ever seen such a short film?

3) Create your short film. Make groups of 3 and think of the plot of the film. Bring little figures (see the green button) and prepare the props.

Complete the worksheet about your film (see the green button again).

4) Shoot your film - use a phone or a tablet.


I am really looking forward to a film festival at our school!

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