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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

One of the most important chemical reaction

1.Look at the picture and label it.

What are we going to learn? What do you know about it? Is it important? What is important and why? Which elements or complements are important for it?


2.Watch the video and then find all 9 words in word grid.

3. Fill in the gaps with correct word.



4. Each group go to this webpage: 

Create amazing and unique wordcloud about photosynthesis. Make a deal about colour and shape. When you are ready, I will print it out.


5. Each group create a poster about photosynthesis. Use your worldcloud.

Do not forget to write the answer to the question:

What is photosynthesis?

Why is it important? For whom is it important?

What would the world look like if there was no photosynthesis?

Which elements and compounds are important for photosynthesis and why?


Clilstore Process and evaluation

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