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Stacked Chairs

This was a project ..... for a chair that was given to us mid-term, final year. We had to go around, look at the market, what was around, what was available, on offer, look at ....

So I just went off on my own, looked round Covent Garden, looked at forms of stacking, .. erm .. different price range, got an idea what was going on, and decided that I could base my chair for the cafe, sort of, bistro area and make them a hell of a lot cheaper than the ones available, which are in the sixty-five price range going up to a hundred .... Erm .... I think this would be sold for about thirty-nine pounds ... er ... it´s quite ... I don´t know ... 

From there I just went to the drawing board, played around with geometric shapes. I knew that I wanted it to stack in a different way as opposed to the normal, whereby you just slip on and they carry up. So what I decided to do with mine was to have it stacking around in a circle. So I d. ., so as I said, I just started playing around with geometric shapes until I came to this form which I found very pleasing, and from that it just developed into a circle with three legs, moving round ... as simple as that really. 

Er .. part of the brief was that you had to use different materials, something odd. So I decided to use the Italian veneer, which is quite new .. well, it´s been around for five years but not many people are using it. Erm ... it gives a zebra quality to it so I call it Zeb-stack .. erm .... as simple as that really. 

As far as ergonomics are concerned, I based this whole chair on myself ... erm .... I was a bit worried at first that it might not be suitable for large people, ... but, I mean ... I´ve had a few people on it who are .... quite plump, and it works ... the back´s ok so basically it was based on myself ... average sized female ... and it works! 

It´s .. this chair is aimed for the cafe / bistro market, so I didn´t want it to be terribly comfortable because I wa.. I don´t want them lingering for hours. I want them to sit down, have their meal. Other customers will come. Too comfy, .... that´s not going to happen ... bad business .... that´s it! 

Erm ... subconsciously I do design for fashion. I realise that black is trendy. So this is black with the grey and white .. bit of contrast there ... Matt as opposed to gloss, as I tend to ... I mean, I believe that that cheapens the whole item. So, ... yeah, I guess I do work according to fashion. 


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