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Pin was a blue little monster. He was 11 years old, he was English and he was in year 6. Pin was not like the rest of his classmates. In his classroom, Sam, Cheek, Lyn and the rest of monsters looked similar, they were tall and they had got two arms. However, Pin didn’t have got arms.

One day of March, Pin went to the drama classroom and the teacher behaved in a strange way. She didn’t wave her hand like everyday to say hello. She bowed her head. Then, she kissed four times to Fan and finaly, she shaked her hand with Pin. Pin was surprised.

-  Good morning, boys and girls!

-  Good morning, Miss!

-  Do you understand why I shake my hands with Pin and I give 4 kisses to Fan?

-  Why, Miss?

-  Well, as you know, there are many different cultures in the world. Do you know that?

-  Yes!

-  OK. Can anybody tell me how do we say hello in England with our body?

-  Umm, let me think, I think that we wave or shake our hands.

-  Exactly, very well. What about you, Nira? How do you say hello in France?

-  Well, French people give from 1 to 5 kisses when we meet someone depending on where we live.

-  Wow! That is interesting! And what about Japanese people, Yin?

-  Japanese people normally avoid contact when we meet someone, so we don’t shake hands, but we bow our heads.

-  Oh, wait a minute! –Pin says- You have started the lesson doing exactly the same!

-  Exactly, Pin! As you can see, there are many different people in the world. We speak different languages and we have different cultures. What do you think about differences?

-  I think that differences are cool!

-  In my opinion, being different is good.

-  I believe that being different is a pain in the neck! – Pin exclaimed.

-  Oh, my god! Why do you say that, Pin?

-  Well… Because I am different and it is not fun. I haven’t got arms, my skin is blue and I am fat, so, I am sorry, Miss, but being different is not fun.

-  I don’t agree with you. Can you imagine a world with identical people? Everybody with the same skin colour, everybody with two eyes, two waists…

-  Everybody with two elbows, two feet and one belly button.

-  Everybody with blue eyes, blonde hair and one mouth.

-  And everybody with moustache, freckles and wrinckles.

-  Do you think that it is fun?

-  What?

-  Pin, don’t say ‘what’, please. You have to say ‘pardon, Miss?’

-  OK. Pardon, Miss?

-  Do you think that looking exactly like the rest of people is fun?

-  Well… I don’t think so, but I sometimes feel that I am strange.

-  You are not strange, Pin! You are only different! And you are lucky for that! Differences enrich our classroom and our world. Do you agree, guys?

-  Sure!

-  Look, Pin. There are many famous people who are different and people love them! Do you know any example, children?

-  Yes, Michael Jackson was a great singer and his skin was dark.

- Conchita Wrust was the winner of the Eurovision contest in 2017 and he is a man who has got beard and who wears women’s cothes. She was a symbol of respect to diversity.

- And what about Lady Gaga? She is also different. She is a fantastic singer who normally wears peculiar clothes.

-  Yes, children. They are people who are different from the rest, but they are really talented singers and their differences make them special.

-  So do you mean that I am also special?

-  Of course, Pin. You are special and unique. Everyone in the class is unique and you have to love your virtues and your imperfections and respect other people.

-  OK. I feel better now. Thank you, Miss.


During the break, one child from the 2nd course started to cry, so Pin went next to her.

-  Hello, my name is Pin. What is your name?

-  Hi, my name is Shine.

-  Why are you crying, Shine? What is wrong?

-  Well, there is one child who is saying bad things about me. They hate me.

-  Bad things? What do you mean?

-  They say that I am too tall, that my lips are too fat, that they don’t like my furry eyebrows and that I am strange because I have got four eyes.

-  OK. I can see what you mean. Shine, you shouldn’t listen to that child. I like your eyebrows and your lips are perfect! And by the way, you are lucky to be tall to see your idols better in concerts and with your four eyes, you can read books really quickly!

-  Yes, that is right… I usually read two books per week.

-  Wow! That is great. So, please, Shine, now you should forget about that horrible people. My teacher says that I should love my virtues, but also my imperfections, so you should do the same to shine! Ha ha ha

-  Ha ha ha… OK, Pin. Thank you very much for your advice!


From that day, Pin and Shine were really good friends. They were together during the break and they respected each other. That day, both Pin and Shine learned a very important lesson: a different person is not strange; a different person is special, so we have to respect everyone, no matter the gender, nationality, physical appearance or personality of people.




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