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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Fruit rainbow



Z jakiego owocu zbudujesz tęczę ?

Zabraknie Ci koloru?

Are there blue fruits?

In this lesson, you will learn the  names  and color of fruit in English.

Learning is not just learning.

Let's go in the

colorful world of fruit !!!





First you need to know the colors of the rainbow in English.

This song will help you. 

Click here.

Do you see any diffrence in the colors of the rainbow?







Then find out the names of the fruits by clicking next film.






RED APPLE         PURPLE PLUM             






1. You will be divided into 6 groups.

You will create a team name.

(choose one color and a fruit of that color, look to the right)

Make sure you are the only group in this color.
Write the name of the team at the top of the piece
of paper which you recevd and draw the fruit
you have chosen next to it.
Make sure your team's name is BIG

2. Press extra reading and draw one fruit each in the
color of a rainbow and blue smile.

3. Complete the following tasks to consolidate your knowledge.
4. Complete the following tasks to consolidate your knowledge.

5. Watch the video and answer the questions.

Feel like more fun press the link button FRUIT, color and fruit or songs.


Utworzona za pomocą aplikacji Padlet
6. Write what is your favorite color and fruit.
Share with us some delicious fruit dessert recipe.

Evaluation Clik on the green button to assess your work using the rubric.

Wow!! Can you believe you can eat a Rainbow?

Now that you have learned about these colorful fruits you can

eat a Rainbow EVERYDAY!

Eat your way to good health with...

If you want you can post a photo of your dessert.


Thank You to Tessie Bezzina for introducing me to Clilstore.

I believe that incorporating this newly learned technique

will intensify my effectiveness in the classroom

and for that i am truly greatful.

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