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Pin was a blue little monster and he was 11 years old. He had got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One day of March, Pin was in the English classroom. His English teacher asked them to do a task.

-  Boys and girls, you have to research on Saint Patrick’s Day. It is a festivity that people celebrate in Ireland.

Pin had no idea of that festivity, so the next day, he started his research. Unfortunately, when he turned on his compter, the Internet connection did not work properly, so he started to cry. Suddenly, Pin’s mum appeared.

-  Oh, dear! What is wrong?

-  I have to work on a task for my English subject and the Internet doesn’t work properly.

-  Oh, let me see… Why don’t you go to the school library and look for the information that you need? There are many books where you can find useful information for your task there!

-  OK. Thanks for the advice, mum!


The next day, Pin rided his bike to the school library and asked the librarian for help:

-  Good morning.

-  Good morning. How can I help you?

- Well, I would like to find information about Saint Patrick’s Day, which is an Irish festivity. Have you ever heard about it?

-  Um…It rings the bell. Follow me!

On the way to the Irish literature corridor, Pin discovered a corridor where he read: ‘Literature travels around the world’. There were books from different countries: Ireland, England, Canada, Holland… He was surprised! Suddenly, the librarian arrived:

-  Alright, Pin. Do you have the book that you need?

-  No, Miss. I am having a look at these books.

-  Oh! Do you like reading?

-  Well, not particularly. I find it quite boring.

-  How often do you read?

-  Um, I read once per week and I read the news everyday on my computer.

-  Oh, so do you prefer digital reading?

-  Well, I don’t like it, but in my opinion, reading online is more comfortable than reading a book.

-  Wow, I don’t agree. I think that books are much more special than digital texts.


After this conversation, Pin selected one book about Saint Patrick’s Day. The next day, he started reading it. Surprisingly, he finished it after three days, so he asked for another book to the librarian:

-  Hi. I have finished the last book. Can I borrow a different one about the same topic?

-  Wow! You read very quickly! What about this book?

-  Yes, that will do. Thanks!

-  No worries, but I have a question for you. Do you like reading now?

-  Um, I am not sure. I believe that it is more interesting than I expected.


The next day, Pin returned to the library during the break:

-  I have finished the book. It is very interesting! By the way, can I borrow another book? There is a corridor in this library where there are books about different cultures.

-  Sure, feel at home. Just remember to bring them back during the next 15 days.

-  OK. No problem. I love reading now, so I can bring them back soon.

-  Wow! You love reading! Have you changed your mind?

-  Yes, I have! Reading is my passion now! Now, I read in the playground, in the music class, in the art class, at home… I would like to work as a librarian to read all the books!

-  That’s great! But don’t lose the books, please!

-  Don’t worry! I often lose my pencils, rubbers and my scissors, but I never lose my books. They are always in my school bag.

-  Alright.


Two weeks later, after a research about Saint Patrick’s Day, Pin was the first student to give the oral presentation about Saint Patrick’s Day:

-  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Every 17th of March, people in Ireland and many other countries in the world celebrate the day of his death. Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious celebration in many countries. During this day, there are parades, people listen to Irish traditional music and they wear green clothes and shamrocks to be lucky.  

All the students listened carefully and used their notebooks to take notes. They were interested in the topic.

When all the students finished their presentations, Pin read on the blackboard the sentence: “Literature travels around the world”. Pin was amazed!

-  Teacher, that is the name of one corridor of the school library!

-  Yes, you are right, Pin! How do you know that?

-  Because I have done my research in the library during the breaks.

-  OK, I can see… And have you read many books?

-  Yes, I have! I have read ten books in two weeks! Now I love reading about different topics and I even like reading the texts of the social science subject! Ha ha ha ha

-  I am so happy for that!

-  Me too!


From that day on, Pin read everyday and he started to read some books in Valencian and French. Moreover, Pin learned that libraries are magic places and that books open doors to discover new cultures, traditions and languages.




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