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Pin is a blue little monster. He is 10 years old and he is Spanish. He has got a lot of friends at school: Sam, Cheek, Lyn...

One day of September, he starts the 5th course of primary education, but he feels worried because he doesn’t speak English well. At 9 o'clock, the lesson starts:

-  Good morning, boys and girls! How do you do?

-  Good morning, Miss. We are fine, and you?

-  I am great, thanks.

Pin feels sad, so when he arrives home, he starts to cry. Suddenly, Pin's mum arrives:

-  Oh, dear! What is wrong?

-  I don’t understand my English teacher, mum. Can you help me, please?

-  Sure! I have an idea!

Pin and his mum have a long conversation and after that, Pin is happy. They decide to travel around the world to improve Pin’s English. 


The next week, Pin and his mum start their new adventure. They travel to the United States of America, where they meet famous people. 

-  Oh, look, mum. That man is Michael Jordan!

-  Yes, he is American and he is really tall. Let's introduce ourselves!

Pin and his mum run to talk to Michael Jordan.

-  Good afternoon, Michael! How do you do?

-  Hello, gentleman. I am fine. What is your name?

-  My name is Pin. I am from Spain and this is my mum, Pan.

-  Hi, nice to meet you. Why are you in the USA?

-  Well, we are here to improve his English - Pin's mother says. 

-  That’s great! In my opinion, you should travel to as many countries as possible. Nowadays, everybody speaks English!

-  Yes, you are right. Thanks for your advice. See you soon!

-  You're welcome. Cheers!


After two nice weeks in the USA, where they visit famous monuments, like the Statue of Liberty, Pin and his mum travel to the United Kingdom, where they meet the British Queen:

-  Hey, Miss Elizabeth! How do you do? - Pin kisses the Queen.

-  Pin, don't be rude. She is the queen of the UK, so please, be respectful, call her "excellent majesty" and keep distance.

-  Oh, OK. I am sorry. How are you, excellent majesty? Your hat is nice! I like it! - Pin says while he shakes hands with the Queen. 

-  Thank you very much. Who are you?

-  Oh, sorry. Let me introduce myself. My name is Pin. I want to learn English, so I travel with my mum around the world.

-  Congratulations for your effort. Thanks to English, you can discover many cultures!

-  Yes, you are right! Have a nice day!

-  Thanks. Enjoy your journey! Bye!

After their stay in the UK, they visit France, where they dicover that French people give from one to five kisses when they meet someone depending on where they live. Pin is really surprised!

They also visit the Eiffel Tower and the last stop of their journey is Tokyo, where Japanese people normally avoid contact when they meet someone, so they don’t shake hands, but they bow their heads.


One month later, Pin and his mum come back home. In September, Pin starts the school again and he speaks with his teacher:

-  Good morning, teacher.

-  Hi, Pin. Do you like your new experience? 

-  Sure. Now, I speak with foreign people, I read books in English, I know other cultures and I want to improve my English even more in the future. 

-  Brilliant! I want to introduce you to someone. This is Fan. She is from Ecuador and she has got a brother who loves English, but she does not speak English.

-  Nice to meet you, Fan. My name is Pin. I can help you, don't worry. Learning English is really fun, like you! Ha ha ha ha …

-  Ha ha ha… Thank you very much, Pin, you are so funny!

Pin and Fan work hard during the year and they become very good friends. Pin discovers that English connects people from different countries and that thanks to English, he has got a new friend. 




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