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Enough or Too Much of Malta?

Task 1

Read this post asking for advice taken from Trip Advisor.

Hi guys, need your advice :)

I'm thinking about a trip to Malta in June. As it's quite a small island, would a week be too much or will I find something to do everyday day? I'm travelling with my girlfriend, so we have quite a big range of things we're into - historical monuments, scenery, nature, beaches and snorkelling... :)

So what do you think, 7 days would be ok or make it, like, 3 or so and save time off for something else? :)

Task 2

How would you answer the post in Task 1?

Task 3

Read and see whether you agree with Graham's answer.

If you enjoy heritage and history I can assure you that seven days are not nearly enough. In that time you will only just begin to scratch the surface of this little island`s thousands of years of history. You could spend four or five days just wandering around and exploring Valletta and the Three Cities. Spend at least a week and then return later to see some more,


Task 4

Select the Trip Advisor green button below to see other answers.

Task 5

Grammar spot:

Quantifiers: too much/many and (not) … enough

  •     There are too many places to visit in Malta.
  •     The Maltese eat too much bread.
  •     There is enough time to go for one last swim.
  •     We haven't got enough time to visit all the sights.


We use too much or too many + noun to mean more than we want or need of something.
  • I've got too many books.
  • She drinks too much coffee.
We use too many before countable nouns and too much before uncountable nouns.
  • There are too many shops here - we can't go to them all.
  • I did too much shopping yesterday - I haven't got any money now.
We use enough + noun to say 'all that is necessary'.
  • Have you got enough chairs?
  • There is enough cake for everyone.
We use not enough + noun to mean less than we want or need of something.
  • There aren't enough chairs for everyone.
  • We haven't got enough money.
We put the quantifier before the noun
  • I haven't got enough time.I haven't got time enough.


Task 6

Select the Too & Enough green button below for further interactive practice.


Task 7

Learn more about Quantifiers and get more practice by exploring the Quantifiers, Test Yourself (interactive online exercise) and the two printable exercises provided in the green buttons below.


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