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Coffee in the Maltese Sun


Task 1


Malta enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine per year (also one of the highest in Europe), from an average of above 5 hours of sunshine per day in December to an average of above 12 hours of sunshine per day in July.

On average, France has around 2,000 Poland  1,740,  Germany 1,631, UK 1,493 sunshine hours per year.
As hard as people work in Malta, there strangely always appears to be time for plenty of socialising. No matter what time of the day, you’ll find locals enjoying good conversation over a coffee. A very much family-orientated island, it’s regular to see as many generations as possible from the same family joining other families in enjoying a BBQ, at the water’s edge fishing or dining at a restaurant. Encouraged by the glorious warm weather for most of the year, it's difficult not to join in. Even if you didn’t beforehand, when living in Malta, visiting a coffee shop, at least, becomes a very regular occurrence.
Task 2
Use the reading in Task 1 to help complete the task below.

Task 3

List down the answers for Task 2.

What parts of speech are these words?


Task 4

Average of is an example of a NOUN (average) + Preposition (of) relationship.

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Task 5

As hard as / As many generations as possible are examples of comparisons (or idiomatic similies).

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