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Gardjola Verb Hunting

Task 1

Look at the three symbols carved into this building.

  1. What type of building do you think it is?
  2. What do the symbols represent?
  3. Where is this building?

Task 2

Read to check your answers.

Gardjola Gardens in Senglea's bastions offer spectacular views of the Grand Harbour

The Gardjola Gardens are located in Senglea, on the top of the bastion with fantastic panoramic views over Marsa, Valletta, Grand Harbour and Fort St. Angelo.

The gardens were planned by Grandmaster De La Sengle in 1551 with a lovely guard tower built on the tip of the bastions. The Gardjola has various symbols sculpted on it, including an eye, an ear and the crane bird. Each symbol has its own meaning. Guardianship, observance and protection of Maltese shores.

The eye on the tower is a popular icon representing Malta, featured in many brochures about the Island. The gardens have palm trees and provide a spot to relax under the shade while enjoying the view.

Task 3

Read the passage in task 2 and make a list of all the verbs in the passage.

Task 4

These are the verbs used in Task 3. Go back to the passage and find the form of these verbs as they are used in the passage.

Task 5

Do you know which tenses are being used and why?

You can use the Tenses Chart button below to help you.

( Note that something is located, or built or planned is in the passive tense) Refer to the Passive Tenses Button below.

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