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The Azurre Window

Task 1

Which famous Maltese icon collapsed in a storm?

What do you know about it?

Task 2

You are going to read three passages about the Azurre Window. Try to guess what each passage will be about from the slide show below.


Azurre Window by ETI Malta

Task 3

Complete this interactive task

Task 4

Complete this interactive task

Task 5


Could Malta's Azure Window be Rebuilt as a Museum?
A Russian architect has a plan to rebuild Malta's Azure Window, after it collapsed during a storm in March 2017. The Azure window, located in Dwejra on Malta's sister island of Gozo, was a popular tourist sightseeing spot. 

Svetozar Andreev, architect and interior designer has a plan to “give this symbol a new life”. He wants to create a new tourist centre.

Created in collaboration with interior designer Elena Britanishskaya, the new archway is constructed as a 'polygonal form with mirrored steel faces.' The design has the same size as the original but contains over 5,000 square metres of exhibition space across five floors with a 'dynamic laser show'.


Task 6

Look back at the slides in Task 2.

Decide which passage is about which image.

(c) Mario Cordina for ETIMalta 2022

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