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Mosta Dome Imperatives


Task 1

Read this passage. Use the multidict function to learn new vocabulary.

For a long time it has been renowned as being the third largest unsupported dome in the world.

Outside diameter 56.2 metres. Inside diameter 39.6 metres. Internal height 54.7metres.

This gigantic rotunda church is decorated with many paintings by Giuseppe Calì and other able artists.

While on a visit to the Mosta Dome one should not miss going into the sacristies, to view and admire the various objects of prestige, including paintings and a large-scale model of the church. Not to be missed is a replica of the bomb which, in 1942, pierced the dome and landed on the church floor. The bomb did not explode. No one died and the church was not destroyed.

Task 2

Grammar Imperatives 

When we want someone to do something, we give instructions or orders.  

We begin with the basic/ infinitive form (eat, sleep, do etc) of the verb and we don’t use a person (I, you, he, she).

Negative imperatives start with ‘don’t. 

e.g. Read this passage. Follow the instructions. Don’t waste your time.

Task 3

Watch the video to prepare instructions for friends wiching to visit Mosta Dome.

Task 4

Complete this task to help you complete Task 3

Task 5

Possible ideas:

Walk through the columns.

Find the bomb

Light a candle

Take a photo of the dome


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