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Maltese Celebrations

Task 1

Use the multidict function to discover the meaning of these words.

Carnival Float, festivals, masked balls, costumed revellers, parade, mourning, a procession, cribs, manger

Task 2

Use this interactive image.

Task 3

Select the Cultural Activities green button to match cultural activities.


Task 4


Carnival:  late-night parties, masked balls, grotesque mask and dress competitions, costumed revellers, marching bands and a colourful parade of large floats.

Good Friday is a day of mourning. No church bells are rung. Decorations are removed from churches and no mass is held. On Good Friday, many villages and towns organise a procession of statues and people dressed as biblical characters. These statues represent a scene from the Passion of the Christ. 

Easter Day is celebrated with Figolli; Malta's special Easter cakes. Towns and villages celebrate with lively band marches as the locals run carrying the statue of the Risen Christ.

All the streets are decorated with lights for Christmas. Christmas trees, cribs and mangers with baby Jesus are displayed in the windows of many houses. This is a feast for the eye, together with many cultural events and entertainment all over the island.


Task 5

Using the information from task 4 which task 3 activities from can be performed for:

  1. Carnival
  2. Good Friday
  3. Easter Sunday
  4. Christmas.

Task 6

Try to add more activities by using the information below:




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