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Poznaj Maltę - Get to know Malta!

The Maltese archipelago consists of 7 islands - most of the inhabitants (approx. 90%) remain on the main island, also known as Malta. Apart from that, we have the idyllic Gozo, Comino with the famous Blue Lagoon, Cominotto (uninhabited), Manoel Island (uninhabited, but there are restaurants, a beach), St. Paul (uninhabited), Filfla (uninhabited). Malta is the southernmost and sunniest country in Europe! The sun shines here for over 300 days a year! The capital of Malta is Valletta, fully inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, making it the capital with monuments of incredible density. The rich history of Malta can be seen at almost every step. This is where you will find traces of history from over 7,000 years ago!

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