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The Maltese Menu Part 1

Task 1

Read the following dialogue and use the multidict fucntion to help you with vocabulary that you do not understand.

(Please note that Maltese food words will not work. You can see these Maltese food items in Task 2)

Waitress: Are you ready to order?

Gianni: Could you help us please?

Waitress: Of Course.

Lela: We would like to try something local.

Waitress: I suggest the Gozitan Antipasto.

Lela: What is bigilla?

Waitress: Bigilla is spicy dried broad bean dip, that is best enjoyed with these light and crispy traditional Maltese water crackers galletti.

Gianni: Galletti?

Waitress: Galletti are water crackers. We use galletti to eat the bigilla.

Lela: I see. And the fresh goat cheese is with pepper.

Waitress: Yes, it is called a gbejna.

Gianni; What is Maltese sausage?

Waitress: It is made of pork meat coriander, parsley, pepper, garlic and salt.

Lela: Do you like capers?

Gianni: I never tried.

Lela: Okay. We’ll try the antipasto.

Waitress: So one antipasto?

Leli: Is it enough for two?

Waitress: As a starter yes.

Gianni: Okay then. One please.


Task 2

Complete the interactive exercise below

Task 3

Use the Multidict function to explore and learn some useful vocabulary for Task 4.

Food: Ravioli, Breadcrumbs, Sauce, Fish, Whitebait, Rabbit, Swordfish, Vinegar, Octopus, Mussels.

Adjectives: Fried, Stuffed, Fresh, Local, Homemade, Drizzled, Ground (pepper)

Verbs: to fry, to serve, to stuff, to grind

Task 4

Read the rest of the Gozitan Local Food Starter Menu and prepare a conversation like the one in task 1.



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