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Valletta The Capital Part 2

Task 1

Look at this map of Valletta.

  1. Highlight the main roads - Republic street, Merchants Street, South Street, Old Theatre Street, St. John Street.

Task 2

Use the Multidict function (Select the words) to make sure you understand 1-4

  1. Valletta is built on a peninsula, that is surrounded by sea on three sides.
  2. It is between two important harbours, The Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour.
  3. Valletta is a fortified city because it is surrounded by a very big, thick wall;
  4. The streets are in a grid form, all perpendicular to each other.

Task 3

Download or print the (Green Button) Valletta Find the Sites Activity Sheet.

Fill in the table by using the (Green Button) interactive map below.

Task 4

As an additional task you can practice giving directions by filling in the Valletta Role Play cards.

You will need to use the map in Task 1 or the (Green Button) interactive map.

You can even watch the (Green Button)  Locations and Directions Video.

Clilstore Interactive MapValletta Find the SitesValletta Role Play CardsLocations and Directions VideoFurther Practice

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