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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

All in One Day

Task 1

Complete the sentences using can + the verb in the table below.




Complete the sentence

I can

you can

he can

she can

we can

you can

they can


Wake up



go for



go shopping



dress up




e.g. I can wake up at 7am


Task 2

Complete this interactive task


Task 3

What can you do in ONE day in Malta?


Task 4

Read this example before you write your own.

I can wake up on the beach in Golden Bay with the sunrise.

I can return to my hotel to take a shower and get dressed for school.

I can have breakfast with people from other countries

I can go for English or Teacher Training lessons.

I can eat Maltese food for lunch.

I can visit Valletta, the capital city or Mdina in the afternoon.

I can go shopping in Sliema.

I can swim in the sea or relax in the sun.

I can dress up and have some drinks in Spinola Bay.

I can also catch a taxi and watch the sunset in Paradise Bay.

All in one day


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