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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Prepositions at St. John's Cathedral

Task 1


Look at the picture above. This is St'John's Cathedral in Valletta.

  1. I am in front of the Cathedral
  2. Can you see the bell in the tower?
  3. Can you see the bell in the tower opposite?
  4. Can you see three clocks on the tower?
  5. Can you see the Maltese cross at the top of the Cathedral?
  6. Can you see the clouds above, in the blue sky?

The words in bold are called prepositions


Task 2

Complete the interactive task below.


Task 3

Complete the interactive task below

Task 4

This famous painting is inside the museum at St.John's Cathedral.

It is by Caravaggio and is called 'The Beheading of St.John the Baptist.

Match the correct number to the description:

Number Description Preposition  
  Caravaggio signed his name on the floor
  A woman holds a tray to put something in (inside) it.
  There are two prisoners at / behind the window
  There is a sword on
the floor
  A woman between the man and the woman is holding her ears
  If you draw a line from the window it will meet the line from the door exactly in
the middle of the picture where the dagger is

Task 5

Check you answers to task 4 and complete the teask below.


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