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111224485102013-04-162013-10-24BY-SAfredGàidhligB1-355 5:281A’ cur uèirichean ri plugaLearn how to wire a standard British plug. The unit demonstrates the step by step actions needed when wiring a fused British plug.0
2805215928352015-04-272015-05-27BY-NCarogarEnglishB1-49041Energy. Lesson 1. What is energy?This unit has been divided in 4 lessons. This one is the first lesson about what is energy and the Law of Conservation of energy.0
282314923131462015-05-022015-05-27BY-NCarogarEnglishB1-74171Energy. Lesson 2. Renwable and non-renewable energy.This unit has been divided in 4 lessons. This one is the second lesson about renewable and non-reneable resources.0
2833325227142015-05-042015-05-27BY-NCarogarEnglishB1-141952Energy. Lesson 3. Energy sourcesThis unit has been divided in 4 lessons. This one is the third lesson about different energy sources.0
2844808242015-05-062015-05-27BY-NCarogarEnglishB1-77621Energy. Lesson 4. Energy inequalityThis unit has been divided in 4 lessons. This one is the fourth lesson about energy inequality.0
4659734242016-12-222016-12-28BY-SACarlasemaEnglishB1-95 5:0341External Agents that changue the relief: weathering and erosionIn this Unit, students will learn the differences between weathering and erosion, and the factors that cause them.0
779114302019-09-262019-09-26BYxXxAdamxXxEnglishB1-2Golden RatioSummary of the work0
2834868272015-05-052015-05-28BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1-26421Initial activity0
559741592017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAyuremaEnglishB1-781Jumping RopeBasic jump rope. Physical education. 2ºESO0
27601023142015-04-142015-04-19BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1-5922To sum upTo draw general conclusions to these units0
2823591332012-03-192016-03-27BY-SAcaoimhinsmoDeutschB1-5228Warum man älteren leuten keinen iPad schenken sollte0
3640775792016-03-132016-03-15BY-SAfranpeviEnglishB1-484 2:2133Communication through InternetThis Unit is about Internet: definition, terminology and structure. It contains a glossary and the descriptions of 2 assignments.0
3934664562016-04-082016-04-23BY-SAanmaanEnglishB1-255119:2121Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slaveryFor the past two years, photographer Lisa Kristine has traveled the world, documenting the unbearably harsh realities of modern-day slavery. She shares hauntingly beautiful images — miners in the Congo, brick layers in Nepal — illuminating the plight of the 27 million souls enslaved worldwide. (Filmed at TEDxMaui)0
2740850282015-04-092015-04-11BY-SAStefiEnglishB1-221013:434State of matterThis presentation covers the particle motion of matter in different states of matter. It also has animations that show particle behavior during phase change.0
5664424402017-05-062017-05-07BY-SAvnacherEnglishB1-143723Bullying in social networksA video reporting some data about bullying in the media and how it affects teenagers. The speaker proposes a tool to decrease the number of harmful posts in social networks.0
7427353822019-04-072019-04-08BY-SALucyRCEnglishB1-320Joseph Lister: the father of modern surgery0
53361397232017-04-232017-04-24BY-SADacamirEnglishB1-319110:1745Mendel's Laws of HeredityThe principles of Mendelian inheritance were named for Gregor Mendel, a nineteenth-century Austrian monk who formulated his ideas after conducting simple hybridization experiments with pea plants. Along this unit students can learn and practice those principles in a task-based lesson designed for a CLIL environment with pupils of the 4th grade of ESO.0
3856465102016-03-312016-03-31BY-NC-SAblanforEnglishB1-3411The sense of sight.0
1558877752013-12-212013-12-21BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgB1-145 1:452Ushag Veg Ruy - arraneTraditional Manx song sung by Emma Christian0
41711243162016-04-252016-04-25BY-SAtana_diezEnglishB1-622 4:5632-hour CLIL module: Getting started with ScratchGetting started with Scratch unit0
417242962016-04-252016-04-25BY-SAtana_diezEnglishB1-304 2:321Clilstore lesson: How computer programs workHow computer programs work0
4030607392016-04-162016-05-25BY-SAtana_diezEnglishB1-595 4:5631UNIT: Getting started with ScratchGetting started with Scratch unit0
7405576472019-03-132019-04-13BY-SAoalvaradoEnglishB1-2261716Introduction to solar thermal0
22501152272014-09-102014-10-31BY-SAcaoimhinsmoČeštinaB1-40 1:10Kde domov můj?0
2709603282015-04-022015-04-02BY-SAromsarn12EnglishB1-231 1:181Strong winds in northen EuropeThe reading exercise deals with last hurricanes which affected a lot countries in northern and central Europe.0
607534012017-10-302017-10-30BY-SAElaWEnglishB1 20021: Lekcja CLIL (Elżbieta Wojnowicz):0
220125511022014-08-192014-08-27BY-SAbcaceresEspañolB1 10481¿Cerveza o tinto de verano?0
18716331422012-01-242021-08-03BY-SAagimenoEspañolB1 79 5:35315¿Cómo se hace la paella valenciana?Learn how to cook a traditional Valencian Paella. Understanding the language of instructions.4
90105492020-11-242020-11-24BY-SAmaster dlaEspañolB1 233 1:202¿Por qué actuar ahora?Una breve respuesta a una de las preguntas clave sobre el cambio climático: ¿Por qué actuar ahora? (Escrito por Myles Allen, David Biello y George Zaidan)0
2720623202015-04-032015-04-15BY-SAMariateEspañolB1 186¿Quién escribió la Cenicienta?0
161923061632014-02-132017-04-24BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 185 5:035’S tu mo ghaolA romantic song0
11451562262013-05-072013-06-26BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 2601"هوبا ايجيبشان ستايل"Egyptian remake of PSY's mega hit "Gangnam Style"0
21492438272014-06-23BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 398 3:43(حُـب السَفـَر ) مِنطقة "الجارف" في جنوب البرتغال0
66632347212018-04-132018-05-04BY-NC-SAdianaEnglishB1 20733819th century painting: Impressionism and Post-ImpressionismIn this unit, students will learn the main characteristics of impressionist and post-impressionist painting. They will also study the life and artwork of Vincent van Gogh, one of the most important post-impressionist painters.0
244553432015-01-202015-01-20BY-SAamiliannavarroEnglishB1 1111BAT20
6161630322017-11-152017-11-15BY-SAGuialtalamantesEnglishB1 1538 5:08432 HOUR CLIL MODULE - THE ART NOVEAU AND GAUDÍThis 2 hours CLIL Module is directed towards students of second year of Bachillerato of the subject ''Art History''. Is part of the UNIT 14 approaching the two first lessons that are centered in the artistic movements of Art Noveau and the spanish specific case of Antonio Gaudí.0
5443335112017-04-25BY-SALorenaGarridoEnglishB1 35162 HOUR CLIL MODULE "BASKETBALL"This 2 hour clil is based on the introduction to basketball and its basic rules. In addition, it is designed with the aim of practicing vocabulary and concepts related to basketball in a listening and speaking way. This work is focused on third course of secondary education, whose students have a B1 English level.0
546026352017-04-25BY-SAdebahurEnglishB1 4502 HOUR CLIL Module: Services of tourist assistance and guidance. Tasks of the tour guide in each service.0
559534712017-05-03BY-SAmongremonEnglishB1 31032 hour-clil module mathematics0
517538934092017-04-182017-04-18BY-SAMasaluEnglishB1 474422 hour-clil module mathematicsThis is a 2-hour clil module about Mathematics.0
535035412017-04-232017-04-23BY-SANuria2017EnglishB1 345 1:572 HOURS CLIL MODULE. EXPLORING THE FIVE SENSESEXPLORING FIVE SENSES0
619676232017-11-272017-12-03BY-SAAmparo-EnglishB1 542 4:4472 hours CLIL: Economcis 1st Baccalaureate. Unit: Production possibilities frontier0
615133002017-11-13BY-SAAmparo-EnglishB1 1370 9:1122 hours CLIL.Subject: Economcis 1st Baccalaureate. Unit: Production possibilities frontierThis video shows how production possibilities frontier works, in an easy way.0
52077284222017-04-192017-04-19BY-SAmescotoEnglishB1 785 7:17352-HOUR CLIL - INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA - 1 ESOThis is an example of 2-Hour CLIL Module. It is one of the tasks done at "Experto Universitario con Competencia Profesional para la Enseñanza en Inglés. Subj. 12 Creation of teaching units for the CLIL classroom and design of evaluation systems". This 2-Hour CLIL Module is prepared for 12-13-year-old students who study 1st ESO and are immersed in a plurilingual program. At the end of this 2-Hour CLIL Module, students will be familiarized with the algebraic language and they will be prepared to construct and solve linear equations in the next lessons. Students will discover algebraic language in everyday life.0
533880232017-04-232017-04-24BY-SAadrimontibEnglishB1 2007432-hour CLIL Module (THE CELL)0
529057852017-04-212017-04-24BY-SAJosemiMuñoz84EnglishB1 248452-hour CLIL module: INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND GLOBALIZATION0
54181550182017-04-252017-05-04BY-NC-NDmaria88EnglishB1 252312-HOUR CLIL MODULE: THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTSIn the following two hours we will learn to relate the element names with their corresponding chemical symbol, useful for identifying compounds that we can find in our daily lives. we will also learn to sort the elements of the Periodic Table and predict their properties according to their placement in the table.0
54201075682017-04-252017-05-04BY-NC-NDmaria88EnglishB1 14372-HOUR CLIL MODULE: THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS - LESSON 1In this lesson we will learn to relate the element names with their corresponding chemical symbol.0
5419285852017-04-252017-05-04BY-NC-NDmaria88EnglishB1 29742-HOUR CLIL MODULE: THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS - LESSON 2In this lesson we will learn to sort the elements of the Periodic Table and predict their properties according to their placement in the table.0
6148566222017-11-122017-11-12BY-SAEMCM68EnglishB1 801512-hour CLIL module:‘Sustainable Economy’Environmental issues and its relation with international economic impact and the possibilities of sustainable development.1
5102495132017-04-132017-04-17BY-SAMiquel.MaríEnglishB1 497 3:27432.1 DNA replicationWith this 3D animation you will see how DNA is copied in a cell. It shows how both strands of the DNA helix are unzipped and copied to produce two identical DNA molecules. Watch the video and answer the questions asked in activities 1 and 2.0
512540752017-04-152017-04-17BY-SAMiquel.MaríEnglishB1 89512.2 The DNA discovery. Avery's experimentAvery and his colleagues continued Griffith's research about DNA and their experiments lead to an almost irrefutable proof that DNA was the "transforming principle" that Griffith described in his famous experiments. During this section, you will have to read some information about Avery's experiment and answer some questions related to it.0
512438442017-04-152017-04-17BY-SAMiquel.MaríEnglishB1 287 1:4632.2 The DNA discovery. Griffith's experimentWith this you will learn about Griffith's experiment, which leaded to the discovery of DNA. Watch the video and answer the questions asked.0
512634602017-04-152017-04-17BY-SAMiquel.MaríEnglishB1 500 2:5722.2 The DNA discovery. Hershey and Chase's experimentHershey and Chase's experiment was the de ultimate proof that DNA was the molecule resplonsible of containing the genetic information of living organisms. In this section you will watch a video about their experiments and you will have to answer some questions about it.0
90082892020-11-242020-11-24BY-SAmaster dlaEnglishB1 357 2:35224 hours on Earth-in one image"Nature reveals itself to us in unique ways, if we stop and look at the world through a window of time," says photographer Stephen Wilkes. Using a special photographic technique that reveals how a scene changes from day to night in a single image, Wilkes exposes the Earth's beautiful complexity and the impacts of climate change -- from the disruption of flamingo migrations in Africa to the threat of melting ice -- with unprecedented force.0
572132902017-05-142017-05-14BY-SAmanutortaEnglishB1 28632h CLIL MODULEElectric circuits. Ohm's law. Series and parallel circuits. Exercises. Simulator0
5129149113332017-04-162017-04-29BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 13232nd session: working the structure of the Earth. Presentation.Presentation of the session0
5134368112017-04-162017-04-24BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 16332nd session: working the structure of the Earth. Questions.Questions0
5131542322017-04-162017-04-16BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 616 5:0532nd session: working the structure of the Earth. Video: "Inside the Earth"Video about the internal structure of the Earth0
51305099162017-04-162017-04-24BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 8932nd session: working the structure of the Earth. Vocabularyvocabulary of the internal structure of the Earth0
38201452322016-03-292016-04-12BY-SAIRIS BLANESEnglishB1 149033 "Rs" - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE0
5209544192017-04-192017-05-01BY-NC-SAvivaroigEnglishB1 802323-hour CLIL lesson - Kinematic elements0
10451402272013-03-05BY-SAfredDanskB1 16033D Animation ClassSummary: Two Danish students from the centre of Digital Media at Odense Technical College interview each other about their education and the dreams of their future working life. Cultural notes: The sequence gives a nice description of the vocational education, Digital Media, at Odense Technical College. It gives an insight into the school world, the content, atmosphere etc. seen from the perspective of two students there.0
5535291132017-04-292017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 7523rd Session: Vocabulary of volcanoes0
5534575302017-04-292017-04-30BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 14513rd Session: Volcanoes. Presentation0
553638092017-04-292017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 36543rd Session: Volcanoes. Video: What is a volcano?0
553783472017-04-292017-04-29BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 20043rd Session. Volcanoes. Questions.0
553829212017-04-292017-04-29BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 19543rd Session. Volcanoes. Writing.0
9041465422013-01-052020-05-08BY-SAfredDanskB1 537 2:5714More Productions (en business case)Three Danish media students have established a business based on media production. To promote their business they have made a promotional video where they tell about the services they can offer in their firm.0
556833362017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 36544th Session: Earthquakes. Video: What is an earthquake?0
55663099112017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 14514th Session: Erthquakes. Presentation0
556728692017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 7124th Session: Vocabulary of the earthquakes0
556937342017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 21344th Session. Earthquakes. Questions.0
557052412017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 18944th Session. Earthquakes. Writing.0
5573332112017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 37345th Session: Earthquakes. Video: What is a Tsunami?0
557165682017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 14515th Session: Tsunamis. Presentation0
557227372017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 7125th Session: Vocabulary of the tsunamis0
557455902017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 20145th Session. Tsunamis. Questions.0
557529442017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 26745th Session. Tsunamis. Writing.0
5139317112017-04-162017-05-10BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 7936th Session: Scaffolding activities of the lesson with on-line games. Game of continents0
513831662017-04-162017-05-10BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 10936th Session: Scaffolding activities of the lesson with on-line games. Game of the structure of the Earth.0
5136312112017-04-162017-05-10BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 12636th Session: Scaffolding activities of the lesson with on-line games. Game of volcanoes0
513529115022017-04-162017-04-24BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 10516th Session: Scaffolding activities of the lesson with on-line games. Presentation.Presentation of the activities of the 6th session of the lesson 2: internal forces of the Earth: Earthquakes and volcanoes.0
5137282172017-04-162017-04-16BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 14526th Session: Scaffolding activities of the lesson with on-line games. Volcanoes of the world.It is an exercise for localizing volcanoes of the world in an atlas.0
568344722017-05-072017-05-07BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 17916th Session. Scaffolding activities. Use of the future tense.0
554925402017-04-302017-05-06BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 10317th session: making a volcano kit. Checking de material0
555024502017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAabazanhiraldoEnglishB1 40 2:2727th session: making a volcano kit. Video0
1978821762014-05-09BY-SAbiruteEnglishB1 274715:50A facial surgeon's craftMaxillofacial surgeon Iain Hutchison works with people whose faces have been severely disfigured. By pushing to improve surgical techniques, he helps to improve their lives; and by commissioning their portraits, he celebrates their humanity. NOTE: This talk contains images of disfigured and badly injured faces that may be disturbing — and Hutchison provides thoughtful answers as to why a disfigured face can shock us so deeply. Squeamish? Hide your screen from 12:10 - 13:19, but do keep listening. Portraits shown in this talk come from Mark Gilbert.0
22701399412014-09-112014-09-11BY-SAamiliannavarroCatalàB1 129 1:4045A L'Hotel0
489441862017-03-242017-05-04BY-SAnpuiggEnglishB1 57471A mistery inside us (3rd Grade Primary Education)0
1521144652013-11-27BY-SAfredEnglishB1 1633a test of clilstore in Brussels0
768516652019-08-302019-08-30BY-SAbelostEnglishB1 10152A trip to Great Britain0
4279546112016-04-292016-04-29BY-SAponyoEnglishB1 8942A Trip to Malta0
88438592020-09-242020-09-24BY-SAetimaltaEnglishB1 203 5:29A video about CLILA video in which Maria Frigols-Martin talks about CLIL, and explains what it is. It also describes three important aspects related to CLIL. This video has been used by both the CLIL4U and COOL EU Projects in their online courses.2
679421842018-05-152018-05-17BY-SAAnaEnglishB1 787 4:461A warm embrace that saves livesWhat you see here is a premature baby. He looks like he's resting peacefully, but in fact he's struggling to stay alive because he can't regulate his own body temperature. This baby is so tiny he doesn't have enough fat on his body to stay warm. Sadly, 20 million babies like this are born every year around the world. Four million of these babies die annually.0
8111270982012-10-182017-06-16BY-SAAnaEnglishB1 787 4:4616A warm embrace that saves livesWhat you see here is a premature baby. He looks like he's resting peacefully, but in fact he's struggling to stay alive because he can't regulate his own body temperature. This baby is so tiny he doesn't have enough fat on his body to stay warm. Sadly, 20 million babies like this are born every year around the world. Four million of these babies die annually.0
28871018202015-05-172020-01-10BY-SAAblanparEnglishB1 1325 7:12839AB0 BLOOD TYPESAlthough all blood is made of the same basic elements, not all blood is alike. In fact, there are four major blood groups determined by the presence or absence of two antigens – A and B – on the surface of red blood cells.0
2728474252015-04-082015-04-08BY-SABaibaSEnglishB1 140 8:01About Valletta0
306519848502015-08-132018-08-30BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 238412:473Accidents at workThis is a short film about accidents at work0
508927262017-04-12BY-SAjmer1974EnglishB1 118Acid RainShort description about what is acid rain and its consequences0
509047262017-04-12BY-SAjmer1974EnglishB1 1028Acid Rain and pHShort description about what is acid rain and its consequences, and how to calculate pH0
92254912021-02-252021-02-25BY-SAEnglish4anisaEnglishB1 2Action VerbsMom: Anisa! Let's play! Anisa: Let's run and then stop! Mom: Let's hop and jump like a rabbit! Anisa: Now, swimming and walking! Mom: Now let's stop and sleep! Anisa: Sleeps and smiles.0
371738502016-03-212016-03-21BY-SAIsmaelEnglishB1 17241ACTIVITY 2 (Mechanical behavior of materials)0
701522702018-08-012018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 1212Activity 30
701629002018-08-012018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 792Activity health care0
698532342018-07-312018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 892Activity Tax0
92402022021-03-012021-03-02BY-SAaml2EnglishB1 385Adaptations0
502234932017-04-062017-04-14BY-SAmariolaEnglishB1 1063 7:131Adopt an artistWhether on the walls of a cave, the tombs of great kings, a canvas, or the walls of a building, the human desire to put ink to paper has left the world with some of the most beautiful masterpieces.0
5454366182017-04-252017-05-07BY-SAcargarg7EnglishB1 144624ADVERTISING AND SLOGAN EXPERTSIn this lesson we deal in depth with the subject of advertising. The unit is designed to be carried out in 60 minutes and with students of twuelve years of age.This lesson was created for Intermediate level (B1) students but could be adapted for other levels. Students with a good socioeconomic level and a great motivation to learn. The influence of advertising on the individual in a consumer society is non-negotiable, especially when it comes to people of formative age. During the lesson the student will be aware of the role that advertising plays in our daily decision making and how we must face it.0
52431056212017-04-202017-04-24BY-SALauraRodrigoEnglishB1 574 1:5913Advertising languageThis is a didactic unit about advertising language for B1 level students. The unit contents a video, four images and two Hot Potatoes exercises.0
5368134032017-04-242017-04-24BY-SALauraRodrigoEnglishB1 654 1:592Advertising language (2-hour CLIL module)This is a didactic unit about advertising language for B1 level students. The unit contents a video, four images, two Hot Potatoes exercises and a Kahoot quiz.0
33651251632015-12-112015-12-11BY-SACC1GaeilgeB1 811Ag Vótáil den Chéad UairLabhair Nuacht24 le daltaí ó Choláiste Feirste agus ó Choláiste Lagain faoina bheith ag caitheamh vóta den chéad uair.0
74825952162012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 606 4:003Agallamh: Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal SpeirsWorking and studying at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Alex Gruba from Poland, Kathleen Reddy from Canada, and Mìcheal Speirs from Perthshire, give their impressions of what it is like to study and/or work at Scotland’s Gaelic College, including discussion of the relative merits of onsite and distance learning.0
204822892952014-05-182014-05-18BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 606 4:003Agallamh: Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal Speirs (tro TeacherTube)Working and studying at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Alex Gruba from Poland, Kathleen Reddy from Canada, and Mìcheal Speirs from Perthshire, give their impressions of what it is like to study and/or work at Scotland’s Gaelic College, including discussion of the relative merits of onsite and distance learning.0
73627632432012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 766 4:142Agallamh: Aonghas MacIainWindsurfing and other outdoor sports. Angus Johnson talks about the best places for windsurfing in North Uist, and why he prefers West Beach. He also talks about other sports he plays, including kitesurfing. He then talks in some detail about the equipment you need for the sport and how much it might cost.0
70226631602012-09-102013-04-18BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 244 1:333Agallamh: Dòmhnall MacFhionghuinCare for adults with special needs. Donald is a client at Craigard Day Centre. Here he talks about his activities at Craigard. He also talks about the pictures he’s exhibiting at the Taigh Chearsabhagh art centre. He goes on to say what else he does during the week, mentioning the names (NAAFI, Lovats) of another workplace, and his musical activities at the weekend.0
74523991252012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 498 2:533Agallamh: Dunnchadh MacDhòmhnaill agus Dòmhnall MacÌosaigBoatbuilding skills. Boatbuilding pupils Duncan Macdonald and Donald MacIsaac talk about their school careers to date, and explain how the boatbuilding course works, and how they think what they have learnt may help them in the future.0
2045232752014-05-182014-05-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 498 2:533Agallamh: Dunnchadh MacDhòmhnaill agus Dòmhnall MacÌosaig (tro TeacherTube)Boatbuilding skills. Boatbuilding pupils Duncan Macdonald and Donald MacIsaac talk about their school careers to date, and explain how the boatbuilding course works, and how they think what they have learnt may help them in the future.0
73225934932012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 868 4:233Agallamh: Màiri Anna NicAoidhPreparing seafood and other island foods. Mary Anne Mackay talks about how she cooks locally found seafood, including razorfish. She also talks about older traditions of food preparation and preservation from her childhood memories.0
75825941772012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 417 4:023Agallamh: Margarita NicUilleimThe importance of place in artistic development, and exhibition facilities. Harris artist Margarita Williams talks about her own artistic career and development, and the importance of her own sense of place. She also talks about the facility which Seallam! offers to local artists for exhibitions and workshops.0
72924562162012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGàidhligB1 432 3:583Agallamh: Tommy DòmhnallachBenefits of lazybeds. Tommy Macdonald, life skills co-ordinator at Cothrom, talks about why they dug lazybeds at the centre, and the benefits they bring. He also mentions a bio-diversity scheme that affects the site.0
1884598152014-04-082014-09-26BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 255 3:061AlentejoDescrição de uma Região de Portugal – Alentejo0
2901405382015-05-202015-06-02BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 5111Alien Periodic Table0
27501076142015-04-092015-04-19BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 170932Aluminium0
724826432018-12-052018-12-05BYStefanieEnglishB1 4213:182American holidays0
725080972018-12-072018-12-17BY-SAStefanieEnglishB1 63 5:121American religion0
7872238872012-09-202013-05-16BY-SARNC1GaeilgeB1 300 4:302Amhrán an Ghaeilgeora Mhóir0
84715599142020-03-242020-03-24BY-SAsiledenvirGaeilgeB1 809Amhránaíocht ar an sean-nós (An Dr Síle Denvir ón suíomh www.ainm.ie)0
92344612021-02-282021-06-21BY-SAfcardonaEnglishB1 44602Amino acids and proteinsThis teaching unit is for the official syllabus of 2nd course of Science Bachelor studies, Biology subject. Requires prior knowledge in Organic Chemistry and Cellular biology. The age of the students is usually 17 years old. The level of English is near B1 certificate (lower intermediate).2
537731232017-04-242017-04-24BY-SApaugp33EnglishB1 703 4:40AN APP DEVELOPER CHILDThis video is perfect to encourage our pupils to believe that they can be creators of technologies not only users. The kid is really charming, they see a child like them that with effort and the support of their teachers, family and friends follow his dream and create their own apps. He shares his experience and encourages other children to do so.0
334025472862015-11-242015-11-25BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 222513:592An Coigreach, le Iain Mac a' Ghobhainn0
3040869822015-06-282015-06-28BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 274 1:5211An Coire ag An Carn (POOLS3-7)Insíonn Niall dúinn faoin amharclann nua ag An Carn. Niall tells us about the new theatre at An Carn.0
174113371222014-03-14BY-SALaoiseNiCGaeilgeB1 184 3:214An DreoilínAn tAmhrán 'An Dreoilín'0
317429836362015-09-172015-09-17BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 72710:502An Duine Dubh0
28041982542015-04-272015-04-28BY-SAPaquiEnglishB1 923 8:1811AN INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. A turning point in History.This video is a summary of the Industrial Revolution in England (until minute 08:18) and North America (from minute 08:19 until the end). I really like the video because it focus on social and technical issues and provides us with a general idea of the most important facts that happened in the 1700's and early 1800´s in England and (North) America . Furthermore, we can see authentic images of the machines and the people who worked with them those days.0
27681752222015-04-182015-04-27BY-SAPaquiEnglishB1 923 8:181AN INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. A turning point in History.This video is a summary of the Industrial Revolution in England (until minute 08:18) and North America (from minute 08:19 until the end). I really like the video because it focus on social and technical issues and provides us with a general idea of the most important facts that happened in the 1700's and early 1800´s in England and (North) America . Furthermore, we can see authentic images of the machines and the people who worked with them those days.0
526828542017-04-212017-04-21BY-SADavidalbertplaEnglishB1 412 4:3143ANCIENT EGYPThroughout this webquest you will discover things as curious as: Who was the most powerful person in the Egyptian culture? That I eat What did they live How is society organized? What did he do with the dead? Immerse yourself in the story and learn how a child like you lives in that era.0
2684526142015-03-302015-04-21BY-SAJORdicarrascosaEnglishB1 31Ancient Egypt0
97536022021-10-122021-10-15BY-SAAlex5EnglishB1 77541Ancient Egypt- TutankhamunThis lesson is aimed at secondary school students, mainly on pre- and intermediate level. This lesson is about the history of ancient Egypt and the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter in 19222
571339852017-05-112017-05-11BY-SAmariajoseviolinEnglishB1 147832Antonio Vivaldi Documentary Life and WorksThis documentary talks about the life and most important works of the author and how the historical context and his life determined his compositions.0
1851537962012-01-212013-05-16BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 376 3:52Aonach Oibre0
502528522017-04-072017-04-07BY-SABRMEnglishB1 665 1:25APPLICATION OF GEOMETRIC DESIGNThis task is performed as a final project of the teaching unit POLYGONS AND GEOMETRIC FIGURES, it is proposed to create a geometric design, as from the construction of polygons leraned in the unit. The students will learn about the origin, meaning and specific vocabulary about geometry, as well as, that they will learn the steps to follow to draw and design. At the end, students make their own T-shit with their favourite geometric drawing like fashion designers.0
361912604692016-03-102016-09-21BY-SAsvinthSDEEnglishB1 1133 9:5411Apprenticeship InterviewGetting it right or wrong at an apprenticeship interview0
5354260282017-04-232017-05-07BY-SAele2705EnglishB1 188Approaching Mozart0
9288542332021-03-182021-03-19BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaeilgeB1 166 3:19Ar Éirinn ní Neosfainn Cé hÍ (Séamus Ó Beaglaoich)1
612922802017-11-07BY-SAmanuhm89EnglishB1 543Areas and volumesIn this module we can see how I would develop the unit of volumes and areas for a 2º E.S.O class0
365263122016-03-152016-04-07BY-NC-NDSLMEnglishB1 363 7:3611Art and craft. Who is Ripolles?The students will learn about the artist from their community known as Ripollés, and about some techniques like engraving, brush. They will learnt about the need of using recycled material.0
8490443152020-03-302020-04-29BY-SASanti21CatalàB1 367ARTS & CRAFTS 2019-20200
193969532014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 178 1:54At the police stationAn American tourist was robbed. He comes to the police station. He is asked to make a statement and to describe the circumstances of the incident. The investigator helps him fill in all the necessary documents.0
23791002712014-11-142015-01-08BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 363 4:591At the restaurant0
194167202014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 253 3:43At the restaurantSophy, a foreign student, meets with Marius, a student from Kaunas, in the downtown. They decide to have dinner together. Marius invites Sophy to try some traditional Lithuanian dishes, introduces her to the Lithuanian cuisine.0
5188290672017-04-182017-04-24BY-SApmontesnavajasEnglishB1 174 5:234ATOMIC STRUCTURE0
4411651352016-05-21BY-SASoderRDeutschB1 84Auswirkung von Antibiotika0
260723784772015-02-282015-03-01BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 588 5:17Bacadh air a’ ghaoith agus sàbhaladh airgidMar a ghabhas draught-excluder a dhèanamh gu furasta air cosgas ìseal le Duck Tape.0
7233328192018-12-032018-12-03BY-SAmaster dlaEspañolB1 545Bad Bunny feat. Drake - Mia ( Video Oficial )Puerto Rican Latin trap/reggaetón musician Bad Bunny continues to see his stock rising and rising. With Drake appearing on his latest single, “MIA,” the come-up is sure to continue. “MIA” clocks in at a respectable length of three-and-a-half minutes. Furthermore, the record is definitely a ‘vibe’, with its smooth, reggaetón, Latin trap-soul production. Following a brief intro by Bunny, Drake sings the pre-chorus and the chorus – in Spanish, mind you! On the pre-chorus, ‘Drizzy’ focuses on how awesome this particular girl is, and how he’s going to make sure, “I’m going to look for you tonight.” On the following chorus, he tells the girl, “Tell them [other guys] you’re mine.”0
4876331102017-03-212017-11-17BY-SAcriabrodEnglishB1 1343 6:4332Balancing chemical equationsIn this video the two award winning teachers, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, interactively teach a lesson of Chemistry: Balancing Chemical Equations. Furthermore, a link to a practice sheet including ten unbalanced chemical equations to solve.0
453611694052016-10-19BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 1636 6:34Barney Bunion - Agallamh leis an léiritheoir Hugh Mac FhionnlaoichSan agallamh seo a craoladh mar chuid den chlár Barrscéalta, labhraíonn Áine Ní Chuirréin le Hugh Mac Fhionnlaoich faoin tsraith nua grinn atá a ullmhú do TG4, Barney Bunion.0
4804489562017-03-102017-03-12BY-SAelena-poliformatEnglishB1 731Basic electricity conceptsLearning the basics of electricity by watching videos.0
51013098112017-04-132017-04-13BY-SAelena-poliformatEnglishB1 2174BASIC MAGNITUDES AND RESOLUTION OF ELECTRICAL CIRCUITSWe are going to learn about basic electrical magnitudes, ohm's law and how to solve series and parallel circuits.0
964959162021-08-242021-08-27BY-NC-NDJMuffinEnglishB1 325217Basic outdoor advertising types1
5496374212017-04-252017-04-25BY-SAamiresEnglishB1 539 4:55BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ELECTRICITYLesson to know the history of electricity and how is it generated0
3680969122016-03-172016-04-08BY-SAmimope4EnglishB1 434 7:5733Basic refrigerant circuit principles and componentsThe common refrigerant circuit components and basic principles are reviewed in the present lesson.0
566022002017-05-06BYalexbasEnglishB1 1BASIC VOCABULARY FOR THE UNITBefore starting lesson 1, teacher will have provided students with very simple videos lectures in which the emotions and body parts vocabulary are explained with the aim to familiarize the students with the language applied to the context of the lesson0
5402159332017-04-242017-05-06BY-SAnacasanEnglishB1 706 3:161Basics concepts of electricityDC circuits and their components0
333154392015-11-182016-08-31BY-SAalhEnglishB1 7424:113Battery Change0
30448531002015-06-282015-06-28BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 293 2:0711Bealach Dhroim nDamh i gceantar Charn Tóchair (POOLS3-11)Sa scannán seo faighimid léargas ar an limistéar comhshaoil Droim nDamh i gceantar Charn Tóchair. In this film we get an insight into the Drumlamph conservation area in the Carntogher area.0
3838391142016-03-30BY-SAAlejandro2121EnglishB1 1707Becoming a Football Star0
18801247642014-04-062014-04-19BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 105 6:252Becoming an electricianan exercise to allow students to examine different training systems in English speaking countries0
3878595182016-04-022016-04-19BY-SAMAMARPEEnglishB1 105031Beethoven: life and worksWe will know a little more of the life of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. We will watch in a video a little of his life and work. Next, you will made some activities about the videos. Look carefully at the video of "Sarah's Music" on Beethoven. Next, you will made the different activities. After, you will listen to the 5th Symphony of Beethoven and then you will make the attachments exercises.0
463442822016-12-12BY-SAAnastasiyaEnglishB1 255Ben!0
147982002013-10-25BY-SAfredEnglishB1 407Bi Beò voiceover script0
83437032020-02-192020-02-19BY-SAxavi12pEnglishB1 232315:521Big dataSelf-driving cars were just the start. What's the future of big data-driven technology and design? In a thrilling science talk, Kenneth Cukier looks at what's next for machine learning -- and human knowledge.0
911104712013-01-072013-01-15BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 1422BİLGİSAYAR LABORATUVARIMIZ0
92386672021-03-012021-03-01BY-SAaml2EnglishB1 294 3:04Biodiversity1
681922552018-05-19BY-SAReemBahasa IndonesiaB1 4721Birdbird0
80945632020-01-072020-01-07BY-SAMarioetiEnglishB1 3754Birgu Walk0
332110832012-05-162012-05-16BY-SARitaEnglishB1 2251BLAIR HEART ATTACK SCARE0
438039402016-05-052016-05-06BY-SANuria.S.L.EnglishB1 2704Blasco Ibañez and his house - CLILAn approach in Blasco Ibañez life, referring to the republicanism in Spain.0
657655502018-03-182018-03-20BY-SAisandeEnglishB1 1186 7:03Blood cells: types0
5628885202017-05-042017-11-14BY-SAELiSiLLAEnglishB1 155355Breaking genres stereotypesLearning to analyze the audiovisual contents to transform our stereotypes and gender relations.0
2302147011042014-09-292021-01-12BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 393 2:534Breandán Ó BrolcháinCur síos ar lá oibre Bhreandáin Uí Bhrolcháin0
3915472152016-04-072016-04-08BY-SAmjossaEnglishB1 235813:1643BRIDGE STRUCTURE: TYPE AND FORCESIt is a brief introduction about differents types of bridges´structures and main materials.0
416337492016-04-242016-04-26BY-SAAmmparoEnglishB1 155 6:00BRIEF INTRODUTION TO ATOMIC MODEL OF QUANTUM MECHANICSIn the video and the text we can see a brief introduction about the atomic orbitals0
560067762017-05-042017-05-10BY-SAesoritaEnglishB1 116210:12613Built-in Objects and User Created Objects in JavaScript0
317723266662015-09-252015-09-25BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 181611:261Bùrn, le Iain Mac a' Ghobhainn0
603441902017-10-17BY-NC-SAxperezEuskaraB1 171Burua astintzeko musika0
185910611522014-04-022014-09-26BY-SAmandk1977EnglishB1 56 2:53Business Correspondance0
3047900342015-06-282020-05-18BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 184 1:0511Caint spreagúil ó Lynette Fay (POOLS3-14)Spreagann an craoltóir Lynette Fay daltaí ag an Lá AS ar champas Bhéal Feirste d’Ollscoil Uladh le speis a chur sa teanga taobh amuigh den seomra ranga. Broadcaster Lynette Fay inspires pupils at the AS Study day on Ulster University’s Belfast Campus to take an interest in Irish outside of the classroom.0
379443222016-03-272016-04-27BY-SAMariviMarpeEnglishB1 252 2:401Calculating areasWhen working with areas, it is quite useful to remember the properties of triangles.0
722337412018-12-032018-12-03BYmaster dla中文B1 78Canción 《沙漠骆驼》 Camello en Desierto —— Cantante: 展展与罗罗Es una canción popular china, requiere un nivel de chino más o menos de B1 para entender.0
723631532018-12-03BYmaster dlaEspañolB1 216Canción sobre el amor《IF YOU》en español 中西歌词Esta es una canción coreana, cubierta en español.0
1683802502014-03-052014-03-05BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 282 3:132Canción: MediterráneoLa canción preferida de los españoles, según el concurso de Televisión Española "Nuestra mejor canción" y según la revista Rolling Stone.0
140166082013-09-302013-12-18BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 282 3:131Canción: MediterráneoLa canción preferida de los españoles, según el concurso de Televisión Española "Nuestra mejor canción" y según la revista Rolling Stone.0
272991352015-04-082015-04-08BY-SAUKBDeutschB1 77Casimirianum Coburg0
2888635182015-05-182016-04-15BY-SAdasncpeaEnglishB1 176973Cell cycle: mitosis and meiosis0
499664312017-04-032017-04-03BY-SAanaeEnglishB1 397 6:1043Cell division: mitosis and cytokinesisThis unit has been designed to help students to learn about the mitosis process and its importance. They will start with a brainstorm activity, followed by an study of the vocabulary of the unit through a glossary. Then, they will watch a video and they will have to do some exercises. Finally, they will watch another video and visit some webpages to be able to answer the final questions.0
563434262017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAsararosEnglishB1 3631Cell structure0
3728631112016-03-222016-04-05BY-SAmaespeEnglishB1 1139Cell structure and function0
3704577232016-03-192016-04-04BY-SAalmarfeEnglishB1 39153Cells in the nervous system"Cells in our nervous system" is a 1-hour lesson plan which try to support higher order thinking while teaching about the Nervous System.0
3767437142016-03-252016-03-25BY-SAalmarfeEnglishB1 2895Cells in the nervous system (*)"Cells in our nervous system" is a 1-hour lesson plan which try to support higher order thinking while teaching about the Nervous System.0
909288112021-01-122021-01-14BY-NC-SAGuthanNanEileanMagyarB1 913 6:544Ceòlas nyári iskolaA short documentary about the Gaelic music summer school, Ceòlas, held in Daliburgh, South Uist, in the Western Isles of Scotland.2
8726179212020-08-182021-01-12BY-NC-SAGuthanNanEileanTürkçeB1 650 6:533Ceòlas yaz okuluGüney Uist adasında bulunan Daliburgh kasabasinda her sene düzenlenen, İskoç Galcesi ve Galik müziği eğitimi veren Ceòlas yaz okulu hakkında kısa bir belgesel. A short documentary about the Gaelic music summer school, Ceòlas, held in Daliburgh, South Uist, in the Western Isles of Scotland.2
489830322017-03-252017-04-05BY-NC-SAcrisgarciamoratEnglishB1 91 3:383CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING BEINGSThis video explains the characteristics of living things; what makes something alive.0
1284134292013-08-222013-08-23BY-SALauraEnglishB1 62 3:003Charging and Discharging a Capacitor0
3081103522012-04-292014-04-19BY-SAdidem1978EnglishB1 274272charles chaplin0
3071287792012-04-292014-04-19BY-SAzeron10EnglishB1 273 2:542Charles Chaplin0
30610891092012-04-292013-05-06BY-SAeacarEnglishB1 2722Charlie Chaplin0
540523102017-04-24BY-SAjormoesEnglishB1 126 1:36CHEMICAL REACTIONSAnimation explaining the five major chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, and combustion0
535927702017-04-242017-05-02BY-SAragutEnglishB1 12712:5331Chemical reactionsWe'll learn about the five major types of chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, synthesis, single replacement (also called single displacement) and double replacement (also called double displacement). We'll look at examples of each, so that you can classify them, figuring out what type they are. In a synthesis reaction, a compound is made from more simple materials. In a decomposition reaction, a compound breaks down into simpler elements or compounds. In a combustion reaction, a compound (usually with carbon, hydrogen, and sometimes oxygen) combines with oxygen to give carbon dioxide and water. In a single replacement (displacement) reaction, one element that is on its own displaces another element in aqueous solution, kicking it out. In a double replacement (displacement) reaction, the positive and negative ions in two ionic compounds switch places, causing a precipitate to form0
5629841152017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAjormoesEnglishB1 678 1:3673CHEMICAL REACTIONS - 2 HOUR CLIL MODULEAnimation explaining the five major chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, and combustion0
558379362017-05-022017-05-05BY-SAragutEnglishB1 614 2:1221Chemical reactions: concept and balanceLearn about the three parts of collision theory and what it takes for a reaction to occur in this video!0
500333142017-04-042017-04-13BY-SAdavidnadal1989EnglishB1 19412:0834Child Nutrition. LESSON 1 04/04Child nutrition is crucial to ensure the correct development and growth of our children. In this lesson we are going to learn what is the current situation about child nutrition, what child stages exist and what food is needed in each stage, and finally analyze what are the final conclusions according to the diagnosis of the World Health Organization (WHO).0
193062102014-04-232014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 221 2:37CHOOSING A STUDY PROGRAMMETwo young men meet in front of the main building of Kaunas College. One of them appears to be a student of this college and the other one is a school leaver willing to study here. The school leaver is not sure which study programme to choose. The student shows him around the college and takes to a consultant. The consultant explains him about the possible study programmes at the college. The school leaver is helped to make his choice and he goes to fill in the application form. Some statistics on the applicants and students’ numbers is provided at the end of the video.0
30677783862015-08-182016-08-31BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 89811Chucking a sickiean exercise about making excuses for not coming to work0
825677612020-02-052020-02-05BY-SAMatskevichEnglishB1 1068Circuit Protection Devices0
268165942015-03-27BY-SAbaladasEspañolB1 6273CISCO0
726238562019-01-212019-01-21BY-SANastyahoneyEnglishB1 5931Civil Justice0
726322012019-01-212019-01-21BY-SAvikatoria1706EnglishB1 598Civil Justice in England and Wales0
2963705172015-05-282015-05-29BY-SAmdujardinEnglishB1 98844Clarinet0
188957072014-04-102014-09-10BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 284 3:16ClaustrosDescrição da Universidade de Évora, dos seus claustros e de algumas tradições0
619426922017-11-272017-11-27BY-SAHistoricMarco86ItalianoB1 981Cleopatradajer0
77627802019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAGaletoEnglishB1 13821CLIL - Galina0
842013892020-03-102020-03-10BY-SAUlaSP5PolskiB1 454CLIL - info oraz pomysłyThis is what I have done today:)1
432633012016-04-30BY-SAjovegonEnglishB1 29CLIL module0
888585172020-10-172020-10-17BY-SAetimaltaEnglishB1 43CLILSTORE as a prop - SynonymsProp - a list of synonyms taken from the online Collins thesaurus1
6759317352018-05-052018-05-05BYrbrodyrEnglishB1 42115:4033CLILSTORE Unit 14: Introduction to Shell Programming0
566225102017-05-06BYdebahurEnglishB1 4072CLILSTORE Unit 2: Restaurant Business Sector0
540825822017-04-24BY-SALorenaGarridoEnglishB1 1626CLILSTORE UNIT: BASKETBALL0
490537022017-03-27BY-SALorena1985sEnglishB1 13034CLILSTORE UNIT: ELECTRICITYIn this electricity introduction video ,we can learn how electricity is generated. From where electricity comes from ! We can also learn the differences among hydro-electricity, thermal electricity and nuclear fission based electricity0
545928012017-04-25BY-SAdebahurEnglishB1 664CLILSTORE UNIT: Services of tourist assistance and guidance. Tasks of the tour guide in each service.0
765628712019-08-09BY-SADodiEnglishB1 890climate change0
76452238692019-08-082019-08-09BY-SAAlesEnglishB1 8901Climate Change0
3894785352016-04-042016-04-04BY-SAMariaPachesEnglishB1 1621Climate Change: Lines of evidence Greenhouse Gases0
7386239152019-02-212019-03-25BY-SAplozanogEnglishB1 625 4:5066CLINICAL ENZYMOLOGYEvery second inside every living cell, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place. These reactions constitute the essential tasks of life such as metabolism, protein synthesis, cell renewal and growth. Learn how the proteins called enzymes work to maintain the rate of these reactions at a life-sustaining level.0
559693112017-05-03BY-SAmongremonEnglishB1 18523CLISTORE UNIT0
1974841662014-05-092020-10-20BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 374 2:3911Clive Sinclair Down but never outAn article about Sir Clive Sinclair0
289362582015-05-192015-05-19BY-SANataliaVMEnglishB1 597 3:1222Cold front and warm front in a weather mapIt is an explanation about the different fronts that can occurs depending of the air masses.0
288139182015-05-162015-05-16BY-SAmifilalEnglishB1 2121COMBINATORICS0
1161232232011-11-032014-04-19BY-SAMarialuceItalianoB1 254 2:492Come Fred e Ginger0
30421321222015-06-282015-06-28BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 200 1:2511Comharthaí Bóthair Charn Tóchair (POOLS3-9)Sa scannán seo faighimid léargas ar chomharthaí bóthair Charn Tóchair ó Niall. In this film Niall provides an insight into the roadsigns of Carntogher.0
491310932512017-03-272017-04-30BY-SAraesmaEnglishB1 1307 7:34310COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND CUSTOMER SERVICEThe purpose of this video is to show how can we improve our customer service0
678726702018-05-132018-05-15BY-SAjanEnglishB1 921Communication skills at work2 short videos encouraging students to think about communication skills in a working environment. Attached lesson plan and worksheets.0
90232802020-11-242020-11-24BY-SAmaster dlaEspañolB1 30CÓMO APRENDÍ CHINO? TIPS Y MÉTODOSEn este video les cuento cómo aprendí chino y qué métodos de estudio recomiendo para estudiar un idioma, fuera o dentro de clases.0
412334662016-04-222016-04-27BY-SArubendiazEnglishB1 201Complementary file for 'Making the web interactive' (180min)Complementary file to the activity 'Making the web interactive' http://multidict.net/cs/38770
422931502016-04-272016-04-27BY-SArubendiazEnglishB1 1001Complementary file for 'Making the web interactive' (90min)Complementary file to the activity 'Making the web interactive' (90min) http://multidict.net/cs/42300
7255607382018-12-272019-01-04BY-SAliborcrCatalàB1 17714Composició de la matèria0
3747734912016-03-232016-03-27BY-NCgemacmEnglishB1 47425Computer SecurityIntroduction to the unit about Computer Security.0
30431002682015-06-282015-06-28BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 205 1:3011Conair Staire Charn Tóchair (POOLS3-10)Insíonn Niall dúinn faoin Chonair Staire Charn Tóchair, togra eile de chuid An Carn. Niall tells us about Carntogher History Trail, another initiative of An Carn community centre.0
2781965742015-04-222021-01-12BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 233 1:30Conal in AlbainConal Mac Seáin ag caint ar thuras a rinne sé chuig na hInse Gall in Albain.0
5555100902017-04-30BY-SAAlejandro AlfaroEnglishB1 60Contraceptive methods0
826112602020-02-062020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 167 5:441COOL - Espías de InternetEl derecho a la privacidad en Internet y el control (espionaje) de las grandes corporaciones sobre los usuarios son los dos temas que se tratan en este vídeo. También se habla de cómo las empresas trabajan en la publicidad selectiva.0
823012602020-02-042020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 526 4:551COOL - Ilusiones ópticasLa explicación a algunos interesantes ejemplos de ilusiones visuales o efectos ópticos.0
826313902020-02-062020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 6 4:394COOL - Las MédulasVamos a conocer el paraje de Las Médulas, unas antiguas minas romanas de oro.0
840295322020-03-062020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 161571COOL - Las Médulas - Ruina MontiumProceso del «ruina montium»1
8041293112019-12-042021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 6564COOL - Malta Film Tour1
806016562019-12-102021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 26243COOL - Maltese Customs And Traditions1
806410922019-12-112021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 2632COOL - Maltese transport system1
80471902512019-12-062021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 8803COOL - Manoel Island1
8078137122019-12-262021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 24142COOL - Mdina1
8040116142019-12-042021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 9483COOL - Mellieha1
806111072019-12-102021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 1932COOL - Origins of Maltese cuisine1
820613412020-02-012020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 94912COOL - Personalidad y lenguaje corporalTipos de personalidad según los gestos.0
8089196302020-01-032021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 74021COOL - San Anton Gardens1
8068108132019-12-122021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 6535COOL - Shopping In Malta1
8108321332020-01-152020-07-31BY-NC-NDfredDanskB1 194415:552COOL - Statsministerens nytårstale 1. januar 2020Statsministerens nytårstale 1. januar 2020.3
807012362019-12-122021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 15611COOL - The English in Malta2
8044212172019-12-052021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 36862COOL - The Knights Of Malta1
82629132020-02-062020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 1057 5:441COOL - Transcripción vídeo Espías de InternetTranscripción del vídeo Espías de Internet0
82317202020-02-042020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 7541COOL - Transcripción vídeo Ilusiones ópticas0
82647922020-02-062020-07-09BY-SAsodisarEspañolB1 462 4:392COOL - Transcripción vídeo Las MédulasTranscripción del vídeo sobre Las Médulas0
8080150342019-12-302021-09-28BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 6604COOL- Discover Comino1
7804238202019-10-052020-01-09BY-SAAlexTItalianoB1 4163Cosa fare una sera a Milano? (LSSEV)0
535624202017-04-232017-04-23BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 52Costa RicaImages about where is Costa Rica0
24675502952015-02-042015-03-19BY-SAcgalliqueEnglishB1 2505could we believe in an never ending peace ? Kant's reflection0
723722302018-12-03BY-SAmaster dlaEnglishB1 207Counting Sheep"Counting Sheep" es una canción lanzada por la banda electrónica australiana SAFIA en 2015. Expresando un ambiente triste.Y el autor quiere expresar la represión y el desamparo de la vida.0
3364755112015-12-10BY-SAmooDeutschB1 83cow fertility cystic ovaries0
491152102017-03-272017-03-28BY-SALydEnglishB1 524CREATING A DETAILED- 2 HOUR CLIL MODULE0
4246102382016-04-272016-04-27BY-SAsanjiserEnglishB1 37011:39Creating presentations in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress - ExercicesCreating presentations in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress0
53595202012-09-092012-09-10BY-SAljkEnglishB1 623Crip Gangs in LAThe Crips are not one gang, but an identity that many gangs associate themselves with and copy cat Crip gangs in other cities may fashion themselves by regional cultural indicators that have nothing to do with Los Angeles. Some of the first Crip gangs in Los Angeles included the East Side Crips, Compton Crips, West Side Crips, Avalon Garden Crips, 43rd Street Crips, Harlem Crips, Hoover Crips, Inglewood Crips, and Grandee Crips.0
218830212012-02-012017-06-12BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 147 2:4035Cromeleque dos Almendres0
244646122015-01-202015-01-20BY-SAamiliannavarroEnglishB1 111CRUZI0
318846942015-10-122015-10-12BY-SAAnaEnglishB1 377Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Imminent After Harvard Stem Cell BreakthroughCure for Type 1 Diabetes0
5035466162017-04-072017-05-03BY-SAalbafalgasmorellEnglishB1 342 2:393CURRICULUM VITAEIn the present video we can see presentation of Lydia. The curriculum vitae is the main presentation tool that defines it professionally. It is the clear and concise expression of your personal data, training, professional experience and added values adapted to the position you request The minimum content that a CV must have is the following: • Personal information: the minimum data are the name, last name, address, email, contact phone. • Academic training. In this section we would develop: - The official or private degrees and center that gives them - Date of start of studies and finalization dates - If the qualifications have been very good, make it constant • Specialized training: at this point we must detail the professional courses and specialization related to the work which is requested, hours or credits of each course, and institution that has implied and date of realization. • Languages: the level of knowledge of the language (initial, medium, or excellent) is indicated in the following aspects: -0
29116803252012-04-162014-01-17BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 682 3:071Cúrsa Gaeltachta0
96114012021-08-102021-08-13BY-SAadameenoEnglishB1 6983Czechia0
2215121072014-08-29BY-SAfredDanskB1 133 3:591Danmarks nationalsang - Der er et yndigt landDanmarks nationalsang er smuk, derom hersker ingen tvivl. Den er skrevet af Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger i 1823. Det er en sang hvis tonehav vækker de stærke nationale følelser.0
669460812018-04-192018-04-19BY-NC-SAjm.profqEnglishB1 6730Decantation Using Separating FunnelThis method is used for separating a mixture of immiscible liquids. CLIL unit based on a Youtube video by <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifxcdbfIWjVzUG1J2PTucg" target="blank">Flexiguru</a>.0
5397259122017-04-242017-05-05BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 324Definition and characteristics of the sources of energyThe objective is to learn the definition and characteristics of each source of energy.0
2120304323332014-06-082020-12-28BY-SAagimenoEnglishB1 6673Design MethodsThis activity has been designed to help students become aware of the different "Types of Survey Sampling Techniques" and "Sampling Methods". First they are asked to carry out some warm-up activities and after that watch 2 YouTube videos.1
50455771922017-04-082021-01-14BY-SAVAL123EnglishB1 57821Development, globalization, convergence and povertyWhat is globalization? Is globalization a good thing or not? Free trade and globalization tend to provide an overall benefit, and raises average incomes across the globe. The downside is that it isn't good for every individual in the system. In some countries, manufacturing jobs move to places where labour costs are lower. And some countries that receive the influx of jobs aren't prepared to deal with it, from a regulatory standpoint0
410875122012-08-07BY-SAMarialuceItalianoB1 1442Di nuovo a casa0
85534702020-04-302020-04-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 165Diagon alley0
532932612017-04-232017-04-23BY-SAmariamachadoEnglishB1 150841Didactic Unit BaseballBaseball is a traditional American sport, so it is important for students to know sports that are practiced around the world and are the same for boys and girls. In addition baseball is a cultural sport in which you can teach the importance of values. Also baseball is a sport where students can work coordination and also teamwork0
480740602017-03-112017-03-23BY-SAsergiosoEnglishB1 136510:4641Didactic Unit of RugbyRugby is a quite unknown sport, so the initial level of boys and girls is equal. Besides Rugby is a cultural sport in which the importance of the values can be taught. Also, the students can learn a lot of tactical aspects and interact among them while they learn a new sport. Besides the student should create a dance of Haka, a traditional war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. They have to work in groups to create the Haka and show it in front of the whole class.0
557731332017-05-022017-05-08BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 8472DIDACTIC UNIT: GRAVITATIONThis activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". First they are asked to carry out some warm­up activities and after that watch a YouTube video.0
3397710842015-12-19BY-SAFohringerDeutschB1 133Die niere0
3636518182016-03-122016-03-13BY-NC-NDmarcanverEnglishB1 8563Differences between mass and weightExplanation and tasks to learn the differences between mass and weigh.0
434172602016-04-302016-04-30BY-SApaupratsEnglishB1 835 2:3233Different approaches on photography: Posed photographs, snapshots and images capturing movement - 2h CLIL module2 hour Clil module about a few different approaches on photography0
427548412016-04-282016-04-30BY-SApaupratsEnglishB1 731 2:3222Different approaches on photography: Posed photographs, snapshots and images capturing movement.Different approaches on photography: Posed photographs, snapshots and images capturing movement.0
501943362017-04-062017-04-20BY-SAalbus19EnglishB1 1713Digestive system and digestion processThis unit talks about the parts of the digestive system and the digestive process.0
80836532019-12-312020-01-17BY-SAMarioetiEnglishB1 6604Discover Comino0
688123832018-06-262018-06-28BY-SAalakosekEnglishB1 257Discover Poland0
429156322016-04-292016-04-30BY-SARDLREnglishB1 926 7:202Discovering our cityMapping apps help us find the fastest route to where we’re going. But what if we’d rather wander? Researcher Daniele Quercia demos “happy maps” that take into account not only the route you want to take, but how you want to feel along the way.0
4336782132016-04-302016-04-30BY-SAmafes4EnglishB1 117533Discovering Physical EducationThis is the development of a teching unit, explaining objectives, methodology, activities, etc.0
569623902017-05-09BY-SA4102014EnglishB1 798Discovering Virtual Reality0
319120941162015-10-202015-10-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 9841Dìth-cuimhne, le Iain C. Mac a’ Ghobhainn0
10372487482013-02-202013-04-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 476 3:491Do Aonghus an TàilleirLachaidh Mhoireasdan talks to Gordon Wells and sings a song which his father wrote.0
83075882020-02-132020-02-13BY-SAIrinaMakEnglishB1 328119:13Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken RobinsonDo schools kill creativity?0
1971765322014-05-09BY-SALinuteEnglishB1 246016:35Does money make you mean?It's amazing what a rigged game of Monopoly can reveal. In this entertaining but sobering talk, social psychologist Paul Piff shares his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy. (Hint: badly.) But while the problem of inequality is a complex and daunting challenge, there's good news too.0
2831813112015-05-03BYimigiEnglishB1 292 3:072Does Science equals truth?Does Science = Truth by 8-Bit Philosophy, where classic video games introduce famous thinkers, problems, and concepts. This video summarizes Nietzsche's criticism to science procedures which is developed in its wor "The Gay Science".0
24665801132015-02-042015-03-19BY-SAcgalliqueEnglishB1 269 7:14Does the reality exist ? Berkeley's arguments0
23823129542012-02-092020-10-26BY-SAfredEnglishB1 620 5:041Domotics - text and exercisesContinuing to live independently. And feeling safe and at ease in your own home. That is what many older people want. But an ´ordinary´ home is then often not adequate. The thresholds are too high, you are afraid to open the door at night, the curtains are too heavy to close and it´s too dark to feel safe. We want to get away from that. A lot needs to be done to make a home truly suitable for each person´s specific needs. But it can be done! Thanks to Domotics.0
188853892014-04-102014-09-10BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 202 2:43Doutoramento SaramagoExcertos do discurso de José Samarago no seu Doutoramento Honoris Causa0
146078762013-10-112013-10-23BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 303 2:373E.A.Poe Annabel Lee A video interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee"0
28481294102015-05-082015-05-28BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 69063Early history of the periodic table: Mendeleev0
4322551162016-04-302016-04-30BY-SAkmpi31EnglishB1 115510:0032Earth and Environmental Sciences: WASTESImagine that we face all that we have consumed throughout life. The amount of waste generated by this consumption is brutal . The documentary " The ecological footprint of man" looks at our consumption in the developed world , from birth until we got to the elderly, through a visual illustration of the impact that each person on the rest of the population and the planet . This is the first video of a small collection of videos about ten minutes of duration.0
8468197952020-03-222020-03-24BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 1631Earth's layers0
5675438152017-05-062017-05-12BY-SAtatoralEnglishB1 221510:522Ecology and Human ImpactsIt's interesting to note that modern humans have been around for a very long time and lived for much of it without causing much irreparable damage to the environment. However, over exploitation and pollution have started affecting the environment negatively over the last few centuries.Unfortunately, humans are the most polluting species. Earth is very good at recycling waste, but people are generating far more than earth can cope with. Pollution occurs at different levels and it doesn't just impact our planet; it impacts all species, including mankind, who dwell on it.0
8789158312020-08-252021-10-11BY-SARexDanskB1 4531EdderkopperEleverne lærer om kendetegnene ved en edderkop, så de kan kende forskel på insekter og edderkopper. De lærer om jagt teknikken hos forskellige edderkopper samt hvordan de spiser deres bytte.5
9552127102021-07-282021-08-02BY-SArsoloduchaPolskiB1 4954Eksperyment z IBSE i TIK - Dlaczego komórki są małe?0
897618162020-11-152021-02-23BY-NC-SASanti21CatalàB1 1541EL BULLYING1
7808414772019-10-072019-11-14BY-SASanti21CatalàB1 32EL CANVI CLIMÀTIC0
95051346722021-07-202021-07-21BY-SAprofa_filsonEspañolB1 129712El fútbol - en el corazón de todos los latinos0
268072342015-03-27BY-SAgvillon94EspañolB1 5852El juego de Ender (Resumen)0
7894376102019-10-282019-11-19BY-SASanti21CatalàB1 1602EL MATRIMONI1
671325772018-04-262018-04-27BY-SARebeca.orosaEnglishB1 168Electrical phenomena and electrical nature of matter0
489033922017-03-242017-03-27BY-SALorena1985sEnglishB1 130311:0671ElectricityIn this electricity introduction video ,we can learn how electricity is generated. From where electricity comes from ! We can also learn the differences among hydro-electricity, thermal electricity and nuclear fission based electricity0
233812155142014-10-172020-09-21BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 777 6:492Electricityabout electricity0
7057337512018-09-132020-09-21BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 186 1:134electricity - circuits0
555927212017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 2474 6:561ELECTRICITY BASICS0
5539422102017-04-292017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 2474 6:563ELECTRICITY BASICS _ (2h)0
568728532017-05-072017-05-07BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 2474 6:563ELECTRICITY BASICS _2º ESO0
541338532017-04-252017-04-25BY-SApabminorEnglishB1 8151Electricity ESO0
546851112017-04-252017-04-25BY-SApabminorEnglishB1 5724Electricity ESO - 2h CLIL module0
556030502017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 371ELECTRICITY_10
555630712017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 373ELECTRICITY_10
555332132017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 87831ELECTRICITY_20
555725532017-04-302017-04-30BY-SAasabucoEnglishB1 9653ELECTRICITY_30
438253972016-05-052016-05-09BY-SACarles625EnglishB1 975 7:443Electricity:Transportation for 4th of ESOExplanatory video of a real world solution of electric power transmission. Intended for high school students for the subject of technology. Contains some links to webpages with further contents about the matter.0
571946872017-05-132017-05-14BY-SAmanutortaEnglishB1 250010:5541Electricity. Electric circuits- SERIES AND PARALLELElectric circuits Parallel Series0
2927782852015-05-252015-05-27BY-SAAnuscaMREnglishB1 46875ELECTROMAGNETISM0
2899122922015-05-202015-05-30BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 46243Electronic configuration of the elements0
435043952016-05-032016-05-03BY-SAxaveldunaEnglishB1 945 2:0023Electronic devices, technological knowledge.0
662825602018-03-25BY-SAAcatalanEnglishB1 244317:091Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory?Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus studies memories. More precisely, she studies false memories, when people either remember things that didn't happen or remember them differently from the way they really were. It's more common than you might think, and Loftus shares some startling stories and statistics -- and raises some important ethical questions.0
956580162021-07-292021-07-30BY-SAAalgallegoEnglishB1 61733ELIZABETHAN ERA: The Bisley Boy Legend0
383679252016-03-302016-03-31BY-SAlilaxEnglishB1 874 1:3432Emily Dickinson's lifeEmily Dickinson's life0
3641514102016-03-142016-04-01BY-SAvicente162EnglishB1 87232ENERGY PRODUCTIONVideo about different ways to produce energy.0
390244172016-04-052016-04-05BY-NC-SAecarotmEnglishB1 691 3:0332ENERGY SAVERS0
3986399122016-04-122016-04-13BY-SAmjossaEnglishB1 692 5:0744ENERGY SOURCESA brief introduction to the sources of energy0
3953440102016-04-102016-04-23BY-SASus SusanEnglishB1 939 4:4024Energy: ITS SOURCESWhat is electricity? Electricity is nothing but energy. We eat food every day and this gives us energy- Similarly, electricity gives machines and gadgets energy. Electricity can be generated using the following • Power stations • Wind • Sun • Water • Battery The electricity is generated using one of the sources mentioned above. It is then to transformers which push the electricity long distances using high-voltage transmission lines via pylons. The substation further distributes the electricity to the neighbourhood areas like houses, factories etc. Power Station Different power stations use different types of fuel, some of which are: coal, oil, gas and even rubbish. These fuels get burnt and then get made into electricity. Wind: Windmills use the power of wind to spin a turbine to make electricity. Blowing wind spins the blades on a wind turbine - just like when you blow on a toy pinwheel. When the blades turn, the turbine is operating and electricity is generated. Solar Energy: It means energy (light or hea0
645221712018-01-25BY-SAlaursen67EnglishB1 61Engelsk prøveWe've all dreamed of flying -- but for Richard Browning, flight is an obsession. He's built an Iron Man-like suit that leans on an elegant collaboration of mind, body and technology, bringing science fiction dreams a little closer to reality. Learn more about the trial and error process behind his invention and take flight with Browning in an unforgettable demo.0
1806904442014-03-232014-03-23BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 549 3:121Engine layouts This film is about different engine layouts.0
22851075152014-09-17BY-SAfredEnglishB1 3151Enginursday: To be a fly on the wall...A bizarre and thought-provoking project from the students of Parsons Flesh and Chrome Wearable Technology group.0
765177942019-08-092019-08-09BY-SAkixote190EnglishB1 45331English Speaking Countries0
33701128102015-12-142015-12-16BY-SAjorclobaEnglishB1 183658English Wallball0
22021478352014-08-192014-10-16BY-SAbcaceresEspañolB1 14521Entrevista a Mario Vargas Llosa sobre el actual nacionalismo catalán0
189773112014-04-102014-09-10BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 444 4:03Entrevista para emprego - HotelEntrevista de emprego para cargo numa unidade hoteleira de Évora0
6048522142017-10-272017-11-12BY-SAEMCM68EnglishB1 6204Environmental EconomyThis activity has been designed to make students think about environmental issues and its relation with international economic impact and the possibilities of sustainable development. First they are asked to carry out some warm-up activities and after that watch 2 videos as well as write an opinion essay.0
4024519262016-04-152016-04-20BY-NC-SAclanmarEnglishB1 274 2:0452Environmental impacts: Water scarcityFresh water is essential for life and there's not nearly enough of it for the world right now. Why is that, and what could we do? This unit will allow to identify the causes and effects of the water scarcity and the special hard situation that is being lived in other countries and continents.0
170993732014-03-062014-03-06BY-SAmashka197303EnglishB1 1581environmental protection0
417643382016-04-252016-04-25BY-SAmathsidiomsEnglishB1 308215:1421EquationsIn this presentation, Mr. Kolu uses a scale to teach some of the basics of solving algebraic equations. Analyzing the concepts of adding, subtracting, negative numbers, multiplication, division through a physical model allows the student to get a better understanding of their functions. Includes basic algebraic equations of the form Ax=B, x+A=B, x-A=B, x/A=B.0
394156362016-04-092016-04-25BY-SAlaumopuiEnglishB1 117 3:282EQUATIONS IN THE DAILY LIFE- Hi miss Howard you have a second. I just want to understand we're solving equations is going to help me in the real life. - Well just look more deeply at what you do today and I'm sure come up something. - If you give me ten dollars I a 7,25 What type a change would it be? Two dollars and three-quarters or two dollars 5 dons and five nickels - Thank you - Okay I need at least one apple to make up sauce. Three dollars should I get strawberry If apple's and lemons are dollars each and strawberries are two dollars What are the different combination that I can get? Since I have three dollars and I need at least one apple to make applesauce I could get three apple, an apple and two lemons, two apple and one lemon or an apple And a cart of strawberries. - My show starts in. I can’t either watch fifty-minute episode. I’ve be done by seven I heard hour-long episodes starting in a couple minutes and be done at 7:15 - My homework tonight it takes me 30 minutes I have to be done by own I wonder if I can do both - We0
2497764342015-02-122015-02-12BY-SAgiuliasulisEnglishB1 11521Erin McKean: Go ahead, make up new words!In the present TED video the lexicographer Erin McKean explains the reasons why we should use new words and six ways to create them.0
1576665212013-12-312013-12-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 166 5:453Espías de InternetEl derecho a la privacidad en Internet y el control (espionaje) de las grandes corporaciones sobre los usuarios son los dos temas que se tratan en este vídeo. También se habla de cómo las empresas trabajan en la publicidad selectiva.0
7827191102019-10-092020-02-01BY-SApaoliniItalianoB1 7423Esseri viventi (LSSEV)0
4397694212016-05-152017-01-23BY-SANixtaEnglishB1 66541European GeographyThis lesson aims to help students improve their geographical knowledge of Europe.0
341015409162015-12-272015-12-27BY-SAOliviaEnglishB1 76191European Literature in 19th Century: Romanticism0
701424502018-08-012018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 212Evaluation0
668127102018-04-172018-04-20BY-SAInterclilEnglishB1 10612EVALUATION0
889377192020-10-212020-10-27BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 1604Expressões IdiomáticasVamos estudar algumas expressões idiomáticas do Português Europeu! Quem tem boca vai a Roma!2
3837588342016-03-302016-03-31BY-SAabegasgoEnglishB1 120411:5521Extreme sportsThe aim of this unit is that students know extreme sports and think about them.0
3351376262015-11-262015-11-26BY-SAlotteEnglishB1 396Facts about Danish Agriculture0
3388638562015-12-19BY-SASommerauerFDeutschB1 130failure0
166068602014-02-26BY-SAAPDEnglishB1 211fairnessFairness and government (about John Rawls)0
222772782014-09-022015-11-25BY-SAjanEnglishB1 219 3:291Father and Son - Cat Stevens0
547726512017-04-25BY-SAligargarEnglishB1 722Feeding the worldFeeding the world and how we can contribute to this goal.0
4330629782016-04-302016-04-30BY-SAmariatribalEnglishB1 1295 4:3533FeudalismThis content covers a two hours module to gain fundational knowdlege on Feudalism and castles in the middle ages.0
231013775422014-10-06BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 376 2:03Fiaclóir as Dún DealganBean as Dún Dealgan ag caint faoin slí bheatha atá aici.0
494326522017-03-292017-04-08BY-SAcriabrodEnglishB1 144Fill in the gaps exercise while watching the video0
385151822016-03-31BY-SAFranciscoEnglishB1 767 2:301Film and series musicFilm and series music introduction. This is an activity for the Universitat Politècnica de València. Written by Francisco Aledo.0
383556682016-03-302016-03-31BY-SAFranciscoEnglishB1 767 2:3011Film and series musicFilm and series music introduction. This is an activity for the Universitat Politècnica de València. Written by Francisco Aledo.0
386480152016-04-012016-04-02BY-SAFranciscoEnglishB1 3986Film and Series Music - 20
569423302017-05-082017-05-08BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 21122Final testsThis activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". First they are asked to carry out some warm­up activities and after that watch a YouTube video.0
739724142019-03-082019-03-10BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 2611Find your direction.0
7336169132019-02-142019-02-14BY-SAKThornton99EnglishB1 889 4:591Finding habitable worldsThis is just a test using a TEDTalk on Earth Science. This clip was taken from the TED website: https://www.ted.com/talks/ariel_anbar_a_needle_in_countless_haystacks_finding_habitable_worlds/transcript#t-2997430
245855952015-02-032015-02-04BY-SARecondoEnglishB1 318 4:293First Aid BLS 20100
478939922017-03-052017-05-04BY-SAmyriceheEnglishB1 25631First Grade EquationsIn this unit we are going to see first degree equations and use them to solve daily problems0
9622146142021-08-122021-08-13BY-SAagiwkaEnglishB1 41173Five days in New England.2
5353229132017-04-23BY-SANuria2017EnglishB1 310 1:57FIVE SENSESThe senses0
12991830262013-08-232014-02-06BY-SAnorinaEnglishB1 4382FOOD AND HUMAN NUTRITION: an introductionFood groups and human nutrition key words and sentences: crosswords to practice.0
697230862018-07-192018-07-20BY-SAAgaEnglishB1 2303Food labels0
7116205762018-10-112018-10-12BY-SAjkierachEnglishB1 2884Food Pyramid0
296043672015-05-282015-05-29BY-SAserkanalgulEnglishB1 16433football-10
4305381122016-04-292016-04-30BY-SAAmaproHFEnglishB1 92041Forces and StructuresHere's a clip from the TWC show "Weather Caught on Camera", showing the famous video footage of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsing in 1940.0
7412363132019-03-282019-03-28BY-SAliborcrEspañolB1 118Formulació inorgànica0
8595165522020-05-192021-08-11BY-SAfredDanskB1 276 1:212Forstå den nye ferielovDen nye ferielov - Regeringen.dk. Indholdet vedrører regeringen Lars Løkke Rasmussen III (2016-2019). Danskerne skal have ny ferielov. Det får stor betydning for den måde man som lønmodtager optjener og afholder ferie. Teksten giver en kort forklaring af hovedprincipperne i den politiske aftale, som blev indgået i 2019.4
96482122021-08-242021-08-27BY-SALaurkaEnglishB1 31342Fractals and Golden Ratio in design.0
2694626132015-04-02BY-SAmodonnell437FrançaisB1 41 3:00French resources0
518326722017-04-182017-04-18BY-SAinsocoEnglishB1 1227 5:242Functions: Domain and RangeThis video shows an explanation about what the domain and range of a function are.0
8021077182012-10-022012-10-02BY-SAMichelaEnglishB1 229Furniture restoration and recyclingThe Re-Store Project is a social enterprise in South Uist. Old furniture is restored and recycled. The project also houses a book recycling scheme, and provides employment and training opportunities in the local community.0
244915207722015-01-222021-01-12BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 3993Gaelphobal an tSrátha BáinGaelphobal an tSrátha Báin faoi chaibidl0
479752762017-03-092017-03-09BY-SAsergioalEnglishB1 9551542Galileo and the birth of modern physicsI want to show the importance of Galileo in the history of Physics and science and explain the basis of scientific method to my children.The life of Galileo is also the life of a man that looked for the truth and the knwoledge. For the las grade of Primary Education of First Grade of ESO0
6686293182018-04-182018-04-20BY-SAInterclilEnglishB1 194GAMES0
517011476652017-04-172017-04-17BY-SAraqueldipaCatalàB1 92422Generació de 19270
3741487102016-03-232016-03-23BY-SAraqueldipaEnglishB1 734 1:292GENERATION OF 19270
5087133712017-04-122017-04-13BY-SAlucacreEnglishB1 51213Genetic Engineering0
539272462017-04-242017-04-24BY-SAmuleroEnglishB1 228 5:0042Genetic Engineering - GMOs0
386350132016-04-012016-04-04BY-SAgabgarmaEnglishB1 656 4:4331Geometric elements in plane and in spaceBasics of geometry.0
2955587112015-05-282015-05-28BY-SAmferpocEnglishB1 31022Geometry0
92926632021-03-192021-03-19BY-SALemonyEnglishB1 900German Easter Traditions0
4909395102017-03-272017-04-03BY-SAlcastellanosEnglishB1 553 2:4047Getting a job. Labour Counselling.In this unit the students will learn how to make a cover letter, which is a document as important as the CV in job seeking. Students will learn the structure, tips to write a correct cover letter and, especially, the importance of a letter of application must be individualized for each job offer.0
430435232016-04-292016-04-30BY-SARDLREnglishB1 252 2:5032Getting the GISt of GISWe discover what a GIS is and the main applications of a GIS0
6571295122018-03-152018-06-16BY-SA2148EnglishB1 130871GlobalizationGlobalization and technological advances bring us hurtling towards a new integrated future, Ian Goldin warns that not all people may benefit equally. But, he says, if we can recognize this danger, we might yet realize the possibility of improved life for everyone.0
13411772422013-08-302013-09-13BY-SAcorinnecarrillonEnglishB1 6743GlobalizationThis is a two hour lesson on globalization aimed at pupils aged 14/15 (depending on the curriculum)0
5080616122017-04-112017-04-24BY-SAJosemiMuñoz84EnglishB1 1243 8:2255GLOBALIZATION AND ITS IMPACT ON ECONOMYThe main characteristics of globalization as well as its positives and negatives aspects.0
534725432017-04-232017-04-23BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 374Glossary: EnergyGlossary of terms related to energy0
120478002013-07-15BY-SAfredEuskaraB1 361 2:48Goazen Cebanc-Cdea-raBea, Miriam and Izaro arrange to go and see their friend Maider. They're not absolutely sure of how to find her college but they manage it in the end. They subsequently arrange to meet later that afternoon to see a film.0
78967212019-10-302019-10-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 170Gods are among us!0
1925891242014-04-232014-09-10BY-SALEILANIEnglishB1 389423:311GoogleLets hear what Google has to say.0
2815473262015-04-302015-04-30BY-SAvikstvEnglishB1 523 4:0222Google's driverless car (Sebastian Thrun)Sebastian Thrun helped build Google's amazing driverless car, powered by a very personal quest to save lives and reduce traffic accidents. Jawdropping video shows the DARPA Challenge-winning car motoring through busy city traffic with no one behind the wheel, and dramatic test drive footage from TED2011 demonstrates how fast the thing can really go.0
37626053102016-03-242016-04-02BY-NC-NDcleEnglishB1 896GOTHIC ART: GOTHIC CATHEDRALSThis subject is focus on fourth ESO students. It is an introduction to the Gothic Art, specially its architecture, through its most important buildings: gothic cathedrals.0
81065602020-01-142020-01-14BY-SAagusiakitaEnglishB1 6Graphic arts0
492131722017-03-282017-05-03BY-SADinalvaEnglishB1 1113 3:28Graphing linear functionsLinear Function explanation0
697146522018-07-192018-07-19BY-SAThaisEnglishB1 338Greek Boy's Life0
697575312018-07-19BY-SAThaisEnglishB1 346Greek girls' life0
410253352016-04-212021-01-15BY-SAcrisvi5EnglishB1 826 1:5721Greek godsUNIT PRESENTATION TEACHING CONTENTS At the end of this unit you will: - know some of the most important myths from Ancient Greece - make an oral presentation - appreciate the impact of myths in literature and art TIMING 2 sessions + assesment session ASSESMENT In the last session, students are expected to present a myth to their colleagues. The evaluation will be done with a rubric. This rubric may be delivered to the class in the seconde session. This way, the students will know what will be evaluated.0
2755183342015-04-112015-04-19BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 1513Group 1 an Group 30
960881132021-08-102021-08-13BY-SAAga16EnglishB1 33461Grownig plants in space1
1193855132013-07-042013-07-05BY-SAfredPortuguêsB1 940 9:25Guião de vídeo “Faça Você Mesmo” – Versão “aluno”0
7904061942012-09-252013-07-13BY-SAfredEnglishB1 121114:172Guided Tour - Authoring in ClilstoreA step by step guide demonstrating how to make an online unit with video and text where all the words are linked to a variety of online dictionaries0
878170513622012-12-092020-05-18BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 367 1:541Guth na GaeltachtaSa mhír seo ó chartlann Nuacht 24 cuireann Éamann mac Niallais, úrlabhraí Ghuth na Gaeltachta síos ar na cúiseanna ar bunaíodh an eagraíocht Guth na Gaeltachta agus ar an chomhthéacs polaitiúil agus géilleagrach ina bhfuil an eagraíocht ag feidhmiú.0
6283283142018-01-182018-01-18BY-SAnatpalkinaEnglishB1 3157Han Kang and the Complexity of Translation0
1300127162013-08-232014-04-19BY-SAprovjoEnglishB1 154 2:042Hardware - power supplyA computer power supply works by providing the right amount of electricity to the motherboard, processor and other parts of the computer. Learn how a computer power supply cannot be plugged in incorrectly with information from a computer and technology specialist in this free video on computers.0
84426402020-03-152020-04-27BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 40Harry Potter0
91893892021-02-152021-02-15BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 359Harry Potter - additional materials0
2865715102015-05-122015-05-25BY-SAisorserEnglishB1 827 6:0052Having fun with robotsIn this first-of-its-kind demo, Heather Knight introduces Data, a robotic stand-up comedian that does much more than rattle off one-liners — it gathers audience feedback (using software co-developed with Scott Satkin and Varun Ramakrishna at CMU) and tunes its act as the crowd responds. Is this thing on?0
97141732021-09-262021-09-26BY-SAolgaprokopiukEnglishB1 324HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCEHEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCE0
548833242017-04-252017-04-25BY-NC-NDreyslandEnglishB1 993Healthy lifestyleThis is the didactic unit “Healthy lifestyle”, for physical education area. Firstly, the students will have to read an interactive text and watch 3 short videos. After that, they will play with some online games. And finally, they will do an activity done with “hotpotatoes” program.0
5309320132017-04-222017-04-23BY-SAnesigarEnglishB1 158910:0033Healthy Lifestyle0
494265142017-03-292017-03-31BY-SAlucacreEnglishB1 211410:3921Hearing sense and equilibriumWe continue the journey through sensory systems with a look at how our sense of hearing works. We follow sounds as they work there way into the ear where they are registered and transformed into action potentials. This mechanism not only helps our hear but also helps maintain our equilibrium.0
2919570212015-05-242015-05-30BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 10221Helium0
706575312018-10-042018-10-06BY-SASallyEnglishB1 178511:58HeraclitusIn this lecture we will learn about the life of Heraclitus, and his three main intertwined ideas: 1) everything is in flux, 2) the world is an ever living fire, and 3) war is the father of all.0
7403619302019-03-102021-01-20BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 956Here Try My Lesson. HTML.0
34781022162016-02-082016-02-10BY-SAalbertolazaEnglishB1 5642HIDROGEN0
479967242017-03-092017-03-23BY-NC-SAnagoaEnglishB1 434 3:0354History of cinemaA short video explaining the history of the beginning of the cinema as we know it nowadays.0
2731458242015-04-082019-05-29BY-SAetimaltaEnglishB1 29814:01History of Malta0
5640173512017-05-04BY-SAtogonmaEnglishB1 1961How can we classificate the music instruments?In this unit we are going to learn about the family instruments. Here you found activities and theory about this topic. The activity is recommended for 9-11 children.0
528031702017-04-212017-04-21BY-SArcerveraEnglishB1 4244HOW CAN WE MEASURE HIGH HEIGHTS? - 2 HOURS CLIL MODULEHow can we measure high heights? The fast and obvious answer is to get the top of the object we want to measure and use a measuring tape to do this action. Ok, but what happens if we can´t do that?... There are another options. We are going to construct a device to help us to measure any high object we want to. This artefact is called CLINOMETER. The main content is the comprehension and the use of the Pythagorean theorem. Students also learn trigonometric ratios.0
527524402017-04-212017-04-21BY-SArcerveraEnglishB1 2642HOW CAN WE MEASURE HIGH HEIGHTS? - CLIL UNITHow can we measure high heights? The fast and obvious answer is to get the top of the object we want to measure and use a measuring tape to do this action. Ok, but what happens if we can´t do that?... There are another options. We are going to construct a device to help us to measure any high object we want to. This artefact is called CLINOMETER. The main content is the comprehension and the use of the Pythagorean theorem. Students also learn trigonometric ratios.0
739523482019-03-042021-01-12BY-SAetimaltaEnglishB1 8204How cool is that?1
287106802012-04-152020-05-18BY-SACÓDEnglishB1 416 2:25How Google Translate Works0
438111092672016-05-052016-05-05BY-SAjordigEnglishB1 5245How GPS worksTeaching unit about introduction to GPS technology0
396844732016-04-112016-04-11BY-SARosaannaEnglishB1 108 1:3622How is possible to live in different Marine ecosystems?This unit is about Marine Ecosystems. Students, in groups, have to think about the reason of the animal's differences in different ecosystems; identify the animals living in them and choose one ecosystem to explain the animal's adaptations.0
571624322017-05-112017-05-13BY-SAGemsabeEnglishB1 1 3:111How Is Your Phone Changing You?Should you be worried about your cellphone?0
39296792012-06-252013-05-06BY-SAljkEnglishB1 1991How language transformed humanityBiologist Mark Pagel shares an intriguing theory about why humans evolved our complex system of language. He suggests that language is a piece of "social technology" that allowed early human tribes to access a powerful new tool: cooperation.0
92442502021-03-022021-03-02BY-SAjustkaEnglishB1 1382How pollution is changing the ocean'schemistry.0
36451398842016-03-142016-03-14BY-SAsandraramirezEnglishB1 799 5:031How sugar affects to your brain?When you eat sugary food, your brain takes notice. Consequently your reward system is activated and this spikes your dopamine levels. This effect is the same than other addictive substances.This video shows why we should not incorporate sweets in our daily diet.0
219361482014-08-042014-08-04BY-SAfredEnglishB1 445How to "sketch" with electronicsDesigning electronics is generally cumbersome and expensive — or was, until Leah Buechley and her team at MIT developed tools to treat electronics just like paper and pen. In this talk from TEDYouth 2011, Buechley shows some of her charming designs, like a paper piano you can sketch and then play.0
328138102012-05-152012-05-16BY-SAS1monaDEnglishB1 10442How to Be a Great Waitress0
44494312012-08-242013-04-22BY-SAfredEnglishB1 6732How To Build A Fire PitHow to build a fire pit0
2921337282012-04-172014-04-19BY-SAS1monaDEnglishB1 403 2:523HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE0
3517447152016-02-13BY-SAcandy11193EnglishB1 1391 9:57How to make work-life balance work0
694126432018-07-13BY-SAJarekEnglishB1 620 3:334How to measure the height0
6937405192018-07-112018-07-13BY-SAJirkaEnglishB1 620 3:334How to measure the height of a building?0
385435292016-03-312016-03-31BY-SAvicent87EnglishB1 223 1:50How to Play BadmintonHow to Set Up a Badminton Court0
37721426132016-03-262016-03-26BY-SAmblascoEnglishB1 960 4:2465How to prepare a solution in the science laboratoryWhen you bake a cake, you use different tools for each step in the process: a bowl for mixing, cups for measuring ingredients, and an oven for baking. In this lesson, you will discover the name and purpose of many of the different tools that are used in the chemistry lab.0
6673481392018-04-172018-04-20BY-SAclil2EnglishB1 5373How to reduce air pollution.0
116188342013-05-162014-06-23BY-SAcelebEnglishB1 2108How to troubleshoot a no starter problemLearn words in relation to technical words and car mechanics. Learn how to deal with customers and talk about car start problems and their causes.0
2879491242015-05-16BY-SAemiliasalvadorEnglishB1 998 7:53How to use a Color Wheel0
5038323162017-04-082017-04-08BY-SAjojeda2017EnglishB1 1162 5:5242How to use Chemdraw0
77967802019-09-292019-09-29BY-SAmartynapaciaEnglishB1 1https://edpuzzle.com/media/5d90a99120c5414134daa5e90
369232522016-03-18BY-SAagnutecoEnglishB1 226https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2mFpAQpO6s&feature=youtu.beThis topic is about smoking, about it damage for people health. Also, why young people prefer cigarettes.0
369336242016-03-18BY-SAagnutecoEnglishB1 424https://youtu.be/_gJQe9zEE_sThis topic about fashion. How to be fashionable in 2016. Presenting 4 tips what to follow and what to forgot.0
4059413562016-04-182016-05-01BY-SARopecar1EnglishB1 2411Human effects (Rosa Peris)0
131613374252013-08-272014-04-19BY-SApkatjaEnglishB1 639 6:562Human skeleton bones0
4273810102016-04-282016-04-29BY-SARicardo SíEnglishB1 534 4:2644Humanism in the RenaissanceThis unit is about the Renaissance and its relation to Humanism. It contains a 4:26 minutes video, its transcription and three different activities developing the contents of the video. Even though, it must be completed with further explanations and other group tasks in the classroom context.0
515472742017-04-172017-04-22BY-NC-SAMarcosEnglishB1 3885Hystorical approach to Solar System modelsIn this unit the students will learn about the different solar system models in science hystory. They will work in groups. Each group should present one of the five most important models and explain its charateristics, the benefits of the proposed model and a little biography of its author.0
192671102014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 314 4:53I have bought a computerA student buys a computer but he does not know how to connect it. He phones a friend and asks for help. The friend is eager to help, but his attempt also ends in failure. One more friend is invited to help. He shows and explains the two friends how to connect the computer.0
414183152012-08-082014-04-19BY-SAElenacItalianoB1 343 8:452I misteri di Siena sotterranea0
7852141172019-10-112020-01-09BY-SAmartastellaItalianoB1 76421I nuovi sport olimpici, direzione Tokyo 2020 (LSSEV)0
443326922016-06-21BY-SAvaneideEnglishB1 52I survived a terrorist attack0
4124130422016-04-222016-04-25BY-SAmaria_moreniguezEnglishB1 817 5:213Iambic PentameterShakespeare sometimes gets a bad rap in high schools for his complex plots and antiquated language. But a quick peek into the rhythm of his words reveals a poet deeply rooted in the way people spoke in his time — and still speak today. Why do Shakespeare’s words have such staying power? David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor uncover the power of iambic pentameter.0
3123514152015-08-252016-02-09BYsimonasrEnglishB1 108242Identifying Sets of Real Numbers0
344341882016-01-122016-01-12BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 1489If cars could talk0
147474732013-10-242014-03-19BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 285 2:283If/Se by R.Kipling0
9931038122013-02-012013-02-01BY-SAkittyItalianoB1 1882Il fenomeno dei terremoti e tsunami0
238884482014-11-212014-12-09BY-SAjanItalianoB1 654 5:181Il Sistema DigerenteAnimazione in italiano mostrando il sistema digerente. Testo in italiano con parole linkate vocabolari online. 2 esercizio sulle le parti del corpi coinvolte nel sistema digerente.0
882782226382020-09-112020-09-14BY-SAeadaoinnmGaeilgeB1 75751Ilchultúrachas agus Ilteangachas1
1543138862013-12-112013-12-16BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 552 4:551Ilusiones ópticasLa explicación a algunos interesantes ejemplos de ilusiones visuales o efectos ópticos.0
2817449212015-04-302015-05-05BY-SAJDEVISEnglishB1 354IMAGE DIGITAL DEFINITIONDefinition of digital image0
3791111652016-03-272016-04-03BY-SAlorenaleEnglishB1 923 7:2054INTERACTIVE PERIODIC TABLEThis unit will help students to use the periodic table and extract relevant information from an interactive Periodic Table.0
97131622021-09-262021-09-26BY-SAolgaprokopiukEnglishB1 278INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE1
4036249972016-04-162016-04-18BY-NC-SAgemacmEnglishB1 100636InternetNowadays, the Internet is essential in our lives. All of us use it every day. But, who did invent the Internet? Do you want to know it? This video shows the beginning of the Internet and the main technical advances since today. I hope you enjoy it!0
645119002012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanEnglishB1 497 3:083Interview: Boatbuilding Pupils Duncan Macdonald and Donald MacIsaacBoatbuilding skills. Boatbuilding pupils Duncan Macdonald and Donald MacIsaac talk about their school careers to date, and explain how the boatbuilding course works, and how they think what they have learnt may help them in the future.0
602910182012-09-102013-04-18BY-SAGuthanNanEileanEnglishB1 228 2:033Interview: Client Donald MackinnonCare for adults with special needs. Donald is a client at Craigard Day Centre. Here he talks about his activities at Craigard. He also talks about the pictures he’s exhibiting at the Taigh Chearsabhagh art centre. He goes on to say what else he does during the week, mentioning the names (NAAFI, Lovats) of another workplace, and his musical activities at the weekend.0
632124402012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanEnglishB1 691 3:413Interview: Cook Mary Anne MackayPreparing seafood and other island foods. Mary Anne Mackay talks about how she cooks locally found seafood, including razorfish. She also talks about older traditions of food preparation and preservation from her childhood memories.0
648179102012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanEnglishB1 733 4:413Interview: Students/Staff Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal SpeirsWorking and studying at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Alex Gruba from Poland, Kathleen Reddy from Canada, and Mìcheal Speirs from Perthshire, give their impressions of what it is like to study and/or work at Scotland’s Gaelic College, including discussion of the relative merits of onsite and distance learning.0
63692252012-09-102013-04-19BY-SAGuthanNanEileanEnglishB1 507 3:282Interview: Windsurfer Angus JohnsonWindsurfing and other outdoor sports. Angus Johnson talks about the best places for windsurfing in North Uist, and why he prefers West Beach. He also talks about other sports he plays, including kitesurfing. He then talks in some detail about the equipment you need for the sport and how much it might cost.0
368335202016-03-172016-03-31BY-SACiaYudNezEnglishB1 298 4:4432Introducing InternetStudents will acquire/clarify the technical structure of Internet and how it works.0
2866593172015-05-122015-05-16BY-SAaruafeEnglishB1 134211Introducing the Cold War0
520691082017-04-182017-04-19BY-SAmescotoEnglishB1 4081 7:1736INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA - 1 ESOThis is an example of lesson plan for CLIL. It is one of the tasks done at "Experto Universitario con Competencia Profesional para la Enseñanza en Inglés. Subj. 12 Creation of teaching units for the CLIL classroom and design of evaluation systems". This lesson is prepared for 12-13-year-old students who study 1st ESO and are immersed in a plurilingual program. At the end of this lesson, students will be familiarized with the algebraic language. They will be able to construct and solve linear equations. In addition, they will solve problems involving solving equations and will find that these equations are seen in everyday life.0
438337822016-05-062016-05-09BY-SACarles625EnglishB1 7742Introduction to Boolean Algebra. Part one.Lesson about binary numbers as an introduction to Boolean Algebra. It contains how to convert numbers and how to perform basic operations.0
4388149912016-05-092016-05-09BY-SACarles625EnglishB1 20412Introduction to Boolean Algebra. Part two.Second part of introduction to Boole's Algebra.0
3765694102016-03-252016-04-27BY-SApfelipmEnglishB1 1285 2:32611Introduction to Cloud ComputingA simple unit intended to teach the fundamental principles of cloud computing.0
422648042016-04-272016-04-28BY-SApfelipmEnglishB1 1624 2:32714Introduction to Cloud Computing (2H version)A simple unit, based on Clilstore unit 3765, intended to teach the fundamental principles of cloud computing.0
5070356102017-04-112017-05-02BY-SAmigipasEnglishB1 70541Introduction to Computer ProgrammingIn this unit you are going to learn what is computer programming and why it is important. Also, this lesson is designed for getting started with Scratch.0
48063855112017-03-112017-04-18BY-SAelena-poliformatEnglishB1 42252INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICITYLearning the basics of electricity.0
2753494102015-04-112015-05-24BY-SAmhuesoEnglishB1 506 4:433Introduction to EnergyEnergy is neither created nor destroyed — and yet the global demand for it continues to increase. But where does energy come from, and where does it go? This unit examines the many ways in which energy cycles through our planet, from the sun to our food chain to electricity and beyond.”0
568226612017-05-072017-05-07BY-SAITudelaEnglishB1 27143Introduction to functions0
431126342016-04-302016-04-30BY-SARDLREnglishB1 10110:002Introduction to GISIntroduction to GIS (Geographic Information Systems)0
5258356282017-04-202017-04-23BY-SANucardeEnglishB1 1224 5:4786Introduction to InternetStudents will learn the basic operation of Internet, combine the use of different computer programs and web tools and develop team work skills.0
4917318342017-03-282017-05-03BY-SADinalvaEnglishB1 579 1:48Introduction to linear functionsIntroduction to linear functions0
545827212017-04-252017-04-25BY-NC-NDballenitaEnglishB1 34713Introduction to programming with App InventorIntroduction to programming and app building with App Inventor0
54744531682017-04-252017-04-25BY-NC-NDballenitaEnglishB1 53114Introduction to programming with App Inventor (Expanded)Introduction to programming and app building with App Inventor0
2857114072015-05-09BY-SAnachofebrerEnglishB1 220411:53Introduction to regular expressionsIntroduction to regular expressions in PHP0
3168473202015-09-132015-09-13BY-SAKajaSurmanEnglishB1 2231Introduction to the French Revolution 17890
311671372015-08-252015-08-25BY-SAvuokkoEnglishB1 22311Introduction to the French Revolution 17890
123273402013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 472 3:521Ion Bratianu Cultural CentreThis is a cultural documentary about the Ion Bratianu Cultural Centre in the county of Arges. It begins with a short interview of a member of the Bratianu family – a XIX century dynasty standing for modesty and Romanian democracy. It is a presentation of the lives of the political, economical and cultural personalities that this family gave to the Romanian people which helps you understand the national and local history as well as the interests of our people. There is also a short presentation of the family manor which has been restored and is now used for different cultural purposes.0
527133862017-04-212017-04-21BY-SAviboschaEnglishB1 143613:2533IP Addressing0
3348411562015-11-262016-02-01BY-SABygholmEnglishB1 4751IPM in agricultureSee how and why IPM was developed in agriculture. Learn the basic strategies, proper pest identification, monitoring, biological control, physical control and chemical control. Explore various cultural control techniques such as sanitation, cultivation and the use of cover crops. Concepts such as the use of a crop's economic threshold are also shown. See how these strategies are effectively applied in orchard production, field crop production, strawberry production and vegetable production0
1011144722013-02-182013-02-18BY-SAfredEnglishB1 1882Irish Rebel Songs: Caoimhín de Barra (Kevin Barry)Kevin Barry was born in Dublin on 20 Jan.1902, He joined Feinna hEreann after hearing about the death of Thomas Ashe from being force fed while being on hunger strike, He joined the First Battalion of the Irish volunteers and on the 20 September he took part in an ambush on British soldiers at the junction of North King St. and Church Street Dublin. His comrades escaped and Kevin was wounded and captured.He was hanged in the hang man's yard of the prison and buried within its walls. No members of his family were permitted to attend the funeral.0
23461223412014-10-272014-10-27BY-SAMÓNGaeilgeB1 3312IRS140 Seachtain 6: Síle Nic GearailtCur síos pearsanta ar bhean óg.0
65633561002018-03-122018-03-16BY-SAlieseEnglishB1 5322Is it real?0
908100262013-01-072013-01-07BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 2992İSTANBUL VE AHALİSİ 0
439442482016-05-12BY-SAreadineuropeEnglishB1 825Janko Polic Kamov, The Beard (Brada)0
88132721952020-09-082021-08-11BY-SAfredEnglishB1 518 4:3222Jay Walker on the world's English maniaJay Walker explains why two billion people around the world are trying to learn English. He shares photos and spine-tingling audio of Chinese students rehearsing English -- "the world's second language" -- by the thousands.5
96126782021-08-102021-08-13BY-SAzminkaEnglishB1 80645Job interview0
6790522372018-05-152018-05-22BY-SADamti2018EnglishB1 347Job interview0
4501555202016-09-222016-09-22BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgB1 188 1:3521Juan Crellin - Skeealyn elley mychione y Ghaaue0
493830492017-03-292017-04-21BY-NCpauavinyoEnglishB1 40321Jumping Rope Benefits0
1120124802013-04-232013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 175 1:443Kaip pagaminti saldainių medįIdėja saldumynų mėgėjams - jūsų rankų darbo saldainių medis. Jis gali būti tiek lapuotis, tiek kalėdinė eglutė, viskas priklauso nuo noro ir vaizduotės. Šiame video pamatysite, išgirsite ir sužinosite kaip pasigaminti patiems saldainių medį.0
910104422013-01-072013-01-15BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 2852KAKAOLU MUFFIN YEMEK TARİFİ0
2196656122014-08-132014-09-25BY-SAbcaceresEspañolB1 396 4:00Karaoke: Corazón aerodinámico, ESTOPA0
21971706282014-08-132014-09-24BY-SAbcaceresEspañolB1 391 3:58Karaoke: Mirando al cielo, Huecco0
192877612014-04-232014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 416 7:15Kaunas - my townA girl receives a friend from the other town who has never been to Kaunas before. They go sightseeing round Kaunas. They visit a few most famous places in Kaunas.0
150768742013-11-122013-11-12BY-SAKresten BondoEnglishB1 399 3:13Kevin Rudd Apology0
13222556162013-08-272013-08-27BY-SAcaoimhinsmoMāoriB1 97 3:17Kia Paimarie (Maori waiata) (Tata Ki Te Near)Māori song0
338668572015-12-19BY-SAHagenhoferADeutschB1 205kidney0
337268442015-12-19BY-SAeasybrotherDeutschB1 146Kidney0
909104602013-01-072013-01-07BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 4312KIZ KULESİ0
272738432015-04-082015-04-08BY-SAmihapapaEnglishB1 203 1:20Knights of St. John0
22171045232014-08-29BY-SAfredDanskB1 200 2:451Kong Christian stod ved høj en mastKaldes den Danske kongesang fordi denne nationalmelodi spilles i forbindelse med de kongelige. Kong Christian stod ved høj en mast er en smuk, dramatisk og bombastisk sang.0
774712862019-09-182020-01-09BY-SAMortellaroItalianoB1 6023L'isola di Vulcano(LSSEV)0
88561051112020-09-302020-10-09BY-SAJake.berreyEspañolB1 3804La bicicletaMira el video y explora el vocabulario para crear una lista. Haz clic en los vÍnculos para explorar los lugares mencionados en la canción y para conocer mejor a los artistas.3
99278722013-02-01BY-SAkittyItalianoB1 4812La città di New York!0
265311022712015-03-182021-01-12BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 326 1:4511Lá Fhéile PádraigDaoine ag caint ar Lá Fhéile Pádraig in áiteanna éagsúla0
244414947892015-01-192018-02-05BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 372 2:4813Lá Fhéile VailintínDaoine áirithe ag cur síos ar Lá Fhéile Vailintín agus na tuairimí atá acu faoin fhéile chéanna.0
1779741432014-03-202014-03-28BY-SAIrenemEspañolB1 115 3:324La Gastronomía en la Comunidad Valenciana0
778525592019-09-252020-01-09BY-SAAlexTItalianoB1 26321La Natura e l'emozione poetica (LSSEV)0
99780292013-02-01BY-SAElenacItalianoB1 5632La storia del cioccolato0
549928702017-04-262017-05-02BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 63Lab timeThis activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". First they are asked to carry out some warm­up activities and after that watch a YouTube video.0
92132722021-02-222021-02-25BY-SAhiloulaEnglishB1 1733Large intestine < Functional food. Lesson III1
92082702021-02-212021-02-27BY-SAhiloulaEnglishB1 32417:151Large intestine < Intestinal microbiota. Lesson IIThis is the second of three lessons related to large intestine and intestinal microbiota. Here, all about gut microbiome is studied, including the composition and functions. To test the knowledge of the students, a 'fill in the blanks' game is made with the learned vocabulary. At the end of the class, a debate is made from a Tedx Talk related with the topic. Finally, an easy homework is proposed to introduce the following class 'Functional food'.1
92034512021-02-192021-02-25BY-SAhiloulaEnglishB1 180 1:463Large intestine < Localization, parts and functions. Lesson IThis is the first of three lessons regarding large intestine and intestinal microbiota. It includes information regarding the localization, parts, functions and alterations of the large intestine. First of all, a word cloud is made using Mentimeter in order to have a first contact and focus the attention of the students on the topic . Then, a Youtube video and an article containing the relevant information is watched and read, respectively. Concepts are explained along these activities. Questions and doubts are put in common and clarified. New vocabulary is added in Ankidroid to reinforce what has been learned. Finally, a test in Kahoot! is made to consolidate the learned knowledge.1
15491135212013-12-172014-03-04BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 112 4:393Las MédulasVamos a conocer el paraje de Las Médulas, unas antiguas minas romanas de oro.0
4751743272017-02-162017-02-16BY-SAEABΕλληνικάB1 441 4:05Learning Greek with contemporary songsThe video presented here is a modern Greek song featuring rich vocabulary. This video presupposes knowledge of the Greek alphabet and elementary Greek grammar. The link to the dictionaries is especially useful for learners who feel the need to enhance their Greek vocabulary. It has been my experience that learning vocabulary this way can be very effective and also fun.0
43022433102016-04-292016-04-29BY-SAJoanMiPEnglishB1 4833LEARNING TO REPRESENT: MANUFACTURED SIMPLE ELEMENTSThe students will become familiar with the basics of technical drawing, and will be able to efficiently express and define a real simple element by using drafting tools.0
3400678732015-12-19BY-SAGoellnerMDeutschB1 147Leber0
3399688332015-12-19BY-SABruckmoserJDeutschB1 114Leber0
3396687412015-12-19BY-SAAblingerMDeutschB1 100Leber0
3380703252015-12-19BY-SAhuberf2DeutschB1 98Leber0
3375789342015-12-19BY-SAwimmeraDeutschB1 123Leber der Kuh0
3373683282015-12-19BY-SArabltDeutschB1 95Leber der Kuh0
3385293242015-12-19BY-SAGruberAEnglishB1 168Leber Lunge Niere0
33847872402015-12-19BY-SASchieferNDeutschB1 406Leber Lunge Niere0
3402672222015-12-19BY-SAErharterPDeutschB1 379Leber, Lunge & Niere0
3377715312015-12-19BY-SAeasybrotherDeutschB1 361Leber,Niere,Lunge0
3376659312015-12-19BY-SAhuberf2DeutschB1 135Leber:0
7706253102019-09-132019-09-13BY-SAteamjsPolskiB1 20031Lekcja CLIL (Jakub Zacher, Bartek Brzyk, Jakub Jaroszek)0
770122902019-09-132019-09-13BY-SAjeleń123PolskiB1 20031Lekcja CLIL Kacper Jeleń0
323456992015-10-282015-11-12BY-SAmaster dlaEnglishB1 295 3:1421Lemon Tree0
8336558262020-02-162021-04-06BY-SASanti21CatalàB1 2145LES ONG1
7898543332019-10-302021-02-03BY-SASanti21CatalàB1 24243LES PRINCIPALS RELIGIONS DEL MÓN0
6740238112018-05-022018-05-03BY-SABelenpgEnglishB1 3692Lesson 1 Tooth decay0
557891472017-05-022017-05-07BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 4919 1:3021Lesson 1: Gravitational field. Conservative fields.This activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". They should watch a YouTube video.0
674123532018-05-022018-05-05BY-SABelenpgEnglishB1 2414Lesson 2 Oral hygiene materials0
557935002017-05-022017-05-07BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 197 1:3021Lesson 2: Gravitational Potential Energy.This activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". They should watch a YouTube video.0
533135722017-04-232017-05-05BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 38151Lesson 2: Sources of energyLesson plan to learn the classification of the sources of energy taking into account the concepts renewable energy and non-renewable energy.0
674225502018-05-022018-05-05BY-SABelenpgEnglishB1 7934Lesson 3 Oral Hygiene Techniques0
558131202017-05-022017-05-07BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 172 1:3021Lesson 3: Energy and orbital movement.This activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". They should watch a YouTube video.0
558233502017-05-022017-05-07BY-SAanmarco1EnglishB1 4581Lesson 4: Deterministic chaos.This activity has been designed to help students become aware of the "Gravitational interactions". They should watch a YouTube video.0
556441212017-05-012017-05-05BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 30642Lesson 4: Sensible energy consumptionLast session of the unit in order to make aware of reducing students' energy consumption.0
77517402019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAmillanow03EnglishB1 13821Lesson CLIL Denislav Milanov0
77589902019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAGalinEnglishB1 1603Lesson CLIL Galin Dimov0
77537702019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAiliyanEnglishB1 16931Lesson CLIL Iliyan Ilchev0
77597802019-09-202019-09-20BY-SADenewaEnglishB1 13822Lesson CLIL Ivana Deneva0
77607902019-09-202019-09-20BY-SALedgerEnglishB1 14621Lesson CLIL Iveta Dimitrova0
77578602019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAPaskalEnglishB1 1393Lesson CLIL Paskal Hristov Arabadzhiev0
85484462020-04-282020-04-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 3473Lesson one - air1
85494462020-04-282020-04-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 1501Lesson two - water1
570021742017-05-09BY-SAVAL123EnglishB1 1883Lesson_plan 5045Lesson-plan for Development, Globalization, Convergence and poverty (5045)1
87774362012-12-062017-06-12BY-SAAnaEnglishB1 749 5:00Lessons in business... from prison0
769810602019-09-132019-09-13BY-SAyoshowייִדישB1 59432LET INTRODUCE TOPOLOGY!!!0
79028912019-11-052019-11-05BY-SAMonikaKEnglishB1 1254Let's visit Malta0
87189602012-11-182012-12-03BY-SAmobilinguaEnglishB1 423Letterman0
4674495402017-01-03BY-SAKajaSurmanEnglishB1 276life of 19th century worker (children also)0
4893128862017-03-242017-03-24BY-SAcarlosreiginsaEnglishB1 2001Line compositionemotional lines0
4843337152017-03-162017-03-24BY-SAcarlosreiginsaEnglishB1 231 3:251Line ExpressionThis is an introduction to the unit of composition. Working with lines.0
1405120552013-10-032013-10-04BY-SA4949EnglishB1 2704Linear functionlinear function0
49461588322017-03-302017-05-07BY-SADinalvaEnglishB1 450 5:0652Linear Functions CLIL ModuleLinear Functions CLIL Module including 2 Sessions of 50 min each for 3 ESO students. This module follow a scaffolding methodology. The first session includes: video introduction, working by pairs a new glossary, teacher explanation of the theory and a quiz to assess the new concepts. Second session includes: video to review the concepts, working by group activity, video game and a final assignment.0
4912261232017-03-272017-03-30BY-SADinalvaEnglishB1 292 5:0633Linear Functions LessonLinear Function Lesson of 50 min for students of 3ESO. It includes a video for introduction with the transcriptions, 15 min activity by pairs working with the new glossary, 15 min of teacher theory explanation and a 10 min Quiz to assess all the new concepts.0
275190632015-04-092015-04-19BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 45323Lithium0
7498364392019-05-172019-05-17BY-SARob01EnglishB1 59772Lithuania and Italy0
3398592452015-12-19BY-SASunnyDeutschB1 119liver0
3387644292015-12-19BY-SABlankiDeutschB1 139Liver0
337992462015-12-19BY-SAasdfDeutschB1 179liver0
3391697312015-12-19BY-SABerniDeutschB1 568Liver, Lung and Kidney0
501334802017-04-052017-04-24BY-NC-SAcrisgarciamoratEnglishB1 89 3:3854Living BeingsIn this unit we explain the main characteristics of living beings, their composition, the cell and the levels of organisation.0
4325244352016-04-302016-04-30BYPBV_vlcEnglishB1 837 4:442Logo Brand RenewalHow to renew a Brand logo. With this two videos our students can face the activity to renew a local Brand logo and make a presentation in front of an audience with the final product.0
194359712014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 256 3:44Looking for jobTwo friends meet after a long time. One of them is in a big trouble. He can’t find a job. He has no money. The friend offers to help find a job and suggests to have a look at some job advertisements in the newspapers and to surf the net. After a successful talk to a possible employer, the future seems much brighter.0
497420302017-04-012017-04-01BY-SAcarlosmedinaEnglishB1 15651LoudnessLoudness of sound depends on amplitude of vibrations | Sound | Physics0
3393652422015-12-192015-12-19BY-SAKittljDeutschB1 85Lung0
3392671132015-12-19BY-SAWalchhoferCDeutschB1 236Lunge0
338370882015-12-19BY-SAanna1DeutschB1 227lunge0
3374620562015-12-19BY-SAesterbauerbDeutschB1 141Lunge der Kuh0
130376202013-08-232013-08-23BY-SAclaudioEnglishB1 25532machineries0
79101222011-10-132013-05-06BY-SAYasinEnglishB1 2982Maiden's Tower0
3481684162016-02-092016-08-30BY-SAalhEnglishB1 4572Maintenance and service - hybrid and EV0
182105602012-01-212013-05-06BY-SAnuppolinaEnglishB1 613Making Gingerbread Man Biscuits0
382337792016-03-302016-04-25BY-SABlancaHZEnglishB1 69831Making music with your mouthIn a highly entertaining performance, beatboxer Tom Thum slings beats, comedy and a mouthful of instrumental impersonations into 11 minutes of creativity and fun that will make you smile.0
387742412016-04-022016-04-27BY-SArubendiazEnglishB1 12791Making the web interactive (180min)Activity to practice concepts of HTML DOM (Document Object Model) and to work on time estimations on software development.0
423037502016-04-272016-04-27BY-SArubendiazEnglishB1 10621Making the web interactive (90min)Activity to practice concepts of HTML DOM (Document Object Model) and to work on time estimations on software development.0
561934302017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAmadelgonEnglishB1 17332Malaria DistributionMalaria is a serious and fatal disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans. Although malaria can be a deadly disease, illness and death from malaria can usually be prevented. This unit is contextualized in the subject of biology and geology for high school students. The objectives of this unit are: - Knowledge of Malaria Distribution - Determine the population affected by Malaria. - Defend a thesis related to the distribution of this disease0
32152365112015-10-272021-01-15BY-SASummer FieldsEnglishB1 25151Malta - Flora and Fauna0
321437912015-10-272015-10-31BY-SASummer FieldsEnglishB1 32752Malta - Marine Life0
7900194162019-11-052019-12-04BY-SAMarioetiEnglishB1 6544Malta Film Tour0
3590794172016-02-232016-02-29BY-SAKunterbuntEnglishB1 60964Malta for students - 1 week for a low budget of 400,-€0
3223140422015-10-272015-10-31BY-SASummer FieldsEnglishB1 93511Malti - language of Malta0
803515522019-12-022019-12-02BY-SAmaster dla中文B1 47MANGZHONG中国古风音乐0
805010172019-12-062019-12-30BY-SAMarioetiEnglishB1 8743Manoel Island0
430823802016-04-302016-04-30BY-SARDLREnglishB1 259 7:2021Mapping data or feelings?We will see that in addition to represent, analyze, edit .... data, we can also use GIS to represent emotions0
77637602019-09-202019-09-20BY-SAMariyaEnglishB1 13831Mariya0
92781381722021-03-162021-03-16BY-SAMonika25EnglishB1 2268Marketing Case Study Portakabin2
8058197192019-12-092020-01-15BY-SAgiuseppelicItalianoB1 40748MART di Rovereto 1 (L'invenzione del Moderno) (LSSEV)0
8091199212020-01-052020-02-04BY-SAgiuseppelicItalianoB1 449310MART di Rovereto 2 (L'irruzione del contemporaneo) ( LSSEV)1
386042592016-04-012016-04-01BY-SAigminrosEnglishB1 356 2:342Math: Properties of Addition; Commutative vs. AssociativeShort video with transcript showing an example each of commutative and associative properties, each with a mnemonic.0
397241542016-04-112016-04-11BY-SAximollorkEnglishB1 13931411Matthew Williams: Special Olympics let me be myself -- a championHow much do you know about intellectual disabilities? Special Olympics champion and ambassador Matthew Williams is proof that athletic competition and the camaraderie it fosters can transform lives, both on and off the field. Together with his fellow athletes, he invites you to join him at the next meet — and challenges you to walk away with your heart unchanged.0
4290131762016-04-292016-04-30BY-SAcopybeaEnglishB1 39946Measuring.length units .Metric System.Measuring.length units .Metric System.How to convert units within the metric system.0
371432382016-03-212016-03-21BY-SAIsmaelEnglishB1 13931Mechanical behavior of materialsThis unit explains the behaviour of materials when afected by deferent kind of forces and explains the deformations that happens. The unit explains the stress and strain diagram, and material deformation concepts as elasticity, plasticity, ductility and toughness.0
277943702015-04-21BY-SAdanielasensioEnglishB1 1319:011Mechanisms: From rotary to reciprocating motion.Look how a clock is dismantled and set up again.0
742510662019-04-072019-04-07BY-SALucyRCEnglishB1 124 3:46Medical waste disposal regulations of a nation can save lives in others: Partners for World HealthThis video shows how the U.S. medical waste regulations can help other nations which cannot have access to most medical supplies. Thanks to organisations like that created by Elisabeth McLellan, called Partners for World Health, many hospitals around the world are able to carry out health procedures safely.0
678123912018-05-07BY-SALuciaHEnglishB1 35Medieval Castles0
678020702018-05-072018-05-07BY-SALuciaHEnglishB1 11Medieval Castles0
3780371302016-03-262016-03-26BYPaulaBynEnglishB1 1194MEET THE ELEMENTSIt is a suitable activity for the 1º ESO science class students. The main objective is that students, through a video-song and a series of questions, understand what is a chemical element and a bioelement.0
674955602018-05-032018-06-07BY-SAbemdDeutschB1 284Mein Körper0
626626482018-01-04BY-SAArmando NzingaPortuguêsB1 190melhor de mim0
4274503312016-04-282016-04-30BY-SAMapiEnglishB1 7383Mendelian genetics0
506933292017-04-112017-04-12BY-SAAlejandro AlfaroEnglishB1 709 4:052Menstrual cycle0
5085465572017-04-122017-04-12BY-SAAlejandro AlfaroEnglishB1 5492Menstrual cycle and implantation (2nd lesson)0
5071157372017-04-112017-04-12BY-SAAlejandro AlfaroEnglishB1 4462Menstrual cycle: activities0
9712822021-09-252021-09-25BY-SAolgaprokopiukEnglishB1 206Mercedes-Benz engine0
90595412013-01-072013-01-07BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 3802MEZUNLARIMIZ OKULUMUZ İÇİN NELER SÖYLÜYOR?0
31295612302015-08-262015-08-26BY-SAvuokkoEnglishB1 23821Middle Ages - lifestyle of the knights0
31393973222015-08-262015-08-27BY-SAvuokkoEnglishB1 3691MIDDLE AGES - lifestyle of the peasants0
3169392122015-09-132015-09-13BY-SAKajaSurmanEnglishB1 23821Middle Ages - the lifestyle of knights0
425373232016-04-282016-04-28BY-SAespiEnglishB1 335 6:3542MIGRATION MOVEMENTS - 2-hour CLIL moduleVideo about reasons, types and consequences of migration movements0
616841252017-11-192017-11-19BY-SAdorotaPolskiB1 301mini słownik - a mini dictionaryMini słownik polsko- angielski, który jest efektem mobilności edukacyjnych w programie Erasmus+ edukacja dorosłych, akcja 1.0
1010109502013-02-17BY-SAS1monaDEnglishB1 26183Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to codeCoding isn’t just for computer whizzes, says Mitch Resnick of MIT Media Lab -- it’s for everyone. In a fun, demo-filled talk Resnick outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies -- but also create them. (Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.) Mitch Resnick directs the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab, dedicated to helping kids of all ages tinker and experiment with design.0
340136642012-05-172014-09-26BY-SAgearoidinGaeilgeB1 11 3:56mo bhealach féin0
286984062015-05-122015-05-28BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 52544Modern periodic table0
159884502014-01-232014-01-23BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 350 3:122Modern Water Cycle RhymeScience Biology Chemistry Water Cycle SAT TOEFL Rap Song Hip Hop ColloTune with Fluency MC0
40492472012-07-022012-10-02BY-SAcelebEnglishB1 380More US companies refuse to employ smokersMore and more Americans who smoke are beginning to feel unliked and unwanted. Federal laws prevent them from smoking in public buildings. They are not allowed to smoke within a certain distance of those buildings. Since the federal law was passed a decade ago, many state and local communities have followed suit.0
425926172016-04-282016-04-29BY-SAchris2youEnglishB1 34531Mouth Bacteria0
401758792016-04-152016-04-16BY-SAamnacher28EnglishB1 381 3:5511Movements of our planet EarthThe Earth and its movements. 0:08The Earth is the third planet from the Sun, 0:13and it has a unique characteristic that no 0:15other planet we know has: 0:19it’s the only one that has life on it 0:22Life of all types, 0:24plants and animals... 0:38Its average temperature is 15 degrees Celcius, and because our planet also has water and 0:44an atmosphere... it is the perfect place for life. 0:50Like other planets of the solar system, the Earth moves in two different ways: one is 0:57called rotation... and the other is called revolution. 1:02Rotation is the movement of the Earth on its own axis. Rotate means to turn. So, the Earth 1:10turns around a slightly-inclined imaginary line that joins the two poles, called the axis. 1:18Do you know how long it takes to make a complete turn?.. It takes 24 hours to make 1:24one rotation... Think about it for a second:.. 1:29One day, day and night 1:31together, lasts 24 hours too. So the movement of rotation causes day and night. 1:40Interesting, right? 1:45Now let's see0
237253202014-11-122014-11-12BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 1 5:13Movie genreMovie genre quiz0
74709502019-05-03BY-SAolga matusevichEnglishB1 1Multimeter0
594742492017-08-302017-08-30BY-SAIwonaPolskiB1 1312Music0
746116362019-04-142019-04-15BY-SACARLOSMCEnglishB1 181712Music and Cinema I (1)0
746217012019-04-142019-04-15BY-SACARLOSMCEnglishB1 44712Music and Cinema I (2)0
746313602019-04-152019-04-15BY-SACARLOSMCEnglishB1 16712Music and Cinema I (3)0
1972760222014-05-09BY-SAJurateEnglishB1 248720:131Music and emotion through timeIn this epic overview, Michael Tilson Thomas traces the development of classical music through the development of written notation, the record, and the re-mix.0
539148782017-04-242017-05-07BY-SAmarheorEnglishB1 1217 7:4249MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OF THE ORCHESTRADescription of the instruments of the Orchestra based on how the sound is produced.0
535736642017-04-242017-04-24BY-SAmarheorEnglishB1 1217 7:4222MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OF THE ORCHESTRADescription of the instruments of the Orchestra based on how the sound is produced.0
46153601052016-11-23BY-SAAnastasiyaEnglishB1 341My best friend0
790510452019-11-052019-11-18BY-SAmariafariaEnglishB1 2542My eBook - visiting my city0
530021002017-04-222017-04-24BY-SAvivaroigEnglishB1 13921My first Clil UnitTo design the Bahá'í Temple of South America, architect Siamak Hariri focused on illumination — from the temple's form, which captures the movement of the sun throughout the day, to the iridescent, luminous stone and glass used to construct it. Join Hariri for a journey through the creative process, as he explores what makes for a sacred experience in a secular world.0
13181516182013-08-272013-08-28BY-SAgabrielEnglishB1 12522My Malta experienceLook for it0
324825341142015-11-042015-11-25BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 631 4:184Na Bleideagan, le Dòmhnall Iain MacÌomhair0
884289110062020-09-222020-09-22BY-SAÁbhar TeagaiscGaeilgeB1 443Na Canúintí: Ceacht Léitheoireachta0
9316142217012021-04-092021-04-09BY-SAgearoidinGaeilgeB1 1103Na céadta trácht ciníoch fágtha faoi fhíseán de chainteoir Gaeilge de bhunadh na NigéireOla Majekodunmi agus an ciníochas0
22161023102014-08-292014-09-10BY-SAfredDanskB1 195 2:571Når jeg ser et rødt flag smældeA working class song used every year during May 1st and favoured by the Danish Labour party (Socialdemokraterne) Tekst af Oskar Hansen Musik af Johs. Madsen0
947110782021-07-122021-09-21BY-SArsoloduchaEnglishB1 284103National parks of Poland-to create or not that is the question0
77422301282019-09-182021-01-20BY-SAAlexTEnglishB1 50222Nature and the Sublime in the Romantic period (LSSEV)0
492723832017-03-282017-03-28BY-SAKaranchitaEnglishB1 1362 9:28Neil Harbisson - I Listen To ColorArtist Neil Harbisson was born completely color blind, but these days a device attached to his head turns color into audible frequencies. Instead of seeing a world in grayscale, Harbisson can hear a symphony of color — and yes, even listen to faces and paintings.0
72857182772019-01-242019-02-19BY-SAbelaya68EnglishB1 492 8:472Network TopologyA network is simply two or more computers linked together. It allows users to share not only data files and software applications, but also hardware like printers and other computer resources. When building or redistributing a network, it’s essential to figure out which network topology you’re going to use. Network topology, in short, refers to the structure of your network and what kind of configuration it’s laid out in. There are several different forms of network topologies, each with different characteristics, as well as associated advantages and disadvantages.There can be bus network, mesh network, tree netwok, ring network, etc.0
3912324342016-04-07BY-SAanloes0EnglishB1 435Newton's LawsBrief introduction to the Newton's Laws0
373542682016-03-222016-03-22BY-NC-SACarlaBCEnglishB1 285 5:3222Newton's Three Laws of MotionWhether they are sprinting down the ice, smashing into the boards or stopping on a dime, NHL players display an amazing mix of speed and strength. These athletic moves also provide great examples of Newton's Three Laws of Motion.0
84176312020-03-102021-01-14BY-SATereGEnglishB1 1651Next Destination: Galicia1
33811111172015-12-19BY-SApriewasserkDeutschB1 219niere0
276443802015-04-152015-05-24BY-SAmhuesoEnglishB1 1436Non-renewable energiesThe aims of this unit is to distinguish non-renewable energies (fossil fuels) used for energy production and origin and to show the main advantages and disadvantages of each one.0
5307277102017-04-222017-04-22BY-SASilvia BrEnglishB1 580 6:38NutrientsThis unit explains what nutrients do for our body (functions) and where these nutrients come from.0
85249272020-04-142020-04-16BY-SACristianmmEnglishB1 175 5:004NUTRITION FACTS -ENERGY BALANCE- MISSION #3The basics of healthy eating. CLIL Biology2
27171050192015-04-032015-04-10BY-SATanitipsEnglishB1 1209 5:1243Nutrition- Energy balance-This video explains the science behind energy balance and how it affects you. It provides practical tips – small steps that you can incorporate in your lifestyle to reach a healthy balance!0
40586572012-07-022012-10-02BY-SAcelebEnglishB1 409Obesity rates steady among american children0
623319442017-12-152017-12-15BY-SAamiresEnglishB1 201OHM'S LAW0
3228118232932015-10-282015-10-28BY-SAadminGaeilgeB1 346 2:1611Oíche Shamhna sa GhaeltachtColm Mac Giolla Easbuic ag caint ar Oíche Shamhna i nGaeltacht Ghaoth Dobhair.0
235522739632014-10-312014-11-05BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 346 2:1614Oíche Shamhna sa GhaeltachtColm Mac Giolla Easbuic ag caint ar Oíche Shamhna i nGaeltacht Ghaoth Dobhair.0
44952282762016-09-082016-09-08BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 615 7:162Oighrig Keogh - Comunn Gàidhlig ThorontoOighrig Keogh, a thogadh ann am Beinn nam Faoghla, ag innse mar a thàinig i gu Canada ann an 1954, agus mun a cuid obrach le Comunn Gàidhlig Thoronto.0
28588032012-03-302012-03-30BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 331Old folk song with views from Lithuania0
807612382019-12-242021-04-09BY-NC-NDetimaltaEnglishB1 8711Old Maltese Transport0
550526582017-04-272017-04-30BY-NC-SApauavinyoEnglishB1 1026 6:0341Olympic Games Moderns0
889851112020-10-262020-10-26BY-SAAlbertEnglishB1 408On Time and WaterOver the next 200 years, we can expect all of the Earth's glaciers to disappear -- unless we act now, says writer Andri Snær Magnason. Telling the story of the Okjökull glacier in Iceland, the first glacier lost to climate change, Magnason explains why we need to start connecting to the future in a more intimate, urgent way in order to stabilize the Earth for generations to come.3
458643512016-11-14BY-SAAnastasiyaEnglishB1 323Once upon a time0
514721902017-04-172017-05-06BY-SAMasaluEnglishB1 81 4:172Operations with fractionsIn this lesson, students will learn about operations with fractions.0
583516811002017-07-052021-01-15BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 183 1:4511Òran Bròn na Glùine0
436725402016-05-042016-05-04BY-SAdani89EnglishB1 106251Orange en route to EuropeStudents will become aware of the main places in Europe where Valencian's oranges get to and they learned how to make orange soda.0
394828372016-04-092016-05-04BY-SAdani89EnglishB1 7045ORANGE EN ROUTE TO EUROPEStudents will become aware of the main places in Europe where Valencian's oranges get to.0
565819502017-05-06BY-SASkokEnglishB1 12Orff instrumentsIn order to promote curiosity in students, the work with Orff instruments is presented through audiovisual resources. Specifically, it is a video where students from other centers appear playing funny songs.0
5591240142017-05-03BY-SAangelscarreguiEspañolB1 204Organizaciones0
559326602017-05-032017-05-03BY-NC-SAMarcosEnglishB1 556Origin of the universeThe origin of the universe. Creationism and Big Bang0
189558172014-04-102020-10-25BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 337 2:46Os monumentos de ÉvoraNeste vídeo revisitam-se alguns dos principais monumentos da cidade de Évora0
842492182020-03-112020-03-11BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 1423OSS - Our Solar System1
316734812015-09-132015-09-13BY-SAKajaSurmanEnglishB1 3PADLET0
434225422016-04-30BY-SAircalgimEnglishB1 856Painting soundsConnection music/art. Colour. Plastic and Visual Education0
418995232016-04-262016-04-29BY-SAjerzy.czEnglishB1 1066 6:1853Paris0
7066372272018-10-052018-10-06BY-SASallyEnglishB1 185012:01ParmenidesIn this lecture we will learn about Parmenides, a Presocratic philosopher who concluded that birth, change, motion, and death are illusory.0
569029202017-05-07BY-SAsararosEnglishB1 344PARTS OF CELLS RAP0
546359792017-04-252017-04-25BY-SAsanduboEnglishB1 420 1:4921Parts of the Digestive SystemThe lesson is about the digestive system: What organs form the digestive system, which it is the major function each one of them plays, how the digestion process takes place and which substances are involved in it.0
558723022017-05-02BY-SAjmer1974EnglishB1 184PASTURESWhat's pasture and how it contributes to forest maintenance0
495458272017-03-302017-03-30BYrogetEnglishB1 1326 7:282PerimeterNow, we are going to learn how to calculate the perimeter of a regular or irregular polygon with the help of the video0
370538052016-03-192016-04-25BY-SAmarmessaEnglishB1 173210:2665Perimeters and AreasMath Antics - Area0
290056752015-05-202015-05-28BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 39732Periodic properties of the elements0
3724858292016-03-212016-04-19BY-SA21661772EnglishB1 70011:0044PERSONAL AUTONOMY: OPPORTUNITY COSTS, LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT OPTIONS.Opportunity cost definitions and examples, with two videos one describing and explaining it and the other giving brief talk related to the topic.0
401435062016-04-142016-04-16BY-SA21661772EnglishB1 30111:2444PERSONAL AUTONOMY: PLAN AND SCHEDULE TASKS.Personal autonomy needs self-esteem, knowing strengths and weaknesses and motivation to be able to make decisions, plan and schedule tasks. We are going to learn how to do it.0
4043271102016-04-172016-04-24BY-SA21661772EnglishB1 280 7:2144PERSONAL AUTONOMY: SOLVE PROBLEMS BASED ON PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.What is a problem? Learn basic steps in problem solving process. How we use previous experience in solving problems.0
155695332013-12-182014-03-05BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolB1 243 1:532Personalidad y lenguaje corporalEl valor cultural de los gestos. Malentendidos culturales.0
560839812017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAosvaldo1000EnglishB1 52962PharaossThis unit focuses on ancient Egypt culture and society, centering the attention on the Pharaohs, who ruled completely above the whole society. They were considered almost like gods.0
925838342021-03-032021-03-03BY-SAdeseti aEnglishB1 209philosophy and salvation0
3811145852016-03-292016-04-23BY-SAanmaanEnglishB1 170321PHOTO COMPOSITION TIPS9 Photo Composition tips trhough the pictures taken by Steve McCurry.0
428839172016-04-292016-12-18BY-NC-SAmiquel.marquesEnglishB1 955 5:0043Photography composition basicsMike Browne, one of the current most important photographers of the world, will show us the most elementary tips to improve the composition of our pictures. In this unit we will grab some specific vocabulary of the photographic field and will apply the concepts learnt.0
432029102016-04-302016-12-18BY-NC-SAmiquel.marquesEnglishB1 1083 5:3411Photography composition basics: complementary unitThis is the complementary unit which gives the solution of the second assignment of unit 'Photography composition basics' (id 4288).0
959839122021-08-102021-08-10BY-SAbioteachEnglishB1 31421PHOTOSYNTHESIS1
427849842016-04-292021-01-15BY-SAmafes4EnglishB1 509 4:3511Physical EducationThe video explains the need to dedicate more time to the Physical Education (P.E). Nowadays, the number of children who suffer health problems (obesity, over weight, etc.) has increased considerably and this owes to the sedentary lifestyle. The reasons for increasing the time dedicated to PE are because it promotes health, an active lifestyle and behaviour skills, among others. And also, if children are physicaly active, then will mentally active, and they will improve academic results.0
119882712013-07-152013-07-15BY-SAfredEuskaraB1 370 2:331Piercing dendaraBi lagun piercing direlakoei eta tatuajeei buruzko informazio bila joan dira elkarrekin. Gero, taberna batean sartu dira, zerbait hartzera, eta arratsaldea elkarrekin pasatzea erabaki dute, diskoteka irekitzen duten arte.0
250649812015-02-12BY-SANayaEnglishB1 626 5:221Pimp my ... trash cartGraffiti is not just a colorful street sight, but as Mundano proves it can become a tool for calling the attention to social, environmental and political issues.0
497323112017-04-01BY-SAcarlosmedinaEnglishB1 353 2:32PitchSound Waves: High Pitch and Low Pitch0
3348971222012-05-162012-05-16BY-SAAstaSEnglishB1 2221Places to visit in UK0
83654102020-02-212020-02-21BY-SATanchikosEnglishB1 211Plan to "legalise" graffity0
7573245112019-07-092019-10-09BY-SAGonzaloBioEnglishB1 56971Planets in the Solar System0
23439282792012-02-092014-04-19BY-SAfredEnglishB1 534 1:081PLC Step-7 Unit One0
2374758162012-02-092014-04-19BY-SAfredEnglishB1 510 5:071PLC Step-7 Unit Three0
2363787182012-02-092014-04-19BY-SAfredEnglishB1 558 5:161PLC Step-7 Unit Two0
333347422015-11-182015-11-20BY-SAssgtmbEnglishB1 27132Poem: Funeral Blues (W.H. Auden)0
3763199372016-03-252016-04-12BY-SAraqueldipaEnglishB1 833 3:3245POETRY: GENERATION OF 1927A Poetry lesson: Generation of 1927. -Understanding with the video that Poetry is overall Creativity. -"Literary Generation" -Main features of the Generation of 1927 -Activities to check that the lesson has been understood0
556320402017-05-012017-05-05BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 28PollutionVideo about pollution in order to make aware of this problem our students.0
4285383102016-04-292016-04-29BY-SAEslavaEnglishB1 1173 7:261POLYGONSLearning about polygons0
4158860207022016-04-242016-05-17BY-SApaupratsEnglishB1 851 2:324Posed photographs, snapshots and images capturing movement.The unit shows different kinds of photography in order to enable students to understand their main attributes and to be able to distinguish them.0
367445032016-03-172016-03-17BY-SATaronjaEnglishB1 227 2:3534POWERSIntroductory video to powers0
422723812016-04-272016-04-27BY-SAMigueriaEnglishB1 1502Powers and rootsKhan academy explain us exponents, radicals, and scientific notation, of the teaching unit "powers and roots". Then we will work whith interactive activities about this unit.0
422830502016-04-272016-04-27BY-SAMigueriaEnglishB1 28Powers and roots - Interactive activities0
422530822016-04-262016-04-27BY-SAMigueriaEnglishB1 152511:111Powers and roots - working with exponentsKhan academy explain us exponents, radicals, and scientific notation, of the teaching unit "powers and roots".0
376445432016-03-252016-03-25BY-SAxaveldunaEnglishB1 714 3:20Powtoon presentations.A comparison between Galaxy NotePro 12.2 and Apple's iPad Air. Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 and TabPro are the two new tablet series launched by Samsung at CES 2014.0
189357932014-04-102014-09-26BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 318 2:21Praça do Giraldo, um ponto de encontroUm local de atracção turística em Évora é descrito pormenorizadamente.0
267743042015-03-262015-03-26BY-SApodemosEspañolB1 4542PrensaEs un recorte de prensa sobre las elecciones andaluzas.0
91342932021-01-292021-01-29BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 136Present simple tense vs. present progressive tense0
4601217912016-11-15BY-SAAnastasiyaEnglishB1 235President0
488927752017-03-242017-03-31BY-NC-SACarmenEnglishB1 161811:4132Prevention of infectious diseasesMyriam Sidibe is a warrior in the fight against childhood disease. Her weapon of choice? A bar of soap. For cost-effective prevention against sickness, it’s hard to beat soapy hand-washing, which cuts down risk of pneumonia, diarrhea, cholera and worse. Sidibe, a public-health expert, makes a smart case for public-private partnerships to promote clean hands — and local, sustainable entrepreneurship.0
103374862013-02-192013-05-06BY-SAlindacallaEnglishB1 469Print your own medicineCALLA exercise.0
234513128982014-10-222021-01-12BY-SAniallcomerGaeilgeB1 36211Prionsias Mac Cathmhaoil0
76926712019-09-082019-09-08BY-SAmsosEnglishB1 39Produkcja0
382634632016-03-30BY-SAclaloveEnglishB1 23571ProportionalityExplanation of proportionality0
3316202822015-11-162015-11-20BY-SAKatie123EnglishB1 81410:0032Pros and cons of mobile phones0
24303802015-01-172020-11-30BY-SAad-a11521EnglishB1 2613Protect our oceansastonishing images of the ocean — and shocking stats about its rapid decline, protection of the vital blue heart of the planet.0
533525982017-04-23BY-NC-SAbmsinisterraEnglishB1 4764Protein translationIn this unit the protein translation is explained. The student can watch a video to remember what is a protein and then read a short explanation about translation. There is a link to the Kahn Academy web page for further information, a game to reinforce the knowledge learned and a video giving an example.0
478734652017-03-052017-04-30BY-SAMGGEnglishB1 36512:0026ProvaWhy we will rely on robots?0
27256277752015-04-072015-06-07BY-SApilarfqalteaEnglishB1 119982PURE SUBSTANCES AND MIXTURES0
22201119102014-08-292014-08-29BY-SAcaoimhinsmoMāoriB1 41 1:40Purea neiSong0
83511741832020-02-202020-03-24BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 1551Purifying and conserving water0
436563092016-05-042016-05-04BY-SAgabnalbeEnglishB1 6324PYTHAGORAS' THEOREMOver 2000 years ago there was an amazing discovery about triangles: When a triangle has a right angle (90°) ... ... and squares are made on each of the three sides, ...0
95534922021-07-282021-07-30BY-SAagsantaEnglishB1 21923Pythagorean Theorem0
399133532016-04-122016-04-13BY-SAyestopeEnglishB1 27131Pythagorean TheoremVideo from youtube, song and video by Colin Dodds.0
549430622017-04-252017-04-25BY-NDjuankilafargaEnglishB1 483 2:006Pythagorean Theorem - 2st ESOPythagorean Theorem - Level: 2st grade of secondary school0
6152110532017-11-132017-12-04BY-SARousEnglishB1 2167 8:302Qualities of soundIn this unit you are going to learn the four basic qualities of sound.0
494922732017-03-302017-04-04BY-SAcarlosmedinaEnglishB1 29514Qualities of soundProperties of Sound Waves Lesson Loudness Pitch and Quality0
290736742015-05-222015-05-22BY-SAkathyEnglishB1 607 6:402raising bilingual children0
2612298292012-02-242012-03-15BY-SAfredEnglishB1 441Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn0
188266812014-04-082014-09-26BY-SAAnaPortuguêsB1 792 6:581Receita de bolo de queijoDescreve-se neste vídeo os vários ingredientes de um bolo e a sua forma de confecção.0
79039712019-11-052019-11-20BY-SAmarialeiteEnglishB1 1301Recycle0
9466112232021-07-122021-07-16BY-SAMarta83EnglishB1 67333Recycling0
5297355222017-04-212017-04-24BY-SAMaevangeEnglishB1 291029Relational Databases and SQLThis unit is a very simple introduction to Relational Databases and SQL Language. The aim of the lesson is that the students get familiar with new concepts0
4364337622016-05-042016-05-04BY-SAsaralluesmaEnglishB1 8681RENEWABLE and NON RENEWABLE ENERGY0
5387296102017-04-242017-05-04BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 4691Renewable and non-renewable energyLesson plan to learn different aspects about renewable and non-renewable energy.0
275938522015-04-142015-05-24BY-SAmhuesoEnglishB1 1357Renewable energiesAims of unit: To recognize alternative energies and distinguish the type of energy they produce. To show the main advantages and disadvantages of each one.0
398942022016-04-122016-04-13BY-SAchurrumaquinEnglishB1 7924RENEWABLE ENERGIES OVERVIEW0
3903488882016-04-052016-04-07BY-NC-SAecarotmEnglishB1 287413:1131RENEWABLE ENERGY0
6516494162018-02-232018-06-26BY-NC-NDdolceEnglishB1 65856RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES0
701320802018-08-012018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 291Resources0
6525126862018-03-012018-05-05BY-NC-NDelicotteroEnglishB1 49866RLC circuit and RESONANCE FREQUENCY0
242446302015-01-17BY-SAadminEnglishB1 2541Robert SwanThis video talks about the need to preserve Antartica0
2795453132015-04-262015-05-26BY-SAsento86EnglishB1 148 7:1556Robots Around UsThe first video shows how robot arms manufacture other robot arms, while the remainder show several applications where robots are commonly used in industrial environments.0
83764512020-02-222020-02-22BY-SArenata1965EnglishB1 1009ROOTS OF EUROPE1
46335371362016-12-12BY-SAAnastasiyaEnglishB1 246Rosie0
541430602017-04-252017-04-25BY-SAMagasseEnglishB1 135510:452RUGBYThe wonderful game of rugby has many complex laws. If you want to watch a game and don't want to feel like a jerk when you cheer at the wrong moment, watch this animation!0
210724221342014-06-022014-06-02BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 136 5:231Runrig: Chi Mi'n Geamhradh0
850264321772012-11-022014-04-19BY-SAfredEnglishB1 377 2:561Safety in electrical testing at workInjury can occur when live electrical parts are exposed and can be touched, or when metalwork which is meant to be earthed becomes live at a dangerous voltage. The likelihood of touching live parts is increased during electrical testing and fault-finding, when conductors at dangerous voltages are often exposed. This risk can be minimised if testing is done while the equipment is isolated from any dangerous source of supply, although this cannot always be done, and care must also be taken to prevent contact with any hazardous internally produced voltages.0
100516162922013-02-142013-02-14BY-SAS1monaDEnglishB1 37252Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education0
503732952017-04-082017-04-13BY-SAelquiherEnglishB1 44432Salvador Dalí and the cinemaStudents will know about the influence of Salvador Dalí and therefore the surrealism in the cinema through the collaborations that Dalí made with different contemporary film directors, as Luis Buñuel, Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney0
21241056802014-06-092021-08-07BY-SAagimenoEnglishB1 878 3:55Sampling MethodsA simple and easy-to-follow introduction to 4 different sampling methods.2
552029812017-04-27BY-SAtheodorou.mEnglishB1 13Scaffolding Techniques0
918831172021-02-152021-02-15BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 202Science0
129078582013-08-222013-08-23BY-SAnorinaEnglishB1 408SCIENCE HANDS-ON 2The phases of0
17752225892014-03-192014-06-02BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGàidhligB1 107 2:33Seasaidh Lexy: In Bed with Aonghas Pàdraig 10
2660921712015-03-232019-10-25BY-SARobBasEnglishB1 131621Seasonal Celebrationsspring, celebrations, Bulgaria0
489529502017-03-252017-04-05BY-SAMGGEnglishB1 254Second0
2733551282015-04-082015-04-08BY-SAdorotaPolskiB1 20311:05Self-adwokaci0
669323602018-04-192018-04-19BY-NC-SAjm.profqEnglishB1 152 1:53Separating Mixtures - Iron & SaltIn this experiment, a heterogenoeus mixture of salt and iron filings is magnetically separated. CLIL unit based on a Youtube video by <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCayPbLB0wTF7faDvziNNmGg" target="blank">Jessica Philips</a>.0
91294562013-01-072013-01-15BY-SAyasinbahceciTürkçeB1 1432SERAMİK ATÖLYESİ ÇALIŞMASI 10
399094022016-04-122016-04-21BY-SASiBeVCEnglishB1 625Serious Consequences of The Haber ProcessThe video explains the serious consequences of the Haber process - ammonia industrial production - that changed human life for ever. The unit is designed to help learners become aware of serious consequences of chemical industry and also, its ethical aspects.0
267943802015-03-26BY-SAFerreira03EspañolB1 3103Servicio informático0
267642502015-03-24BY-SAbaladasEspañolB1 3103Servicio informático0
4026708102016-04-152016-04-21BY-SALauraMascarellEnglishB1 57546Session 1-Chemical Equilibrium0
572226702017-05-142017-05-14BY-SAmanutortaEnglishB1 800 4:5021SESSION 1: Electric circuits. Parts, symbols and work with a simulator.Electric circuits, basic concepts, symbology0
5110430102017-04-142017-04-17BY-SAMiquel.MaríEnglishB1 450 3:052Session 2. DNA replication and discoveryDuring the second session of this teaching unit, you will learn how DNA molecules get copied and you will also learn how scientists discovered the function of DNA. Now watch the following video to refresh your knowledge about DNA structure and function and answer the questions.0
4032106542016-04-162016-05-01BY-SALauraMascarellEnglishB1 89147Session 3-5: Chemical Equilibrium - Le Chatelier's principleIn this lesson, you will learn about Le Chatelier's Principle, which explains what a system at equilibrium does in response to "stresses".0
405437922016-04-182016-05-01BY-SALauraMascarellEnglishB1 52925Session 5: Reaction Quocient (Qc) and Equilibrium Constant (Kc)Equilibrium constant and reaction quotient0
555425082017-04-30BY-SAAlejandro AlfaroEnglishB1 950 3:48Sex and sexuality0
577627022017-05-292017-05-29BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 136Sexual reproduction in plantsSexual reproduction in flowering plants0
395833782016-04-102016-04-10BY-SATamEnglishB1 7554SEXUALITY, REPRODUCTION and HEALTH0
426460102016-04-282016-04-28BY-SAArdidolarEnglishB1 29531Shakespeare's lifeThis year we are celebrating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death and of course, his career as a playwright and a poet.0
334940872015-11-262015-11-26BY-SAmooEnglishB1 1050sheurope0
619128202017-11-272017-12-03BY-SAAmparo-EnglishB1 872 3:56Shift the production possibilities frontier0
808615767142020-01-022020-01-02BY-SAMarioetiEnglishB1 6505Shopping In Malta0
417541682016-04-252016-04-29BY-SAinferbelEnglishB1 25452Simple ListView in Android0
3688497182016-03-182016-04-10BY-SAvdelafuEnglishB1 1585 8:3053Simplifying FractionsSimplifying Fractions0
35643018272016-02-222016-02-23BY-SAIsabelgordilloEnglishB1 429516SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONSThis unit is going to show the students how to construct and solve different types of linear simultaneous equations, how to use trial and improvement and how to solve problems involving solving simultaneous equations. Students should already know how to solve linear equations (equations, formulae and identities) and they must be familiarized with the algebraic language.0
35233307102016-02-152016-02-15BY-SAIsabelgordilloEnglishB1 3287SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONSThis unit is going to show the students how to construct and solve different types of linear simultaneous equations, how to use trial and improvement and how to solve problems involving solving simultaneous equations. Students should already know how to solve linear equations (equations, formulae and identities) and they must be familiarized with the algebraic language.0
21141077272014-06-05BY-SASheilaGaeilgeB1 164 3:27Síos an Sliabh0
2110103332014-06-05BY-SAaraltGaeilgeB1 164 3:27sios an sliabh1
16001361802014-01-282014-06-05BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaeilgeB1 260 3:22Síos an Sliabh - amhráin ceolta ag Albert Fry0
1661267838352014-02-272017-02-22BY-SACÓDGaeilgeB1 770 4:47Sláinte PoiblíPléitear Fliú na Muc anseo agus dea-chleachtas maidir le sláinte poiblí a chosaint. This unit deals with the Swine Flu epidemic and in it a GP gives advice on best practice with regard to preventing the spread of the virus as well as treatments for those who are unlucky enough to contract it.1
3515764192016-02-11BY-SALausDeutschB1 844Slowly spoken news items in GermanLangsam gesprochene Nachrichten0
87886102020-08-252020-08-28BY-SARenetaEnglishB1 281Sodium /Natrium/2
535128702017-04-232017-04-23BYwictoramirezEnglishB1 277SOLAR SYSTEM0
7844132162019-10-102020-02-04BY-SAawantolaEnglishB1 4811Solids around Us0
845769102020-03-172020-03-17BY-SAJorsedoEnglishB1 402Solving problems like ancient Greeks: the Pythagorean theorem0
8423194402020-03-112020-03-11BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 941Space0
84255612020-03-112020-03-11BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 149Space- Our solar system - HELP!0
3770211922016-03-252016-03-25BY-SAZelTiEnglishB1 157Spain’s autonomous regions: what does this flag means?- Students will name and identify all regions from the Spanish political map. - Upon request, the student will describe, in English, colours and shapes that form the Spanish flags. - Students will research and understand the story of each flag of the Spanish autonomous regions.0
511134752017-04-142017-04-24BY-SAsanadriEnglishB1 12821Spanish Tax SystemLionel Messi Sentenced to 21 Months in Jail for Tax Fraud. This video makes you think about what happen if you don not pay taxes in Spain.0
6231427262017-12-152017-12-15BY-NC-SAcainetaEnglishB1 342 2:5675Spanish transition to Democracy, 1977-1979The Spanish Constitution of 1978 stands out for being one of the most important challenges faced during the process of transition to democracy. Voted in a referendum process on the 6th December 1978, it was ratified on the 27th December. Besides, Moncloa Pacts and the Politics of Consensus were the other relevant achieves since the victory of UCD and Adolfo Suárez in the general elections of 15th June 1977.0
6235216152017-12-152017-12-15BY-NC-SAcainetaEnglishB1 192 3:1462Spanish Transition to Democracy, 1979-1982The last period of Spanish Transition to Democratic was thrilling. After being re-elected as a Prime Minister on the 1st March 1979, Adolfo Suárez resigned on 29th January 1981. He claimed he was doing to help finding a solution to social and political problems. A few days later, on the 23rd february 1981, a failed coup tried to end up the progress of Transition. The outcomes are still part of our present situation.0
538182832017-04-242017-12-15BY-NC-SAcainetaEnglishB1 137612:0365Spanish transition to Democracy: Introduction and contextSpanish Transition to democracy started on the 20th November 1975, when the dictator Francisco Franco died after almost 40 years of dictatorship. But the basis of the transition process was set during the Francoism, especially since 1960 decade. The main components of Francoism wanted to continue the guidelines of the system that started after the “coup d’etat” in 1936, even after Franco’s death. On the 22nd of November the King Juan Carlos I assumed the Head of state, vowing the dictatorship principles; the Head of Government, Prime Minister Carlos Arias Navarro, was confirmed in his position. Some small changes were carried out but none of them had important effects on Spanish situation. Meanwhile, the opposition to the regime was reactivated and a rage of strikes succeeded over Spain and now great expectations of democracy spread limitless. We have little information about King Juan Carlos I project but, considering his speeches, it is necessary to conclude that a new political way was being set up: his w0
502823902017-04-072017-05-01BY-SAjgsEnglishB1 24072Speech act theoryA unit about Austin's speech act theory. It is intended to be used in the first year of Spanish Baccalaureate.0
94326052021-06-222021-06-25BY-SAAnna SulekEnglishB1 10664Speed, time and distance0
610219322017-11-012017-11-01BY-SAdvasilev914EnglishB1 13square root0
274151832015-04-09BY-SAStefiEnglishB1 221013:434State of matterThis presentation covers the particle motion of matter in different states of matter. It also has animations that show particle behavior during phase change.0
4801434132017-03-092017-03-20BY-SAJero83EnglishB1 346 2:4233States of matterThis is a description of the three basic states of matter. There are examples of each one and their characteristics are ilustrated.0
487826912017-03-222017-03-22BY-SAJero83EnglishB1 723 5:0814States of matter 2. The waterThis unit has been made to explain the states of matter and focus on the water wich is unique because it exists naturally in the three states0
3987385222016-04-12BY-SAbelindaEnglishB1 2238Stemm cellsResearch in stem cells, what do you know about this?0
565424102017-05-062017-05-06BYalexbasEnglishB1 8121STEREOTYPESNationality Stereotypes are generalizations about different countries that are often used as a form of trolling or flaming. These can be considered as racism and are often spread after a certain event or time that occurred in a certain nation or region. If the event or time can easily be mocked, then stereotypes are sure to spread. These stereotypes have a large presence on the internet, not just in real life. Read more: http://www.nationalstereotype.com/nationality-stereotypes/0
6664245292018-04-142018-04-14BY-SACribel30ItalianoB1 1997Storia romana 1BR0
241350442014-12-172014-12-18BY-SAandreuvEspañolB1 23344Stucom learn English0
11911281192013-07-04BY-SAfredDanskB1 958 9:49Student introduction to Clilstore in Danish0
11921857662013-07-04BY-SAfredEnglishB1 987 9:50Student introduction to Clilstore in English0
119021262302013-07-04BY-SAfredGaeilgeB1 1071 8:17Student introduction to Clilstore in Irish0
118825071522013-07-04BY-SAfredGàidhligB1 1138 9:43Student introduction to Clilstore in Scottish Gaelic0
11892373422013-07-042013-07-04BY-SAfredEspañolB1 104510:04Student introduction to Clilstore in Spanish0
1187947132013-07-04BY-SAfredLietuviųB1 772 9:40Studento vaizdo įrašo stenograma0
111878202013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 211 2:383STUDIJŲ PROGRAMOS PASIRINKIMASDu jauni vaikinai susitinka prieš pagrindinį Kauno kolegijos pastatą. Vienas iš jų yra šios kolegijos studentas, o kitas vaikinas ką tik pabaigęs vidurinę mokyklą ir yra pasiruošęs ir nori čia sudijuoti. Abiturientas nėra apsisprendęs kurią studijų programą pasirinkti. Studentas aprodo kolegiją ir nuveda jį konsultacijai. Konsultantas paaiškina apie galimas studijų programas kolegijoje. Taigi baigęs mokyklą jaunas vaikinas po pokalbio apsisprendžia kur stoti ir nueina užpildyti paraiškos formą. Kai kurių kandidatų bei studentų skaičiaus statistika yra pateikiama vaizdo įrašo pabaigoje.0
571520352017-05-11BY-SAclarabcEnglishB1 166 2:111STUDY OF THE CLIMATE CHANGEMany people make Climate Change and Global Warming a scary and difficult thing to understand, but it’s not. Scientists have warned that the world's climate has changed a lot, and has affected many living and non-living things. Many places that were warmer are now getting colder, and many colder regions are getting much colder or even warmer (know as Global Warming). For example, between 1901 and 2012, it is believed that the earth's temperature has risen by 0.89 °C. Rainfall amounts have also risen in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere since the beginning of the 20th Century. It is also believed that sea levels have risen up to about 19cm globally, with lots of glaciers melting in addition. Some people do not believe that these are caused by human activities. They think it is all political and falsehood intended to cause panic among humans. Well, whatever it is, we would like to know more, and take a few good points from this confusion, and use them to make our world a better place to live. Climate0
484534742017-03-172017-03-17BY-SAetimaltaEnglishB1 2302Successful Mentoring for Interns on Work PlacementsThis text forms part of the IWPG (International Work Placement Guide). It was written by the Slovenian team at SSGT Celje (Slovenia) as part of the METHODS project. Participating teams on the project were ETI Malta (Malta), LGA (French Guadeloupe), MCAST (Malta) and SDE (Denmark).0
411431722016-04-21BY-SAPAMAFOEnglishB1 133914:101SUGARSThis Clilstore is about a new initiative to prevent children to drink soda.0
380583272016-03-282016-03-28BY-SAMathsteacherEnglishB1 406 4:1355Surface area and volum of 3D shapesPlatonic solids. Properties of polyhedra.0
111981402013-04-232013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 114593SveikataVeiksmas vyksta vaistinėje. Du draugai, Andrius ir Žilvinas susitinka vaistinėje. Jie aptaria savo sveikatos problemas ir priemones, kurių imasi, kad būtų geriau.0
222613646362014-09-022018-05-13BY-SAjanEnglishB1 406 4:1327Tacoma Bridge0
37152931082016-03-212016-03-21BY-SAIsmaelEnglishB1 1843TASK-1 (Mechanical Behavior of Materials)0
697743832018-07-312018-08-03BY-SAmruppeEnglishB1 14053Taxation0
1321126662013-08-272013-08-27BY-SAcaoimhinsmoMāoriB1 91 1:59Te RinaMāori song0
80751771042019-12-232019-12-23BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaeilgeB1 668 5:031Teachaireacht na Nollag 2019 ó Micheál D.0
3740399102016-03-232016-03-30BY-SAfranmiEnglishB1 260 6:0041Technologies: StructuresTechnologies 1st Secondary. Unit Structures: structural conditions and stresses.0
3804487192016-03-282016-03-28BY-SAmaudkosterEnglishB1 227013:44Ted: John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!!0
416252302016-04-24BY-SAalruiturEnglishB1 702Terminal - Cut - Sort - Uniq Tutorial0
773410312019-09-182019-11-22BY-SARobBasEnglishB1 1831Testing out different embedded tools1
662129602018-03-24BY-SALLEDOEnglishB1 1TESTING, TESTINGWe are stealing nature from our children. Now, when I say this, I don't mean that we are destroying nature that they will have wanted us to preserve, although that is unfortunately also the case. What I mean here is that we've started to define nature in a way that's so purist and so strict that under the definition we're creating for ourselves, there won't be any nature left for our children when they're adults. But there's a fix for this. So let me explain. 00:43 Right now, humans use half of the world to live, to grow their crops and their timber, to pasture their animals. If you added up all the human beings, we would weigh 10 times as much as all the wild mammals put together. We cut roads through the forest. We have added little plastic particles to the sand on ocean beaches. We've changed the chemistry of the soil with our artificial fertilizers. And of course, we've changed the chemistry of the air. So when you take your next breath, you'll be breathing in 42 percent more carbon dioxide than if you w0
668526702018-04-182018-04-20BY-SAInterclilEnglishB1 12TEXT GAME0
384031402016-03-312016-04-01BY-SAmimolmosEnglishB1 191THALESYou will learn to resolve problems of proportionality appying Thales theorem. There are a lot of different problems and situation when you can apply this method.0
7064895412018-10-042018-10-16BY-SASallyEnglishB1 172812:421Thales, Anaximenes, and AnaximanderIn this lecture the "Academy of Ideas" investigates the ideas of the first three Presocratics, who are referred to as the Milesians: Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes. In particular, the author of the lecture will explain how they were in search of the arche, or the underlying source and origin of the world. Furthermore, they will show how the Milesians were engaged in the same search which modern theoretical physicists are engaged in today.0
899544132020-11-232020-11-30BY-SAsamazeballsEnglishB1 5391Thanksgiving Day for ESL learnersThis activity is a Thanksgiving Day lesson for English as a Second-Language Learners. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrated in the US.0
8776148242020-08-252020-10-10BY-SAMLatinskaEnglishB1 6654The Eukariotic cell3
85332074212020-04-202020-04-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 3783The air here and there!2
44693632012-08-242019-11-20BY-SAfredEnglishB1 2443The art of creating aweRob Legato creates movie effects so good they (sometimes) trump the real thing. In this warm and funny talk, he shares his vision for enhancing reality on-screen in movies like Apollo 13, Titanic and Hugo. Rob Legato creates surprising and creative visual illusions for movies.0
300035992015-06-03BY-SAteacherforeverEnglishB1 1301The artist who sold people photos ....without permission0
27567320402015-04-112015-05-19BY-SAMartivipsEnglishB1 356 5:2811The arts of MathematicsThis unit explains what a tessellation is, the types and some examples in real life. It contains a video explaining how to create your own tessellation. This is an self-study unit for students of 2 or 3 of ESO in Spain.0
84892411832020-03-302020-04-01BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 6173The atmosphere around all of us!2
84401961532020-03-152020-03-15BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 4742The atmosphere around us!1
295234242015-05-282015-05-28BY-SAole.weilEnglishB1 10011The beauty of friendship0
78283257182019-10-092019-10-09BY-SAGonzaloBioEnglishB1 44112THE BIG BANG. UD20
281440402015-04-29BY-SArubeneducacionEnglishB1 1The body in movement0
84299042020-03-122020-03-16BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 762The boy who lived0
7209276332018-11-232018-12-17BY-SAStefanieEnglishB1 414 4:431The British media0
2314806372014-10-102014-10-10BY-SAcaoimhinsmoMiddelenglischB1 128 1:112The Canterbury Tales: Prologue (1-18)The first 18 lines of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, read in Middle English0
362438772016-03-102016-03-10BY-SAromerabelenEnglishB1 7072The casual color wheelA brief description of the cool wheel and how it works.0
94581542013-01-252013-01-25BY-SAyasinbahceciEnglishB1 1822The Catcher In The Rye0
525516952962017-04-202017-04-20BY-SAadrimontibEnglishB1 1036 6:5962THE CELLThis animation shows the function of plant and animal cells, including organelles like the nucleus, nucleolus, DNA (chromosomes), ribosomes, mitochondria, cytoskeleton, cytoplasm, microtubules, proteins, chloroplasts, , cell walls, cell membrane, cilia, flagellae, etc.0
509620002017-04-132017-04-13BY-SAdagarrelEnglishB1 773 5:5511The cellIn this video you can quickly and easily learn everything you need to know about the basic animal cell. The individual cell is the unit of structure of all living things. An entire organism may consist of a single cell which is called Unicellular or many cells which is called Multicellular.0
3721425102016-03-212016-04-11BY-NC-SAmaespeEnglishB1 10536The cellThis activity tries to introduce the students to the inner life of the cell.0
5319140982017-04-232017-04-25BY-SAdallobarEnglishB1 78227The cell cycle: Mitosis and Meiosis (2-hour CLIL module)Cell cycle: Mitosis and Meiosis0
882086282020-09-102021-10-11BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 573The characteristics of living things2
37302361152016-03-222016-04-27BY-SASiBeVCEnglishB1 528 4:1835The chemical equilibriumThe video is explaining the dynamic character of the chemical equilibrium and the conditions required by simple images. These conditions are also linked to the phase change equilibrium.0
654456452018-03-042018-04-29BY-NC-NDignasiEnglishB1 865 4:5942The Chromatic WheelThis video is about the color theory basics: primary, secondary and tertiary colors. There you will find the basic terms abaout colors, the relationship among them and how to use them in your paintings.0
22251501222014-09-022018-04-10BY-SAjanEnglishB1 420 2:5716The Circulatory System0
347226001892016-01-302016-02-15BY-SAcarmulaEnglishB1 626 3:0061The circulatory system (ESO)The circulatory system. INS de Tremp (Catalonia). CLIL unit for third grade of ESO.0
24685741932015-02-042015-03-19BY-SAcgalliqueEnglishB1 317 4:55The clash of civilization : Why we will never leave in peace0
287114417322015-05-132015-05-30BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 48985The classification of the elements0
678219902018-05-07BY-SALuciaHEnglishB1 18The coat of arms0
38661927372016-04-022021-01-15BY-SAK.RochowiczEnglishB1 473 9:20213The Color, part 1What is the colour? What different names are for the colors? How many?0
387234282016-04-022021-01-15BY-SAK.RochowiczEnglishB1 1105 9:2038The Colour, part 2. LightWhat is the colour? The most influent “tool” we have but sometimes forget about it. We cannot touch it but the colour is everywhere and It impact us in our day-by-day life.0
426073412016-04-282016-04-28BYK.RochowiczEnglishB1 826 9:2048The Colour, part 3. Colour Wheel, mix it!How to make Colour Wheel. What are primary, secondary and tertiary colours? What are complementar and analogues colours?0
434822252016-05-012016-05-01BY-SAMarienPardoEnglishB1 307 1:27The Company and workers0
97614872021-10-122021-10-15BY-SARotmistrzEnglishB1 77645The Congress of Vienna4
2578493462015-02-232015-02-23BY-SAangelsEnglishB1 466the curious incident0
38331047162016-03-302016-04-28BY-SAsadalcasEnglishB1 670 1:2022THE DESIGN OF A GEOMETRIC MANDALAThis task is performed as a final project of the teaching unit "Polygons" it is proposed to create a geometric Mandala, as from the construction of polygons learned in the unit. The students will learn about the the origin, meaning and specific vocabulary about Mandalas, as well as, that they will learn the steps to follow to draw a mandala.0
546921702017-04-252017-04-25BY-SAsanduboEnglishB1 210:00214The Digestion ProcessDigestion process step by step: substances involved.0
16579072262014-02-222018-05-13BY-SAjanEnglishB1 342 2:2527The Digestive SystemA short videa with related exercises,on the human digestive system.0
509732772017-04-132017-05-04BY-SAdagarrelEnglishB1 2065944The Earth,Moon and Sun SystemThe Earth Moon Sun System. The orbit of the moon around the earth, the orbit of the earth around the sun, and a discussion of the relative sizes and distances.0
23920761312012-02-092015-09-25BY-SAfredEnglishB1 452 8:2635The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS)0
4141917162016-04-232016-04-24BY-SAmjgomezaEnglishB1 698 4:2261The Evolution of Communication. Audiovisual languageSocial Media has changed the way EMC engages with all of our audiences. The social web gives us an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with customers and partners, and the public. The benefits of Social Media are great, but with great reward comes great responsibility. This brief training video is designed to communicate the key points of proper social engagement while not losing sight of the 'fun' side of Social Media.0
415533272016-04-242016-04-24BY-SAmjgomezaEnglishB1 4064The Evolution of communication. Audiovisual language IIBrief outline and opinion on the advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Communication. Also mentions different types of internet communicating.0
479058762017-03-052017-04-20BY-SA2819EnglishB1 236072The evolution of musical writingThe first video shows how far the way of writing music has progressed. The links and activity show another more simple and didactic application for students. In addition, this unit offers a glossary and resources on the musical figures that will be of help for the preparation of the scores.0
452269932016-10-182016-10-19BY-SAigcansaEnglishB1 117 2:0032The Fallas of Valencia0
375552412016-03-242016-03-24BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 181010:0022The future race car0
83694002020-02-212020-02-21BY-SAbaltsevichEnglishB1 355the Giant's Causeway0
975711872021-10-122021-10-15BY-SApremEnglishB1 384510THE GREATEST CELEBRITY AMONG NUMBERSThis lesson is aimed at Secondary level. It is a lesson about the number Pi for International Pi Day.1
29971126122015-06-032015-06-03BY-SAMarjoKEnglishB1 7511The greatest children’s books ever0
499022402017-04-03BY-SAisantosaEnglishB1 3634The GuernicaA brief and great description about one of the most important paintings of the Spanish Contemporary art: The Guernica by Pablo Picasso.0
17171725392014-03-08BY-SAcall101EnglishB1 225 1:173The history of English in 10 minutes: I. Anglo-SaxonA look at what words the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings bought to the English language. Courtesy of the OpenUniversity.0
2843413262015-05-062015-05-08BY-SAaruafeEnglishB1 402 2:4013The hot side of the Cold WarIntroduction to the Vietnam War0
615828972017-11-152017-11-15BY-SAGuialtalamantesEnglishB1 60121The II World War – The development of the conflict.This unit has been created for students of 4º of ESO of the subject Social Sciencies (History and Geography). It takes part of the Unit 10: The Second World war, and its contents are about the background, the development and the ending of the Second World War, and its countries and political ideas involved.0
5827797132017-06-242017-11-05BY-SApuricanosEnglishB1 687 8:5331The importance of recyclingThe aim of this unit is to teach the importance of taking care of the environment. "If we take care the planet, the planet will take care of us" The principal objective is : "Concerning and raising awareness to save energy and to reduce residues". Students should notice that they have an important role in this planet and they have the responsibility to take care of it.0
3504760192016-02-112016-02-14BY-NCluuEnglishB1 1981The Introduction of the GreeksA brief introduction of the Greeks. Who are they ? What achievements they have made in the history ?0
535230402017-04-232017-05-01BY-SAmaribendiEnglishB1 23231The invents of the Second Industrial RevolutionTo know the inventions of the Second Industrial Revolution is necessary to understand the current development of telecommunications and the definitive impulse these gave to Imperialism and specially the importance they have today in our daily life.0
32249752015-10-282019-08-29BY-SAdouglasimathesonEnglishB1 21811The Jacobite Rebellion0
123871882013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 277 3:001The Job InterviewA Human Resources director is interviewing a candidate for the post of commercial director assistant. The candidate answers to typical questions and gives a presentation of her former career and education.0
8528951092020-04-162020-04-20BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 235The keeper of the keys1
677921702018-05-07BY-SALuciaHEnglishB1 13The Knighting Ceremony0
401625972016-04-142019-02-03BY-SAluckyEnglishB1 532The Knights - a cultural lesson0
8485103412020-03-292020-03-29BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 921The letters from No One1
3500771232016-02-112016-02-11BY-SAmagistrawestEnglishB1 775The Life of a Teenaged Boy in Ancient Rome0
339070002015-12-19BY-SAThurnerADeutschB1 178the lung0
3711398112016-03-202016-03-21BY-SAaldolz.miguelEnglishB1 70 2:4911The magic of the MathsIn this clilstore you'll find some funny Math tricks0
292054982015-05-242015-05-24BY-SAvikstvEnglishB1 1440 8:5022The Magic Washing Machine (Hans Rosling)What was the greatest invention of the industrial revolution? Hans Rosling makes the case for the washing machine. With newly designed graphics from Gapminder, Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading.0
296839662015-05-292015-05-29BY-SAole.weilEnglishB1 44 1:4211The Maltesian Elite0
563129612017-05-042017-05-04BY-SAamparoEnglishB1 276610:211The market: supply and demand.Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford teach you about one of the fundamental economic ideas, supply and demand. What is supply and demand? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to really understand it, but it’s kind of important for everything economically. Supply and demand sets prices, and indicates to manufacturers how much to produce. Also, it has a lot to do with strawberries.0
497822212017-04-02BY-SAmaizgarEnglishB1 107 3:18THE METRIC SYSTEM0
287338502015-05-13BY-NC-NDpeirosEnglishB1 1 2:30The MoonWhy does the moon change shape?0
649833502018-02-162018-02-20BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 187421The moral Machine0
83494412020-02-202020-02-20BY-SAIrinaMakEnglishB1 613 3:45The Morning show0
197775052014-05-09BY-SAElyteEnglishB1 302515:38The museum of youA third of the world watched live as the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001; a third more heard about it within 24 hours. (Do you remember where you were?) So exhibits at the soon-to-open 9/11 Memorial Museum will reflect the diversity of the world's experiences of that day. In a moving talk, designer Jake Barton gives a peek at some of those installations, as well as several other projects that aim to make the observer an active participant in the exhibit.0
428236912016-04-292016-04-30BY-SAMRUBI3EnglishB1 128 3:021The need of choose and its opportunity cost0
610811401232017-11-032017-11-03BY-SARigaEnglishB1 1141The Northern Lights0
5543935142017-04-302017-05-01BY-NC-SApauavinyoEnglishB1 1420 7:303The Olympic Games story0
11701185212013-05-28BY-SAcelebEnglishB1 2243The Petrol EngineLearn about the basics of a Petrol Engine0
367343642016-03-172016-03-26BY-SAamnacher28EnglishB1 263 3:4011The planets.In this video you will fin the description of the planets in our solar system.0
7063399372018-10-042021-01-15BY-SASallyEnglishB1 174212:571The PresocraticsIn this lecture the "Academy of Ideas" introduces the Presocratics, discover why they deserve our attention, and investigate the difference between mythology and philosophy.0
600419522017-09-222017-09-22BY-SALina VentroneEnglishB1 124The principles of Einstein's relativity0
427044902016-04-282016-04-28BY-SAelecasEnglishB1 362 2:2821The relationship between the Zulu wire art and MandalasIn this short, image-packed talk, Marisa Fick-Jordan talks about how a village of traditional Zulu wire weavers built a worldwide market for their dazzling work. Moreover, there is a relationship between this art and the world of Mandalas.0
730923812019-02-052020-04-30BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 821The resources of Earth0
5692117632017-05-072017-05-09BY-SAosvaldo1000EnglishB1 2264 3:048The Roman EmpireIntroduction to Ancient Rome, Society and Culture1
531637222017-04-232017-04-25BY-SAdallobarEnglishB1 365 2:0522The Science of AgingWhy do we age?. Our cells have an "internal clock" of life.0
483028022017-03-142017-03-15BY-NC-SAMariaMollinsEnglishB1 14413The sides in a right triangle0
429339512016-04-292016-04-29BY-SAistarxativaEnglishB1 2241The Spanish Sussession War0
91978652013-01-162013-01-25BY-SAyasinbahceciEnglishB1 4692The Stolen Letter0
88683532012-12-12BY-SAneseuluerguvenEnglishB1 474the stolen letter0
2923692122015-05-252015-05-31BY-SAmariapilesEnglishB1 2183The superhero of the periodic table0
4831379142017-03-142017-03-15BY-NC-SAMariaMollinsEnglishB1 1331The trigonometric functions in a right triangle0
84438582020-03-152020-03-15BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 1091The vanishing glass - pages 19- 291
846772132020-03-222020-03-22BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 761The vanishing glass - Part two1
83473596682020-02-192020-03-22BY-SAMohagirEnglishB1 2251The water cycle0
5342298152017-04-232017-04-24BY-SAasiazhaoEnglishB1 31424THE WATER CYCLEThe water cycle, also known as the hydrological cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. The mass of water on Earth remains fairly constant over time but the partitioning of the water into the major reservoirs of ice, fresh water, saline water and atmospheric water is variable depending on a wide range of climatic variables. The water moves from one reservoir to another, such as from river to ocean, or from the ocean to the atmosphere, by the physical processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff, and subsurface flow. In doing so, the water goes through different forms: liquid, solid (ice) and vapor.0
486035412017-03-20BY-SALydEnglishB1 545The water cycle0
540148262017-04-242017-05-19BY-SAasiazhaoEnglishB1 56532THE WATER CYCLE - 2 hour CLIL moduleThe water cycle, also known as the hydrological cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. The mass of water on Earth remains fairly constant over time but the partitioning of the water into the major reservoirs of ice, fresh water, saline water and atmospheric water is variable depending on a wide range of climatic variables. The water moves from one reservoir to another, such as from river to ocean, or from the ocean to the atmosphere, by the physical processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff, and subsurface flow. In doing so, the water goes through different forms: liquid, solid (ice) and vapor.0
51971730202017-04-182017-12-15BY-SApanavi76EnglishB1 14564the water on earthThe cycle of water on earth, the three states of the elements (focussing in water) and changes from one to another.0
396533922016-04-102016-04-10BY-SAmaquimeEnglishB1 931 5:1141The world needs your help!Artist Dianna Cohen shares some tough truths about plastic pollution in the ocean and in our lives — and some thoughts on how to free ourselves from the plastic gyre.0
300262372015-06-03BY-SAteacherforeverEnglishB1 11411The world's most stunning volcanoes0
4250193072016-04-272016-04-28BYcarmenricartEnglishB1 1858 3:336THEATRE IN GOLDEN AGE: CORRAL DE COMEDIAS AND THE GLOBEThe Spanish Corrales and the Globe were two of the most emblematic theatres in Europe during the seventeenth century. In this unit, we are going to discover the reasons.0
161512907172014-02-092014-11-29BY-SACindysdeEnglishB1 368 2:3932Thomas EdisonBrief history of Thomas Edison with a comprehension exercise and an exercise on verbs0
168574522014-03-05BY-SAHellelykkeEnglishB1 197102thumb-wrestlingthumb wrestling is a .....0
668941842018-04-19BYkaleDeutschB1 2114Tiere des Walde0
1671156262011-12-212013-05-06BY-SAEsraEnglishB1 521TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD0
885260292020-09-282020-09-28BY-SAmaklesgPolskiB1 131To nie Ptak0
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3291190132015-11-162015-11-20BY-SAharukimurakamiEnglishB1 364 3:3266Traditional Maltese cuisine0
423248002016-04-272016-04-27BY-SAmaria_moreniguezEnglishB1 1017 4:253TragediesThe story goes something like this: A royal, rich, or righteous individual — who is otherwise a lot like us — makes a mistake that sends his or her life spiraling into ruin. It's the classic story arc for a Greek tragedy, and we love it so much that we continue to use it today. David E. Rivas shares three critical story components, influenced by Aristotle’s “Poetics,” to help illustrate the allure.0
12221218232013-07-16BY-SAfredDeutschB1 620 4:49Trainer-InterviewThe trainer speaks about his first contact with Kyudo, explains its origin, details of the bow etc. He also talks about the group he is training at the moment.0
1336159832013-08-29BY-SAhgruenbiEnglishB1 1179Transcript of how to install a underfloor radiant film0
535520612017-04-232017-04-23BY-NC-SANosansa3EnglishB1 690TranscriptionTranscription of the video: A small country with big ideas to get rid of fossil fuels.0
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