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114518001242013-05-072013-06-26BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 2601"هوبا ايجيبشان ستايل"Egyptian remake of PSY's mega hit "Gangnam Style"0
21492667942014-06-23BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 398 3:43(حُـب السَفـَر ) مِنطقة "الجارف" في جنوب البرتغال0
213817082072014-06-11BY-SAsalmarfetالعربيةB1 132أحب السفر كثيراًّ0
21394150572014-06-11BY-SAsalmarfetالعربيةB1 120أحب الموسيقى0
14961764372013-11-012013-11-02BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 303 5:061أسماء الله الحسنى A religious song performed by famous singer Sami Yusuf. The lyrics are based on Allah's 99 names.0
11731643292013-06-192013-12-22BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2081أصبحـت المكـتـبة المنـقـذ بالنسبة ليKhadija al-Muhammadi has grown up with two cultures, and this has given her a lot of experiences that she tries to pass on to her children.0
11531680182013-05-132013-06-26BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 582أمية الشباب في العالم العربيGraphics on youth illiteracy in the Arab World from UN's Arab Knowledge Report 2010/20110
148124711002013-10-252013-10-25BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 444 6:143الإعلان يستهلككتعريف الإعلان - وظائف الإعلان - وسائل الاقناع في الاعلان0
92616471422013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 222 2:551الدراسة الجامعية والبنات العربياتLike many other young girls of Arab descent in Denmark, Aala Barghila from the city of Odense is studying to get a university degree. She speaks about the challenges in her daily life.0
92841801252013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 229 2:392الدراسة والزواج في سورياMany young Arabs discuss their living conditions intensely in different internet fora. The 21 year old Ayman and the 22 year old Nada give us their ideas about education, work and marriage.0
21301398972014-06-10BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 519 4:20الرعاية الطبية لحديثي الولادة يمكن أن تخفّض وفياتهم بنسبة كبيرةbasic care for Newborn children can make a huge diffrence0
156423912992013-12-222014-06-29BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2662الزواج المخـتـلـط: تجارب عـربـية وغـربـيةHow is it to have parents from different countries? In this interview, Lena from Cairo tells us how she feels about being brought up in a mixed marriage.0
11141557282013-04-222013-05-13BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 142 1:551السفروالعـطـلـةWhere do Arabs spend their holidays? The author discusses this topic: She wants her fellow Arabs to reconsider their choice of holiday destinations.0
22941515622014-09-232014-12-12BY-SAtaniaالعربيةB1 341 1:57الطالب اللي ما عنده اسم /نص بالعراقي0
11151682312013-04-222013-05-13BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 216 2:42الموسيقى العربيةFairuz was born in the 1930'ies in a poor Lebanese family. Her real name was Nuhad. For many years, she has been one of the most popular performers in the Arab world.0
11541868202013-05-132013-06-26BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 832بطالة الشباب في العالم العربي Statistics on youth unemployment in the Arab World 2012 from the Arab Human Development Reports0
21553138382014-06-252014-06-25BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 261 4:002حارس البوابة الإعلامية0
9322349222013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 222 2:36حفلة زفاف جمال وخديجةIn the spring of 2007, the Egyptian media were focusing on a fashionable event: The marriage between Jamal Mubarak, son of the Egyptian president, and Khadija al-Jamal, daughter of the well-known Egyptian businessman Mahmud al-Jamal.0
92918395222013-01-182013-05-14BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 251 2:201حياة المهاجرين في الدانماركIn an interview with the Arab Newspaper akhbar.dk, Naser Khader, a conservative member of the Danish parliament, speaks about Denmark and the opportunities for immigrants in Danish society.0
108117072892013-03-142013-04-25BY-SAarabiالعربيةB1 210شو راح يعمل طارق أبل النوم؟0
21881423442014-07-032014-07-03BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2481عالم منى: الكوابيس والمعجزاتMuna arrived in Denmark as a refugee at the age of 19 and has experienced nightmares as well as miracles since then. In this text, she tells her story.0
22624841982012-02-012015-02-24BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 74 3:353فيروز : حـبـيـتـك بـالـصيـفFamous Lebanese singer Feiruz sings one of her most well known songs0
212914001012014-06-10BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 444 1:25قضية الهجرة غير الشرعيةimmigration0
9254191182013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 224 2:221لماذا لا يتزوج الشباب ؟In the Arab world, many young men are reluctant to marry. A young Egyptian starts a discussion about the reasons, and these are some of the reactions.0
9271561202013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 199 2:331مـتـطـوعـون في القاهرةIn Egypt the Arab spring in 2011 led to many demonstrations and revolts in the streets. After the fall of president Mubarak, Cairo experienced a relative calm for some time, and during that period a group of young Egyptians decided to volonteer for cleaning up their city.0
215314071972014-06-25BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 10112:03ماجدة الرومي - كلماتThe song in MSA. It is ritch with verbs in present.0
21522424422014-06-25BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 10310:03ماجدة الرومي - كن صديقيArabic song In Fusha.0
11521574182013-05-132013-06-26BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 692ماذا يريد الشباب العربي؟Graphics from Arab Youth Survey 2012 showing Arab youth's top ten priorities for the future0
9311675222013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 227 1:44مستقبل بنت سوريةWhat do young Arabs think about their future? In a weblog on BBC a Syrian girl writes about her life and readers respond to her ideas.0
2182143325092014-06-292014-07-03BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2202ميساء – عزلة أم اندماج ؟An netbased newspaper in Egypt has interviewed a young Iraqi woman, Maisa, who is currently living in Denmark. Maisa speaks, among other things, about school, integration issues and living between two cultures. An extended version of the text with video is presented in unit 2183.0
11792461582013-06-272013-06-27BY-SAMexالعربيةB1 1502نانسي عجرم: آه ونصFirst big hit from Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram0
11721703212013-06-192013-12-22BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2621نحو ربع الشباب العربي يعاني من البطالةThe unemployment rate for young Arabs is among the highest in the world. On BBC's Arabic website, the account of two young Arabs shows the extent of the problem.0
21861269882014-06-30BY-SAMohab MahmoudالعربيةB1 367ندوة عن العراق0
218915972052014-07-032014-07-03BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 2381هـل أنت مـدمـن عـلى الـفـيـسـبـوك؟There are millions of facebook users in the Arab world, and this has inspired a woman physician, Dr. Halak, to present her views on the issue.0
9241606562013-01-182013-04-25BY-SAHellelykkeالعربيةB1 272 3:471يجب أن تختار الشباب بنفسهاAznur and her parents Mustafa and Sisik discuss the importance of education0

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