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1234109672013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 599 7:401A Very Traditional LunchBecause the students' canteen is closed on Sunday, six students from different countries (China, Maroque, Syria, Iraq, Congo) discuss about traditional meals they would like to eat. They do not agree on a certain meal and decide to have a Romanian lunch instead.0
12371020122013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 138 3:221Baba DochiaOn a cold winter day, our foreign students gather in a classroom and, influenced by the bad weather, discuss upon an old Romanian legend. Baba Dochia was a very old woman who used to wear 9 sheepskin coats at the same time. Once spring came and the sun started to melt the snow, she began to take off her coats one at a time. That is why the weather in spring is so changeable in Romania.0
774838432019-09-182019-09-21BY-SAdariajRomânăA1 17331Lesson CLIL Daria Maria0
773138202019-09-172019-09-21BY-SAbud.maraRomânăA1 13831Lesson CLIL(Bud Mara)0
123698022013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 138 6:442Modalitatea de cablare a unui astfel de ştecher BritanicStep by step instruction on how to wire a plug. The plug used is a British type with a fuse0
1235117552013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 125613:171Romanian ChallengesStudents answer questions about weather, seasons, accommodation, education, likes and dislikes, etc. They are assisted by their language tutor. These students are from Nigeria, Syria, Algeria.0
1111173622013-04-162013-07-16BY-SAfredRomânăA2 272 5:281Cablarea unui stecher (Intermediate)0
123391812013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 352 4:361Farsa - A Practical Joke Fed up with Dan’s flat jokes, while preparing cakes in a pastry-cook’s workshop three students, Maria, Paul and Andrei, decide to crack a practical joke on him. They decide to give him, as a birthday present, a “special” cake made of polenta with chocolate icing. In order not to spoil Dan’s party and teach him a lesson at the same time, they will give him a real cake. Cristina, Dan’s girlfriend, enters, overhears their conversation, tries to stop them first and eventually decides to join the group because she also wants Dan to give up his bad habit of cracking flat jokes on his friends. They decide upon the necessary ingredients for the two cakes and divide their work. Maria and Paul will prepare the polenta cake. Cristina and Andrei will prepare the real chocolate cake. Cristina has the “honour” to write Happy Birthday! on both cakes.0
123192902013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 210 9:061Festivitate RectoratA group o foreign students studying at the University of Pitesti, gather around and give a performance in Romanian in order to show the diversity and good collaboration between different people from different countries around the world. They tell Romanian poems and sing Romanian songs while wearing traditional costumes from their own countries.0
123098452013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 155 2:561Florica Villa – History and CultureTwo local personalities talk about the history of the 20th century manor which is now in the property of the Cultural Centre of Arges, and has now become a major tourist’s attraction. It is open to all these who like to taste the history and culture of the Romanian people. There are outstanding images taken inside and outside the villa – a proof of extraordinary architecture beautiful style furniture.0
123288702013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 472 3:521Ion Bratianu Cultural CentreThis is a cultural documentary about the Ion Bratianu Cultural Centre in the county of Arges. It begins with a short interview of a member of the Bratianu family – a XIX century dynasty standing for modesty and Romanian democracy. It is a presentation of the lives of the political, economical and cultural personalities that this family gave to the Romanian people which helps you understand the national and local history as well as the interests of our people. There is also a short presentation of the family manor which has been restored and is now used for different cultural purposes.0
123887082013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 277 3:001The Job InterviewA Human Resources director is interviewing a candidate for the post of commercial director assistant. The candidate answers to typical questions and gives a presentation of her former career and education.0
13219222011-10-062013-04-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoRomânăB1+272 5:282Cablarea unui stecher0
10214106172022-02-172022-02-17BY-NC-NDMark-v-hRomânăB2-1166Lecția Cum cresc Plantele0
1227117302013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 908 7:25Turism ArgeseanThis is a through documentary about Arges county’s monasteries. Architecture, icon painting and history related to these Romanian monasteries and former fortresses.0
122896302013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 556 6:45Turism Argesean partea 2This is a through documentary about Arges county’s monasteries. Architecture, icon painting and history related to these Romanian monasteries and former fortresses0
122993002013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 556 7:261Turism Argesean partea 3his is a through documentary about Arges county’s monasteries. Architecture, icon painting and history related to these Romanian monasteries and former fortresses.0

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