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15991773512014-01-282020-01-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoScotsB2 569 5:373“Tae a Louse” an “Tae a Selfie”A classic Scots poem by Robert Burns, Tae a Louse, and a modern Facebook aged poem based on it, both recited by Sabhal Mòr Ostaig student Sophie Stephenson at a Burns Supper at SMO.0
25168522272015-02-142015-02-14BY-SAcaoimhinsmoScotsB2 287 2:211Address to a Haggis by Alan HutchisonAddress tae a cling-filmit haggis by Alan Hutchison at Edinuanagain, aneist Torness, naur tae Dores, on Burns nicht 20150
14541189412013-10-092015-02-14BY-SAGuthanNanEileanScotsB2 204 2:134Address to a Haggis by Denis JohnstonRobert Burns's Address to a Haggis is delivered by the knife-wielding, Dumfries-born and raised Denis Johnston, at Nunton Steadings on Benbecula.0
5904583482017-08-122017-08-12BY-SAGuthanNanEileanScotsB2 528 7:222Kist o RichesShort documentary film about the Kist o Riches Digitisation centre in South Uist. Scottish folk music and the oral tradition are the focus of the Tobar an Dualchais project, which has a centre in Lochboisdale where old recordings in danger of disintegration are converted into digital format and placed online. The skills acquired can be used in new areas.0
14511532592013-10-092013-10-10BY-SAGuthanNanEileanScotsC1 155512:094Tam O ShanterTam O Shanter is given a riproaring North Easterly slant by Rob “One Take” Keltie, at Nunton Steadings on Benbecula. The bravura performance speaks for itself, but it’s worth recording that it was genuinely delivered entirely from memory.0

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