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Unit Views Clicks Created Changed Licence Owner Language Level Words Media Time Buttons Files Title Summary Likes
149419852022013-10-302013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 110 1:001Ar lan y môrClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Ar lan y môr (At the seaside)0
14981649222013-11-052013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 97441LlanddwynClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Llanddwyn0
13561876782013-09-092013-10-30BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 143561Lois yn siarad am brifysgolClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Lois yn siarad am brifysgol (Lois talks about university)0
15001534302013-11-052013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 122561NaturClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Natur (Nature)0
8198491382020-01-272020-01-28BY-SAcaoimhinsmoCymraegB2-104 4:00Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau0
118883402024-04-072024-04-08BY-NDGuthanNanEileanCymraegB2 708 7:592Iaith Jamaica yng NghymruA documentary slice of Jamaican life in Wales, narrated in Welsh about Audrey West, poet, artist, and community worker. Alongside samples of Audrey's poetry and conversation, this film contributes to a small Jamaican collection which forms part of an extension series of the Island Voices project, in which its "capture and curation" model is used for more languages in addition to English and Gaelic.0
21182017232014-06-062014-06-06BY-SARhosCymraegB2 115 3:562Meic Stevens - Môr o gariad0
58341155582017-06-302017-07-01BY-SAGuthanNanEileanCymraegB2 116810:006Taith drwy’r AelegThe Scottish Island Voices Project (Guthan nan Eilean) visits Ireland. This version of the documentary has a Welsh commentary. You can also hear some Irish and Scottish Gaelic conversation, subtitled with a Welsh translation.0

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