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8020340152019-12-012019-12-02BY-NC-SAGuthanNanEileanதமிழ்B2 1357 7:013அந்த செய்தித்தாள் - Am Pàipear: Tamil DocumentaryA short film in Tamil about the Am Pàipear community newspaper which serves, principally, the Uist communities. The film shows how a story is collected and reproduced, and some of the related initiatives associated with Am Pàipear.0
7944359422019-11-122020-04-07BY-NC-SAGuthanNanEileanதமிழ்C1 274532DharaniAt the International Language Fest on Indigenous and Endangered Languages in Shillong, Meghalaya, Dharani explains in Tamil the subject of her research paper - the works of Bama, and her representations of the speech of Dalit communities in Tamil Nadu.0

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