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7699320112019-09-132019-09-13BY-SAszymonk日本語A1 40611Lekcja CLIL (Szymon Kwaśniewski)0
21468491412014-06-222014-06-22BY-SAcaoimhinsmo日本語B1 21 3:231上を向いて歩こうJapanese song. Original singer Kyu Sakamoto(坂本 九)0
61099091712017-11-032017-11-04BY-SAGuthanNanEilean日本語B2 20910:073ゲール語圏内の旅The Scottish Island Voices Project (Guthan nan Eilean) visits Ireland. This version of the documentary has a Japanese commentary. You will also hear some Irish and Scottish Gaelic conversation, subtitled with a Japanese translation.0

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