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149418001812013-10-302013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 110 1:001Ar lan y môrClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Ar lan y môr (At the seaside)0
1498151062013-11-052013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 97441LlanddwynClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Llanddwyn0
13561660742013-09-092013-10-30BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 143561Lois yn siarad am brifysgolClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Lois yn siarad am brifysgol (Lois talks about university)0
15001377222013-11-052013-11-05BY-SAdonnekCymraegA2 122561NaturClilstore Welsh language learning unit: Natur (Nature)0
8198312222020-01-272020-01-28BY-SAcaoimhinsmoCymraegB2-104 4:00Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau0
21181773182014-06-062014-06-06BY-SARhosCymraegB2 115 3:562Meic Stevens - Môr o gariad0
5834965562017-06-302017-07-01BY-SAGuthanNanEileanCymraegB2 116810:006Taith drwy’r AelegThe Scottish Island Voices Project (Guthan nan Eilean) visits Ireland. This version of the documentary has a Welsh commentary. You can also hear some Irish and Scottish Gaelic conversation, subtitled with a Welsh translation.0

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