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8344144112020-02-192020-02-19BY-SAHaiyingFrançaisA1 194CLIL practice_Electricity and Energy SavingAn example of CLIL applied in classes of primary school0
2699829252015-04-02BY-SApferran138FrançaisA1 4La Famille - les membresLes mambres de la famille0
91818391452013-01-162014-02-06BY-SAyasinbahceciFrançaisA1 3002Mystere Au Bureau0
88825541542012-12-12BY-SAGÜLCANFrançaisA1 300MYSTERE AU BUREAU0
23529221562014-10-292014-10-31BY-SAmaster dlaFrançaisA1 176 1:41Salutation0
3058704652015-07-082015-07-08BY-NC-NDmsantFrançaisA1 144 5:543Visit to ParisA short video about Paris showing the main sites and monuments to visit.1
3471062552012-05-20BY-SAyasinbahceciFrançaisA2 1202Activites De Jules0
3231660702015-10-282015-11-04BY-SAmaster dlaFrançaisA2 269 3:3511Apprendre avec une chansonUne chanson qui parle de l'amour authentique0
2694619132015-04-02BY-SAmodonnell437FrançaisB1 41 3:00French resources0
8309197662020-02-132020-02-13BY-SAfemkevdschootFrançaisB1 783 4:491Week 2 - L'écoleThis French VLOG is made by a French young men telling about his experiences and memories of secondary school. The video is appropriate for students of secondary school who want to learn French, because he uses a lot of language spoken frequently by French youth.0
16512671732011-12-192014-04-19BY-SAfredFrançaisB2 356 1:511Découvrez la Tour Eiffel0

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